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  1. [Game Update] - 347059

    Yes the tech tree needs adjustment. Could use more steps in zooming. Moving rocketry back up to where it was on the right side of the tree was better. All that space on the right of the screen not being used up. As well as the left. Could also shorten the space in between lines to make it shorter. Computers should be along the line of power and super computer in with the computer line. Ore scrubber in the liquid line should be moved to more along the line of medicine but maybe another line like "decontamination" Everything that has to do with getting rid of Polluted gases liquids and germs along with deoderizer germ sensor etc. Insulation tiles in with thermal protection with the heater, ice maker, thermo regulator and aqua tuner. Jukebox in power, espresso machine in liquids and arcade cabinet in computers? It just has no flow to it. It's similar to KSP tech tree.
  2. Zombie hatch rounding error

    I completely forgot about the little guy but when I finally did I don't see him any more. I think reloading got rid of him.
  3. Hatch is dead but not dead. Thankfully it does not effect critter count. Not sure what will happen when cycle 100 comes along. Will update when I find out. No one will attack the hatch. I was able to wrangle the hatch but once I did and hatch escaped and I canceled the attack. No further interaction is possible. Ability to select attack or wrangle not showing. 20 cycles later. Hatch still sitting there hungry and glum. Will not even starve.
  4. starmap bugged

    I just got the same bug for the 1st time however it happened in ring 1. I analyzed all 3 asteroids in the 1st ring. Sent a rocket to 2 and then it showed 1 of the asteroids as a duplicate. Then again I show a duplicate in ring 4 and screenshot shows another possible in the next ring.
  5. Deconstructed door that was locked via automation makes routing still locked out. Happened earlier when I deconstructed pre built door in the 2nd photo. Reloading fixes it. Save file bug is at the screenshot. Save file bug new door is after building a new door and set for destruction. It will happen again. Bug.sav bug 2 new door built.sav
  6. Liquid Vent overpressure in gas.

    Not in this instance.
  7. Installed a liquid vent last. Said it was over pressure. I reduced the pressure to around 900 to get it to work.
  8. I haven't had a problem with it. I also don't sign into beta testing, only live branch.
  9. Prioity system.

    When setting the priority system. I have my builder set to building with the wrench. Then I want supply next. So 2 Arrows. The dupe will not stop supplying. I queued up a gas pipe across the base. Dupe just continues to pass it up and prioritize supplying the cooking station. When I prioritize the supply down. The dupe starts working on the buildings. This also happens for the job storage. That I thought was the job of cleaning up un queued sweep jobs putting items into containers. However I've seen dupes go to the rec room when they think there's nothing to do when really. There's plenty to be cleaned up. I think the supplying of food planters should not be in harvesting. At least it says they are harvesting. Early I always set the coo to take care of mealwood and cooking. Priority on cooking harvesting (Cutting the plant down) Supplying the plant with dirt but I somehow the courier or janitor is always over there. If you set it to a 4 so the courier or janitor will make it the last thing they do. (Which actually it never gets done then) The cook won't go over there and harvest anything. In previous version I have found that dupes will do supply jobs when only storage job is checked but no others. I'm not sure if that has been changed in minor updates as I wasn't looking for it. Would like to see supplying and flipping compost to move from harvest to only tidy job. If only we could see the full list of supply storage and a few other jobs that are not obvious.
  10. It does work in older version like that. Alpha version of the update. It's just the new version. Notice the dupes are taking a shower. Means the shower knows the water is there but the water is just not being used.
  11. As you can see in the picture dupe is using shower but not consume any water. Yay. Showers don't use water. Yayyy. No need to supply them. Yay. That's a good thing. ha ha funny. JoKING. Don't be so serious.
  12. The water coming out is hotter than than the base comfy temp of 20c. Anything that comes out of the shower is around 30-35(?) However showers that do not use water is a good thing. Hook up a pipe and you don't need to supply it. Yay. No water usage.
  13. Isn't that a good thing. When the dupe is done. Does the water flow.
  14. Dupes do not equip clothing

    There's been a bug in the clothing. If you sweep the clothing and put into a container. Assign the clothing to a dupe. The dupe does the visual of putting it on but never actually does. Take the clothing off and it's still in the container.
  15. Graphics crash

    Not a bug I had posted in general discussion where it should be as at the moment. I do not think this is a bug and until confirmed as a bug. Only bugs should be reported here but ImDaMisteral said to post here Question about my card had a nvidia 1080 that went out the other day. I picked up a 780. In the boonies. Not that easy to just run to pc store and pick up a good card. TLD works if you reduce the terrain density tree distance and other sliders but so much on default KSP on default good snd a few other non resource intensive games. Is this the card or O2NI Do I need a better card. Can you work on adding graphic settings.