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  1. What would dupes without any skill points do? The skill system serves to unlock bonus features, not the base essentials. While wrangling may feel like a basic feature, any critter can always be moved around by egg. It just takes a while. It would be nice for the top tier skills to unlock more bonus features, but don't make ranching useless without skill points.
  2. They're frame hunters. They'd sell their own mom to get a few more FPS.
  3. Repairing an aquatuner will add up and is not a trivial expense. For the initial lead melting, consider heating up some oil/petroleum with the refinery. It gets hot enough to comfortably melt the lead, then the petrol can be removed and the lead can be added in to kickstart the system. Metal refineries don't feel the brunt of super heated materials inside storage, so they're quite durable and useful for the process. Just don't let the lead go cold!
  4. Just run the machine until it breaks. Pumps are cheap and repairing is 10% for full health. You only need to pump it once, once it's inside the system it stays in the loop.
  5. Something like this makes a lot more sense. Storing every single on and off event is not only expensive, it's also not useful information for a player. That kind of detail doesn't matter at all, at least not for normal play, and it's clear that piling up THOUSANDS of statistics for every single thing is not the brightest of ideas to begin with. (It might be fun for a limited replay option). There are three potential statistics that might really matter. - Time used this cycle is just one number. Increment it when a machine is on(+1 every tick, or +n after it turns off), and reset it every cycle. Easy. - Time used in last 10 cycles is a running average. It's only 10 numbers, and every new number discards the oldest one. 10 numbers x 1000 machines is quite manageable. - Total time active life is one number. It's very much like "time used this cycle", except it never resets. Bonus points for time stamping when the machine was first built, to give an average of (time active / total time), taking up two entire numbers. So there ya go. Each machine gets 13 numbers to track all the useful stuff. It can go even lower than that, if the running average isn't that important.
  6. Your main sources of big boy heat are: - Space materials (Niobium/Thermium) to get high temperature machines. - Rocket Launches (magic heat box) place materials directly under the launch pad, get up to ~3000K - Lava (volcanoes, map spawn). Use manual pumps and bottle dispensers in pure vacuum environments, beware of dropped bottles! Mini pumps can pump lava without touching lava, there's guides. - Metal Refinery (it just keeps getting hotter) melt something like like lead, and keep reusing the liquid until it gets super hot. Ceramic is your friend.
  7. My question is why is time expressed as a float when simulation ticks are very clearly discrete values?
  8. Water sieve fixed temperature was removed, it was over 400kDTUs of heating/cooling in the early game. Same deal with carbon skimmers. Many mid and high tech machines have a hard minimum on output temperatures but can go higher. Some machines have output temperature based on input materials, some are based on machine core temperature and some use straight kDTU addition to the inputs. It's a bit of a mess.
  9. The added water should be at dupe temperature, so it can cool down hot stuff and heat up cold stuff. There shouldn't be any actual heat deletion, just a properly weighted average.
  10. Anything above 125C can be cooled off with a steam turbine. Counterflow setups are the best way to "recycle" heat. The principle is simple, and the setup isn't as hard as you might think. Simply run the petrol into the cold area, and at the same time run the cold oil directly into the hot petrol. They'll exchange heat every inch of the way so that on the hot end both fluids are hot, while on the cold end both fluids are cold. There are ways to increase the efficiency of course. ONI pipes can't directly transfer heat so two pipes are not effective, even if they're side by side. You want the heat transfer to be directly between the touching liquids and not down the length of pipe, because if the heat goes down the length you end up with one long bar of average temperature. That rules out tempshift plates. One good solution is to run naked fluid in one direction, and pipe a second fluid in the opposite direction. The pipe directly overlaps the free flowing liquid, giving very good heat transfer.
  11. Huge RAM issue

    Faulty RAM mostly causes crashes and very rarely black magic. It doesn't cause slow performance, though the solution can include slowing the RAM down. Memtest is still a great diagnostic tool for crossing off potential causes of crashes. When in doubt, test it out.
  12. Creating water

    As others have mentioned, the best way to get water is to have the map give it to you. Frozen biomes are filled with piles of blue and yellow water. Digging ice destroys half of the mass so try to melt it for the best results. Ocean biomes are filled with white water, use the desalinator to get blue water. The "frozen core" map trait also adds a gigantic amount of frozen water to the core, but getting there without exosuits can be tricky. Every map start has a number of "guaranteed" geyser spawns that produce water on a ~100 cycle schedule, and they will never empty out. Vents produce hot steam and most water geysers produce nearly boiling water. The polluted slush geyser is a treasure, as it produces good water at an amazing cold temperature. Use the cold water to solve all your heat problems. That's the easy stuff. Industrial water production is almost always a full project. It requires custom designs, good heat managing skills and a high tech colony. The easiest option with good production is probably using wild arbor trees for ethanol/polluted water. The biggest obstacles are that it has a high minimum heat and produces hueg amounts of CO2, but the CO2 can be vented to space.
  13. Be careful, mopping up spills will likely be different than pumping water.
  14. Creating even more dangerous environments is a bad idea. Players have little direct control over where their dupes decide to go, so if they wander into a bad spot they'll just die. Running low on oxygen also creates a near vacuum environment that would kill the dupes on top of suffocating them. It seems that dupes holding their breath will consume less oxygen due to reasons. They don't actually store ~100sec (10kg) of oxygen in their lungs, they spend a bar and that bar will fill more rapidly when catching their breath. It might be nice for health to get used in more places. The instant death of oxygen and starvation really defeat the purpose of HP, for example.