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  1. The consumption for each food type is rounded to be roughly equal to the food you would get from making a ton of omelettes from those eggs, you might increase the food amount by a bit if you're hatching them and killing for meat when they reach adulthood. They're fine if you want to increase the morale bonus from lower tier food.
  2. You must be leaking water somewhere if there are germs in the air, the water should be contained in your pipes. I've personally always had a liquid bridge a few pipe lines from the sieve to force it to move towards the sieve, with an alternate branch on the start of the bridge towards a place to dump overflow.
  3. They're way easier to set up and forget than a drecko farm. Like people have said you also don't need a huge amount of fiber anyway.
  4. [Game Update] - 358820

    If this is the case you can disable then enable the generator, the dupe will hop off regardless of whether or not someone actually comes by to disable it.
  5. Do space requirements only apply to the same type of plant? Can you have pips place plants close together if you have a mixed farm for example?
  6. Tears and Vomit

    The only one "sick" is my vomiter dupe
  7. Tears and Vomit

    Alright, after some "tests" Ugly crier produces some water, but it sometimes disappears, maybe because it's too low of a quantity. Vomiting appears to give about 6-8kg per session. After a breakdown dupes will have about 60% stress r,
  8. Does anyone have numbers on how much water/polluted water are generated by stress responses? I need them for, um, reasons.
  9. Polluted Oxygen

    Thanks, I might try dripping water into a shallow pool and having my least favorite dupe mop it eternally.
  10. Now that pufts got the buff they needed, what are good ways to get polluted oxygen? Is a wide polluted water pool going to off gas enough or is it better to bottle everything up? Also is polluted dirt off gassing worth it?
  11. Balm lilies - Infinite dirt

    Which is so low it's literally not worth the trouble.
  12. Metal Rich/Poor

    Metal rich/poor traits do not apply correctly to aluminum on world generation. This is due to aluminum being referenced to as 'AluminumOre' in the file and was fixable when adding a new element entry with 'Aluminum'.
  13. super duper pooper scoopers pooper troopers dupe soup
  14. You biggest annoyances?

    this one is actually useful sometimes though This happens with bottle emptiers and polluted water dumping into your water, too. I don't see this being changed because it saves the tedium of having to go check a new mineral, metal, etc every time you find a new one.