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  1. I know what your saying but NO!!! This is iron. This is iron under a rocket. This is a rocket firing. This is iron on fire. Hot stuff coming through.
  2. The asteroid comes with probes.
  3. Then why have to hide any info behind research at all. Why not all the information there all the time. Why even bother researching it.
  4. Point is 90% of the information is already there just by looking at it. Nothing should be there other than it's type. That's obvious by the shape color and the gas or liquid around it.
  5. I never really did understand the point of researching a geyser. I know that researching it does give the active dormant cycles. However eh. If you know about what you'd get on average and play the game casually. You play to not rely on geysers for everything. They are there as a tiny little supplement to support a few extra dupes or feed your rockets or whatever the case. More information should be hidden from the start. Hey there's a geyser. Yup. That's all you should really know. Research it to get the output g/s etc. Cut the research down to half and you have to research it twice or 3 times to get all the information. I have never had a dupe research a geyser in 1 cycle anyways. If he's going to take 2-3 cycles to get it done. Break it down into chunks. After completed the geyser has the little wind vain and 2 options. The dupe takes the information back to the science center for further analysis. Takes him a few cycles to run the number and you get the full layout. How much output during eruption. How much in active period how much in a cycle, eruption/non erupting. How much over the course of it's life cycle. Option 2. Keep researching the geyser another day-2 what the numbers are. Better hope volcano isn't about to erupt.
  6. When you are going through your materials to find some that may be in containers or on the ground. You select the item and it directs you to it but if it's in a container. The container overlay prevents you from continuing on your search without 1st closing the container. Move the container overlay either to the left of the materials list or to the left. Selecting dupes and consumable, priorities. When you want to see consumables that, what you want to see. That should be the main focus of the screen. I want to see all the foods without having to scroll through left to right. Would be nice if it were taller as well to allow at least 8 maybe more dupes to fit on 1 screen. There is enough room. Move the dupe overlay to the far left so I can see both at the same time. Also the auto reset. You scroll down to read dupe info to find what they are carrying or how much in the atmo suit. What type of clothing they are wearing. Going through the consumables priorities and then all the sudden it auto resets to the top. Please turn that off.
  7. Not really. If you want to be extremely efficient, Yes. However someone like myself would set up different rockets of varying distance and leave it at that. I don't like to micro manage everything. This rocket catches all 0-30 range 31-60 range and so on. However. An asteroid at 150K takes 2000 fuel and then you decide to get the asteroid at 148K. Takes 1990 fuel. You really want to micro manage that much. Just launch the rocket and get back. It already takes 50 some cycles to get there. You waste time setting it up. If you have a constant loop running. When you change the setting it dumps all fuel already inside. I'm sure you can produce more than enough fuel to have a little for waste in that amount of time.
  8. Not in this instance.
  9. Deconstructed door that was locked via automation makes routing still locked out. Happened earlier when I deconstructed pre built door in the 2nd photo. Reloading fixes it. Save file bug is at the screenshot. Save file bug new door is after building a new door and set for destruction. It will happen again. Bug.sav bug 2 new door built.sav
  10. Installed a liquid vent last. Said it was over pressure. I reduced the pressure to around 900 to get it to work.
  11. Dusk caps are considered mushrooms. They grow in dark places on the ground, where CO2 usually falls. You can find a lot in caves. They wanted a different area for each plant so if you want a variety of plants. You have to manage how to plant them in different areas. That's the challenge of the game. You need to be able to setup different systems for each plant. Make your own little mini biomes to prove you know how to manage going through them and recreate them.
  12. 13707 experience required or is it 6535. What's with the 2 numbers. Don't need both. Show 1 or other.
