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  1. graveyard room type

    This is my down vote to the idea not a help you comment. I do not like the idea of having a cemetery room. There is a down buff to moral for a reason. Having a cemetery will cancel out that debuff. That's just saying why not remove the debuff all together. If anyone is having problems with keeping dupes alive. Why are they dying. Not enough o2 or food I suggest this playlist. I have learned a lot from this. He does keep picking dupes but you DON'T need to keep picking dupes. If you don't have the support for them. Don't get them. In the beginning I will grab 1 or 2 new dupes then I will skip printer options for a dupe and take the other options. Even later I will not grab a dupe if I can't support them. I tend to stop around 11-12 until I can get more food production going. Which usually comes with adding slickster ranches for omelets. About O2 pressure and digging out more space.
  2. graveyard room type

    The 1st 3 dupes will be there with you the whole time Your not supposed to reject them. Your supposed to cycle until you get what you want. You get to hand pick what you want. Might as well spend some time picking good ones. @530 he cycles through 50+ dupes. Yeah, it's gonna take a bit but take the time. The 1st 3 up to 10 are your core foundation dupes. Get a good foundation. Have a good play through. You know how much food and o2 you produce each day. Produce food and o2 for 6 dupes. Have 5 dupes. When you dig out space the o2 has to fill in the holes. If your producing for 1 more than you have. Your o2 will always keep pressure and push down the co2 or up the h. If your talking about rejecting the 1st 3 dupes just to let them die due to testing. Then why are you worried about their moral.
  3. graveyard room type

    You could always try keeping your dupes alive. If your not producing the items to keep them alive. DON'T GET MORE DUPES. Fix YO problems 1st. A;ways produce more than needed then increase in scale as you get more dupes.
  4. Wooops. That youtube address. I didn't use the share link. It copied the playlist but not the full address to the individual video in the playlist. Fixed it with the timestamps.
  5. Yeah He's going to have to change his strategy. The new balances in the game are meant to get you to try different options in different scenarios and use all the resources in conjunction with each other. Even same map but you may not get this resource so you have to use a different or limited supply. I have found 3 wheezworts on the 1st map and the base is slowly warming up even with cooling the O2 through the melting ice. I had to use a gas cooling thingy else my only source of food atm of gristle berries were starting to over heat from the grill. I stuck in the wheezworts but later moved them when I added the gas cooling and it got the temp down. Why not eggs. Still early. Trying to get them going. I later moved them to a battery box. Nope. That 1 is not cooling. Oh. It takes phospherite. What? Now I need a drecko farm. Oh that means I need to bring back the mealwood.
  6. There is this 1. and this 1. If you watch more from the series. He installs them every where. Even 1 sitting next to the water storage in the base to cool it.
  7. [Game Update] - 347059

    Yes the tech tree needs adjustment. Could use more steps in zooming. Moving rocketry back up to where it was on the right side of the tree was better. All that space on the right of the screen not being used up. As well as the left. Could also shorten the space in between lines to make it shorter. Computers should be along the line of power and super computer in with the computer line. Ore scrubber in the liquid line should be moved to more along the line of medicine but maybe another line like "decontamination" Everything that has to do with getting rid of Polluted gases liquids and germs along with deoderizer germ sensor etc. Insulation tiles in with thermal protection with the heater, ice maker, thermo regulator and aqua tuner. Jukebox in power, espresso machine in liquids and arcade cabinet in computers? It just has no flow to it. It's similar to KSP tech tree.
  8. Zombie hatch rounding error

    I completely forgot about the little guy but when I finally did I don't see him any more. I think reloading got rid of him.
  9. Hatch is dead but not dead. Thankfully it does not effect critter count. Not sure what will happen when cycle 100 comes along. Will update when I find out. No one will attack the hatch. I was able to wrangle the hatch but once I did and hatch escaped and I canceled the attack. No further interaction is possible. Ability to select attack or wrangle not showing. 20 cycles later. Hatch still sitting there hungry and glum. Will not even starve.
  10. starmap bugged

    I just got the same bug for the 1st time however it happened in ring 1. I analyzed all 3 asteroids in the 1st ring. Sent a rocket to 2 and then it showed 1 of the asteroids as a duplicate. Then again I show a duplicate in ring 4 and screenshot shows another possible in the next ring.
  11. Liquid Vent overpressure in gas.

    Not in this instance.
  12. Deconstructed door that was locked via automation makes routing still locked out. Happened earlier when I deconstructed pre built door in the 2nd photo. Reloading fixes it. Save file bug is at the screenshot. Save file bug new door is after building a new door and set for destruction. It will happen again. Bug.sav bug 2 new door built.sav
  13. Installed a liquid vent last. Said it was over pressure. I reduced the pressure to around 900 to get it to work.
  14. I haven't had a problem with it. I also don't sign into beta testing, only live branch.
  15. It does work in older version like that. Alpha version of the update. It's just the new version. Notice the dupes are taking a shower. Means the shower knows the water is there but the water is just not being used.