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  1. Nice. In my game I have a refinery in a stream room with a couple generators and I just stuck a conveyor dropoff in there and the eggs get cooked when they break.
  2. Ah so with a magma blade I can stop the liquid from reaching the minipump? I'll try that thanks. Although it would be easier if the game just let us rotate pitcher pumps.
  3. Just mirror my image and you'll see where the magma comes in from. The problem is that the new spot for viscogell isn't in the blue square so the pump can't detect it.
  4. In my game I have a pump with magma coming from the left, but since the pump cant be flipped I can't just mirror this setup. Does anyone have something for getting magma from the right side? This thing is at the very bottom of the map.
  5. How is it no reason? Your pump is adding water to the system and nothing is removing water from the system. Also, toilets make more than they taken in.
  6. This is just a constant recycle of arguments that have been used before. IN MORE THAN ONE THREAD.
  7. No he's saying that the dlc made updates to the vanilla game that broke it.
  8. Can confirm. Never bought dlc, my game is fine.
  9. Is there any particular reason for making insulated pipes blue? In my mind that's the colour for highlighting.
  10. A workaround is to cool the edges of the sweeper arm and avoid the middle. That's what I've been doing.