  13. Build a dump tank for all water. By around cycle 15-30 you should be switching to bristle blossoms. Depends on how fast you get plumbing and advanced food tech. by looking at Mealwood. Brislte blossom. You need 21.18 or 22 plants 18 plants 211.76 Kg dirt NO dirt 176.47 Kg water 360Kg water. In addition you need the action of picking up the dirt 1-2 times every cycle.(depends at what time it was delivered on previous cycle.) Picking up the water from the bottler and dispenser and feeding to the musher as well as the mealwood and the harvesting. Along with h2o usage and all the dupe interaction. It will cost you more in dupe interaction. Less interaction. More time to dig and build and get farther faster. Now wait a minute. That looks like it takes more water to feed the dupes. Yes that may be. However early game it's about dupe efficiency. Get things done researched and built. As well as the 11.7 KG per dupe of toilet water is free. That's 70.2 Kg That brings it down to 289.8Kg. What else you going to do with germy water. You don't have to give them farmers touch. I don't to start with. All the other food I find around is enough. When you get a dedicated farmer, Algae distiller and fertilizer maker. Then why not. Early game. it's about dupe efficiency With farmers touch but should be later. Bristle blossoms cost less. So. Brislte blossoms cost less in water. Can use germy water. You can use normal farm tiles if you don't have all the plumbing set up. The dupes will just carry the water there and feed to blossoms manually. What's the difference of carrying manually to a dump site or to a farm tile. At least with a farm tile you don't have to worry about plumbing. Add in a few pincha nuts and you have high moral for a few dupes. As I switch to brislte blossoms. I leave 1 mealwood plant for new dupes till I start leveling him up. Also a good back up just in case. All germ water from anywhere goes through to 4 pincha nut plants and any overflow goes through a separate sieve to feed the about 10 bristle blossom plants. Any water outside the base I sweep up. All goes into the same dump tank. Pockets of po2 water get dug out and fall into good tank for sieve to be processed into O2. I use free range wheat seed for the rest. I do not harvest them manually. There is enough on the map from 1-2 cold biomes to produce enough frost buns for 6+ dupes alone. I also pick up free range mushrooms for fill and any eggs the printer gives as well as omlette bbq. Hathces I let drop and egg but sweep it up into container to be auto raw egg. Pacu voles etc I attack and get the meat immediately. I'm on cycle 300. I've used 1 starting pocket of water up. I went about 10-20 cycles into the 2 pocket but got exo suits just after and starting hunting down pockets of po2 water.
  14. At 1 point some time ago I used petroleum from the metal refinery after heated to 250C+ into a 4 tile wide area with metal tiles in between there and water. When petroleum cools down, pump it out back to storage. You can have it on a constant flow in as the metal refinery doesn't produce consistently. Anything above 200C goes to steam room and any under goes to storage. Works really good. However reading here gave me an idea and much easier to setup. At 1st I poured P-water on to the regolith laying around but eventually it cooled the regolith to much. So I come up with this. Placement of pumps floors shape etc doesn't matter. Rocket filled up in a matter of minutes. Currently set to 10G/S getting ready for next rocket but you could probably release the water when the rocket gets back. Heat's the water in no time at all. Currently 30 cycles later. Steam still at 130C+ Open the door when you need to and fresh hot steam at around 180C So I built a storage and when the rocket says it's full. Open the door. Overflow goes in. Nothing comes out. However when the rocket come back and after adding a 2nd pump. I turned up the water to 500G\S. Rocket filled in half cycle. No need to store anything. Just shut the pumps down and return the steam to the room. Or down to the base to be cooled for fresh germ free water. So it just hit me. Everything up in the void heating to much. As much as 180, 200, 250. All your stuff getting damaged from the heat. FLUSH that heat away. Literally. Right out the drain. Instead of running gas or liquid up and back and use energy to cool it back down. I was thinking run it into open space but why not let that hot water produce something. Run the cold water up and past everything. Then dump it into a room and viola. Steam. Steam to be cooled somewhere else for fresh water, rockets, steam generator. Let the regolith heat up an area to 500 and viola. The perfect steam for the steam gen.
  15. I haven't had a problem with it. I also don't sign into beta testing, only live branch.