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  1. I promise i will be more specific next time, not used to go in debug mode since 1 year maybe, now just prefer discover when they add it, but heard for new biome make me like a child
  2. XD sorry for you, never see skin on element radium (but i see radium in element since the beginning but don't go back and see the skin on it)
  3. yeah i know this in the element game since a long time but never see skin on it
  4. Properties say it's toxic and emits light
  5. Have both with different properties could be a good idea I will restart a game but not before new biomes come in the game Oh boy, i just go to take a look, i love the new material screen, the job seem more easier to manage, some good other thing too But they discretly insert new material, i can't wait for the new radioactive biome As far as i see they add also a look helium, pyrite, mercury and some other material that don't have any proper look yet like bitumen
  6. Waiting for so long about new biome
  7. It's seems like we can't have a single save to have a SW-ROG-HAM world, we can only choose two of them....did you know if this going to be permanent or we will have a multi cross world in the future?
  8. need to learn more about it, seems like klei always give some clue little by little
  9. Oh it's for that... sorry to be inform of that
  10. Did someone notice that charlie and winona are sister? it explain why one of the Winona quest of honnor skin look like charlie (or maybe it's an old info i don't know)
  11. Fridge have automation signal? I miss this I already have a mushroom farm and ranching puft, but for the moment don't work cause i stop mining slime, hoping my water production is enough (but it's seem not with a boiler)
  12. Yes i have most of my free pincha peppernuts, could be an idea to ranch more drecko, i have already one farm of them and the food it's appreciable (don't think about it sooner cause one farm of each type seems enough for me) yes i use all my natural gas (and 1 natural gas geyser using all the time) Just thinking about automation storage, could be possible to use it to stop my blossom culture when i have enough food and save water (most of the time i have about 500k 1000k callorie in my fridge) But finally i really thinking of restarting a map (when the next beta come probably) to have more water geyser, cause i will be difficult to make enough liquid oxygen to go hunting the moo for using the chlorine geyser
  13. yeah but can dupe use it to filtration? Mine always use sand first
  14. Ok so this is where my water gone.... Need to fine some extra water or sand supply cause it's hard with only 2 steam geyser (or maybe come back with some mealwood to save water from blottom, need to rethink my base stability to have a boiler instead of filter) Thank you guy
  15. Yeah but with filter you have polluted dirt?