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  1. goto: Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\RetiredColonies and delete them. Would be nice if you could do it in game but until then.^
  2. Its a known issue, at least to players. 3rd page explains the problem. You will need... a LOT more than 240,000.
  3. Been wondering why I keep getting this achievement when I'm not solidifying oxygen. Its triggering when you have a building in a vacuum. You can place a thermo sensor in a vacuum and it will report -273C.
  4. Falling sand and probably ice,snow regolith are destroying ladders now. Buried ladder = broken. fun times. Edit: its also not showing the sand tile on top of the ladder. Glad I saw the sand drop
  5. Removing options is not really a good thing. Looks like its an easy fix though. disableWorldTraits: true now reads disableWorldTraits: false \OxygenNotIncluded_Data\StreamingAssets\worldgen\worlds\SandstoneDefault.yaml On the plus side, thanks for adding in a way to disable them on asteroids.
  6. Random traits, random dupe interests, random seeds. This is how you get mods like dupe editor, careful planning(ok just wishing for that one) and web sites that show world traits/geysers per seed. Could save us a lot of trouble by just putting a custom option and a map preview. Preview could just be a biome overlay and geyser count.
  7. also have a bit of polluted water or clean water (from melted ice) in the water lock. update: Getting the same error anytime dupes walk into that oil/water area.
  8. I'm getting a ton of Invalid temperature log errors when my dupes carry ice into a pool of oil