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  1. Thank a lot for this, this few tile more will be a huge change in a rocket
  2. See a new bug, power shutoff no longer work with automation signal Sorry it's work, just need to have the switch in the right position
  3. I got exactly the same vent and patern in my new colony, first time i see but i only made three colony since space out come No fuel no coming back
  4. yeah i know, i m in early access since the really start of this game so i restart a lot of colony. but radiation update quite kill my old one (no protection of cosmic radiation in my different asteroid) so i need to restart. I remenber that Klei say to wait if we need to restart one cause of some future update but some QOL will begun soon and it will be the good moment. I think i just don't count the right number of udpdate^^ Don't worry for me, i'm use to restart new colony since the beginning, i restart one for each update that require it to see the new stuff. Few week will be enough. Just looking for the good time to do it Ok so no reestart for now ^^, i have my answer, so i could continue my new colony
  5. So bad, i just restart a colony, maybe i need to restart one to have the new world gen (only a hundred cycle.... if was thinking the last update was the big one i waiting for to restart but i was wrong. Did this one is the good one?
  6. Congrat for your work I just think is not the good time for me to begin a totally new colony...just a little sad for this, hope the beta branch will have an update convincing me to restart
  7. why don't use automatic door instead, it's work fine for me I wondering the this the right moment to do it?
  8. I misunderstood T-T o say that a different way: DLC owners can join the test branch for frequent updates and lots of opportunities to provide feedback as features develop, or you can remain on the default branch and enjoy updates to the game every 3 weeks
  9. -Cool -Cool two but i don't want to restart a colony now -Cool, for me it take tungsten Don't have slime biome in my asteroid so pretty happy to have gold meteor (since now i only found a little in gem)
  10. It's been a long time since the first day, so happy we get here now (but still waiting for more content, i know you think about it)
  11. Always have pip make salt plant seed disapear from the container, did someone have the same issue?
  12. 1) Which are? 2) Did they get debuged, i got salt plant disapear when pip plant it