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  1. if you have ranching, pip can replant the oxyfern where you want
  2. Why you want to put water a 40°C? it's seems to me that the 40°C output of the water sieve is no longer on the menu
  3. Really interesting, don't know how to usethis information to make a interesting system but this can explain some little thing for now
  4. [Game Update] - 357226

    -Cool -Cool two but i don't want to restart a colony now -Cool, for me it take tungsten Don't have slime biome in my asteroid so pretty happy to have gold meteor (since now i only found a little in gem)
  5. It's been a long time since the first day, so happy we get here now (but still waiting for more content, i know you think about it)
  6. [Game Update] - 349444

    Always have pip make salt plant seed disapear from the container, did someone have the same issue?
  7. 1) Which are? 2) Did they get debuged, i got salt plant disapear when pip plant it
  8. As Devs: How to see that your community love the game you make for them? Offers free stuff and DLC, if they complain and ask you to take their money, you doing it right
  9. I'm sad, waiting for the new biome so bad, but you've probably some reason (and you put in beta for dst, with free stuff so i think you have a lot of work not only on ONI)
  10. First time i see so many people complain about a free DLC XD
  11. Or a new stage like full moon, a eclipse maybe (something like aporkcalypse)
  12. Waiting for the full moon :popcorn: Don't know, but since i play hamlet, i really think SW and hamlet was made to test some stuff and mechanic for dst, i'm sure we will see personnal house come in dst soon
  13. What happened to Hamlet? Warly not new, wormwood not new too cause exist first in hamlet, wortox is new, they will be three more really unknow character NB: Personnaly i like Hamlet, but i really think dev made it to test some stuff and mechanic for future update of DST (just imagine a town with your own house and some of your friend house)