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The battery is smoking. Fire?

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24 minutes ago, Nightinggale said:

I think it's the overheated animation. It's submerged in hot oil and it's fairly common to try the batteries in ruins in the oil biome.

I know it's common. It's a copper battery in 80c+. Back when there were some snipits of spoilers of what could be in the game.
Batteries didn't smoke before now they do.
Here is something on fire a few weeks ago

Here is what I'm talking about.
These are some of the things that were planned either locked away or not added yet.
Maybe it's been opened or added.
Either way.
I like the idea of things catching on fire.



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I think it's safe to say that fire will not make it in the vanilla release. The devs have mentioned before that they fiddled with it and it didnt fit into the game at that time (in terms of difficulty). That is why some animations are already in the files.

That being said, it would be almost perfect as an theme for one of the DLCs.

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