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  1. Narcoleptics

    Dupe falls asleep, drops item for a task, 2nd dupe goes to retrieve the dropped item and a 3rd goes to finish the job. Worst case 3 dupes end up doing 1 job.
  2. Simple reason, no one added it to the list. Buddy bulbs, spore child, dasha saltvine and gas grass are not on the list too.
  3. goto: Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\RetiredColonies and delete them. Would be nice if you could do it in game but until then.^
  4. Its a known issue, at least to players. 3rd page explains the problem. You will need... a LOT more than 240,000.
  5. Been wondering why I keep getting this achievement when I'm not solidifying oxygen. Its triggering when you have a building in a vacuum. You can place a thermo sensor in a vacuum and it will report -273C.
  6. Achievements broken?

    its not using the daily report numbers. It checks at a set interval and logs any active generators. Hamster wheels seem too need a consumer, maybe all generators do. You can always use a light bulb to consume. Brass tax your going to produce a lot more than 240,000. Could be worse though, look at "down the hatch" its 100x the tool tip. Is there even 10,000 T of ore on a map to refine?
  7. Achievements broken?

    Not sure whats up with super sustainable 4.806852E+07 / 240000 Hydrogen generators been up since cycle 110ish. Got a couple steam turbines for cooling that run once in awhile. A lot of the powers been from 6 dupes that ended up on hamster wheels in the base. No Place Like Clone achievement. Pretty sure I never tamed a slickster, pokeshell. pacu or pip. So that seems a bit off. unless its counting care packages as tamed. Someone added a few zeros to down the hatch. I dont think 10,000 tons is even possible.
  8. would rather fill a pool than pump 6kg per cycle into a tile. One only runs once every few days, the other updates every second.
  9. Achievements broken?

    Sigh, I have 6 dupes "training" on hamster wheels just to get that one. Looks like it mass solar farming or bust..... those work right? O and I would use that mod. edit: Guess sweaty dupes running in place != clean energy.
  10. Basically a mesh tile that allows you to plant crops on it, and pulls water to grow from the water in the mesh tile. Same idea as algae terrariums using water on the ground.
  11. Achievements broken?

    Yep, it rounds down. Kind of wonder if its still in order. Would mean more people have super sustainable than carnivore That and very few are willing to feed smooth hatches :P.
  12. Jumping Joya Seed

    Unless your talking about pips. They dont care about rules and will place decor plants in farm tiles.
  13. Will have to try that out on my next run. The extra 800 calories per hatch, not to mention fish will make it a lot easier. Its the WithoutUsingYList that makes me wonder. Is that list coal, methane, petrol and wood. Or coal generator, wood burner, natural gas generator and petroleum generator. Just a shot in the dark really as I just cant seem to get that one.
  14. Nope, Been using the tera map so no pips. Not sure if they will affect the achievement or not. I dont plant any type of plant, not even for decoration. I handle stress with statues, clean floors and limiting skill points used. (3-4) To busy trying to get hatches going for carnivore. Locavore, carnivore and I assume super sustainable are quiet literal in the wording. "without planting any seed", " critter meat"(no BBQ), "without using coal, methane, petrol or wood generators"
  15. Make a closed loop, fill it, extract one packet. It will now be an endless loop. Pipe thermal sensor and a shut off valve are used to only send water above X amount to the aqua tuner. *edit: You will need a bridge in the closed loop to give it a direction. A reservoir would work too and you can over fill the loop.