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  1. Farm and hydroponic tiles are completely broken now. Can't plant anything in them at all.
  2. Is there any particular reason for making insulated pipes blue? In my mind that's the colour for highlighting.
  3. A workaround is to cool the edges of the sweeper arm and avoid the middle. That's what I've been doing.
  4. I like it. The traditional not gate symbol is a huge triangle and a tiny circle.
  5. Also if a mod in the list is broken the game turns of all your mods.
  6. One thing also needs addressing: when you changed plastic to have a higher melting point, you did not update the critter trap. They are largely useless in the oil biome now.
  7. Late game you get to a point where you have to stop assigning skills because you can't boost morale enough. It worked thanks. Good thing that mod isn't that necessary.
  8. I can load the save, but the run button does nothing, none of the three speeds do anything, and the spacebar also does nothing. It was fine before lunch this morning. The Dangerous Timeline Cycle 344.sav output_log.txt
  9. Added Liquid Element Sensor (for sensing liquid elements in world space). YESSSSSSS!
  10. I can't exactly double check, but I think what's being addressed isn't the lights being on, it's the no-power state if the lights aren't connected to a power source. EDIT: Would someone mind checking and tell me if my interpretation is correct?
  11. Your complaint was about lights needing to be wired which was just stupid. Of course lights should need to be wired! A complaint instead about the very requirement of lights would have been slightly more reasonable. And your example doesn't work, since as seen in wronny's post, bedrooms and barracks don't need lights! EDIT: I had said 'the post above', but mine got bumped to the next page.
  12. Quite the overreaction there. First one is just plain wrong.