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  1. In my case, i turn off my computer and disconnect/reconnect my hard drive. But if you can see your hard drive or the trouble continue, maybe desinstall epic launcher and manually all files and all epic game manually and restart with a new and clean installation
  2. It's happens to me few time with another game. I find the cause is one of my hard drive could disconnect sometimes (the one with the game on it). Look if you can see the install folder on your hard drive. Could happens also with micro disconnection I hope this could helps
  3. I just found like some metal gas like lead gas have a note to be a light emitter, maybe impossible to made some in survival game but did someone test it in debug mode? Maybe impossible to use it with solar pannel but i'm a little curious now
  4. Thank to all i will buy new RAM for my computer too
  5. Thank for the information, i will try to clean my map a little more and maybe store the material in a container for only one material (this maybe could help) I will also try to configure an autosave to 2 cycles (or more) At first, i just thinking that i need more RAM to run it smoothly, did you think this could help too?
  6. So i will explain, the biggest problem i have it's the saving time between each cycle, take a long long time (map 95 % discover, cycle 4700, 24 dupe) The saving time ruin my game experience (all the rest is quite smoothie), it's getting worse only when i have a bigger big base (Note: I prefer to don't use mod, except if it's the only solution) Intel(R)_Core(TM)_i7-6700_CPU_@_3.40GHz 8Go RAM DDR4 at 1066 MHz with a clock at about 3900 MHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 ONI is on a SSD
  7. -Cool -Cool two but i don't want to restart a colony now -Cool, for me it take tungsten Don't have slime biome in my asteroid so pretty happy to have gold meteor (since now i only found a little in gem)
  8. It's been a long time since the first day, so happy we get here now (but still waiting for more content, i know you think about it)
  9. Always have pip make salt plant seed disapear from the container, did someone have the same issue?
  10. 1) Which are? 2) Did they get debuged, i got salt plant disapear when pip plant it
  11. As Devs: How to see that your community love the game you make for them? Offers free stuff and DLC, if they complain and ask you to take their money, you doing it right
  12. First time i see so many people complain about a free DLC XD
  13. Or a new stage like full moon, a eclipse maybe (something like aporkcalypse)
  14. Waiting for the full moon :popcorn: Don't know, but since i play hamlet, i really think SW and hamlet was made to test some stuff and mechanic for dst, i'm sure we will see personnal house come in dst soon