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  1. Games generally have to be built from the ground up for multiplayer functionality. The problem is a hundred times more difficult when there's a gigantic simulation engine to deal with. If you are looking for a quick fix the best option is probably some kind of remote streaming PC, where the main PC does all the heavy lifting and the remote connections essentially interact with a video. It won't be a pretty experience by any measure, but it remains within mortal reach.
  2. Clearly the main problem is that athletic dupes are too athletic. Transit tubes are a handy way of isolating air zones between rooms. Rather than spending a huge amount of effort building an airlock, the duplicant can simply jump through a transit tube into the room.
  3. poor performance

    You aren't the hero we need, but are the hero we deserve.
  4. poor performance

    If I had a penny every time someone said their multicore CPU wasn't working at 100%, I'd have a lot of pennies.
  5. There is no point to feeding pacu their full diet. Pacu eating habits are absurd, there is no reason to waste your algae that way. There is plenty of utility in feeding pacu tiny bits and scraps of algae. Starvation mechanics allow critters to live for 10(?) cycles before dying, and any amount of food will reset that starvation timer. So players feed their Pacu a tiny scrap of algae, and this lets them live long enough to lay two eggs instead of one. There's a ton of pacu farms around the forums. Do a few searchs and check them out.
  6. Sounds like a legit issue. Tempshifts would increase the temperature flow from the farm tiles to the surrounding air by at least 3x. It's unavoidable that some heat will transfer into the farm tiles, but the tempshift plates will rip that heat right out of them. Do plants transfer heat directly with their farm tile? I always thought it didn't, and that the only flow of energy goes from farm => nearby air => plant. If that's the case, then removing the tempshifts should definitely reduce the flow from farm to air. I could be mistaken though.
  7. Taming is genetic, it carries over between parent and child. Dupes do not pay attention to any attributes of the items they grab. They will grab scalding steel, infected ore and half rotten food with no regard for any other options available. If you want to pay attention to an item property, dupe labor is a no go. However it is possible to use automation to control temperature, remove germs and organize inventory in a useful way. So set up your automation to pull eggs out of the game pen, and ship them over to the cracker. Eggs can be cracked automatically by ruining their hatching process. The raw egg can be freely handled by dupes or automated even more to cook in a hot location. The solutions do exist in game, so give them a go. It's probably more fun than hitting a check box anyway.
  8. Once it's melted, let it escape harmlessly into the void. Rocket disposal!
  9. Personally I think it'd be far more convenient if they used a compiler that only used MOV instruction. Bonus points if the code itself looks like a dupe.
  10. Finding all the secrets to a fast base isn't as straight forward as pure FPS. For example, the process that dupes use tor thinking is asynchronous with the world. If that process is overloaded, then dupes will simply take longer to choose and perform tasks. Remember grooming station problems? The decision process can slow down quite a bit before players notice anything wrong. One of the biggest CPU drains for dupes is the path finder. Every job requires a path sooner or later. Early game bases are small, and there are few places to go. Late game bases tend to have access everywhere, with a high number of dupes. The pathing requirements shoot up massively as a result. Jet suit pathing is even more demanding, since all the air spaces open up as viable paths. One of the simplest ways to cut down pathing is to cut down on dupes. One less dupe is one less map to feed. Pathing demands can be further reduced by restricting dupe access, it is not necessary for every dupe to go everywhere. Look for ways to cut your map in half or into smaller areas where a few dupes can stay busy, instead of letting every dupe do everything. Critter pathing can be cut down with tiny rooms, though they already seem to prefer small paths. Hundreds of piles of debris each present a new possible path for dupes to perform jobs. Limiting access to storage, destroying it, or locking it out entirely can give potential gains. Each of the game layers place a burden on the world sim. Excessive amounts of pipes (and especially conveyors) have been reported to cause considerable drops in FPS. Oversized objects like tempshifts run extra temperature calculations across tiles. So be careful of building a gigantic tangling mess. It's hard to say anything more definitive without dedicated dev tools.
  11. That's because they don't. What they can do are far more impressive instructions per one clock cycle. CPUs are gigantic toolboxes with adders, multipliers, codecs and GPU and various forms of high math analysis operations all under the hood. Every generation there's always more things to add in. There is a substantial speed gain when a CPU can perform a very complex video codec operation in one cycle, because it's the same operation that everyone uses. The alternative is to spend dozens of multiplications and memory moves. Both methods end up in the same place, but the newer generation has a dedicated tool that gets it there faster. That's what MMX, SSE and faster text parsing and so on and so forth are all about. Of course if you don't actually use those tools, it doesn't matter. Compilers are pretty good, but the programmer is always the chokepoint in making the best code.
  12. The farms are (mostly) insulated so it'll be (mostly) fine. Probably.
  13. Geysers are free resources, don't go out of your way to waste free resources. It's better to tap a natgas geyser have it work badly, than to be too timid to harvest it at all. Lowering waste is just as useful as producing more power. Gas and liquid pumps are some of the most expensive tools to run, followed closely by DonDegow is right about using atmo sensors to keep pumps working at high efficiency. Gas pumps crank out up to 500g per tap. They don't care if there's only 0.2g of air in a room, they'll pump out that last 0.2g and you'll still pay full price for it. Automation is also important for saving fuel. The default stance of generators is to burn endlessly at all times, regardless of your energy storage. Connect them to smart batteries so they will shut down at full power. Try to look for shortcuts in designs to get more goodies for less energy cost. For example, do you really need to pump all the oxygen out of your electrolyzers? There's always the option to crack open the area underneath them and let the gas flow freely. It's not as efficient on the electrolyzer, but it does remove a pump cost. There are very few true necessities for keeping a base alive, and a lot of ways to splurge on convenience. Most devices will only consume power when they are active. You can increase efficiency on some things such as having a high tinker dupe use the metal refinery, but going heavy into that is splitting hairs. Simply turning off is efficient enough.
  14. Check out the "Skill and Stats Progress" mod on the steam workshop. If a dupe uses that skill, they gain XP for it. A lot of things are considered "machines" and give tinkering skill in places you may not expect.
  15. When in doubt, stuff everything into a gigantic room. Duplicants tend to look in random spots when they need resources, so it's hard to organize storage in a useful way. If everything is in a central location, at least they'll know where to look. There are a few situations where it helps to pay more attention: - Avoid germs flying all over the place by never having more than 1 slime storage. 0 slime storage is also effective. - Store ingredients near consumers, for example clay near a kiln or coal near a coal generator. - Automate it if you can. Picking up and putting things down doesn't give any skill points for dupes. An autosweeper can pull items from storage and automatically refill nearby machines. A locked room with storage, kilns and autosweeper will save a ton of dupe labor.