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Balm lilies - Infinite dirt

Balm lilies are compostable (at least right now)  

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  1. 1. Would you consider balm lilies a SUSTAINABLE source of dirt ?

    • Yes (They grow without any resource input)
    • No (They still require a "player interaction" to compost the flowers)

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Twelve cycles, plus harvesting, plus composting, plus farming, for 2kg of dirt? I'll stick with literally anything else, thanks.

It looks like a utility option to trash annoying resources. If only abysallite had the same thing...

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I don't consider dupe time and player interaction factors to sustainability. Only the hard resource cost behind the creation or transformation of other resources; if it's not a positive or neutral feedback loop it's going to run out eventually. Balm Lillies could already have "produced" dirt prior to this update, by feeding tame Dreckos with barely enough plants so they never reach the harvest stage. Then let the drecko meat and egg yolks turn into rot piles and it gets composted automatically, for dirt and phosphorite.

Maybe make it like the Salt Vine; absorb atmospheric Chlorine.

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15 minutes ago, Machenoid said:

I don't consider ... player interaction factors to sustainability.

I like to have my colony run, while I am busy elsewhere or sometimes even over night ;)

=> If something can´t be done without player interaction, it is in my eyes like it can´t be automated at all.



Consider a locked room filled with chlorine:

21 minutes ago, bobucles said:

plus harvesting, plus composting, plus farming

  • You don´t need to harvest or farm anything inside.
  • Just schedule a sweep and afterwards a compost task.
  • Your only limitation is space

(I just consider the space inside "room", not the additional required space for walls/borders.)


3 tiles for each balm lily plant and 16 cycles for the flower to drop on it´s own.

=> 2kg dirt


A "normal" max sized farm (96 tiles) would produce 4kg dirt each cycle.

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I like this change. The thing is composting balm lilies is not THE option, it's AN option.

You can get dirt from other seeds, you can use pips, water sieve, any rotting food, and also ethanol production.

I think at this point that just all solution gathered together that bring the long term sustainability.

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