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  1. If this is the case you can disable then enable the generator, the dupe will hop off regardless of whether or not someone actually comes by to disable it.
  2. Metal rich/poor traits do not apply correctly to aluminum on world generation. This is due to aluminum being referenced to as 'AluminumOre' in the file and was fixable when adding a new element entry with 'Aluminum'.
  3. you have to enable it in betas tab It's part of the game, apparently to reduce heat spread in natural tiles.
  4. Oh I just found the spicy tofu recipe, that one actually makes nosh beans good. 1200 kcal tofu + 1000g peppernut for 4000 kcal of food with +5 quality, that's totally worth and makes it about on par with pepper bread. They just need a lot of polluted water.
  5. Non-automated irrigation, almost double what sleets need. Non-automated fertilization, if I'm right, dupes always drop 3 days worth. Harvesting, about as often as sleets. This is all given you'd need roughly 4 times as many nosh bean plants.
  6. Tofu is a nice addition, but it's only 2400 kcal over 21 days, so like 9 plants per dupe, which is atrocious.
  7. Also having this issue with storing eggs, my pip eggs did this too. They cannot be interacted with and disappear on reload.
  8. My dupes happily continued using them as normal even though they displayed as not connected so as far as I know, it won't affect gameplay.