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  1. I just load my games, and all my rocket platform was entombed with sometime iron sometime cobalt depending of the metal i use to build it. Did anyone else experiment this?
  2. Done, pretty proud of this one: Manual generator is here cause i need it after to generate electricity (rocket to small to have a battery), i will deconstruct it as soon as crew is on board to reconstruct the rocket control station. Nota: metal sculture will be remove to put a container when i will try to go to the magma world, pretty sure i will be short if i don't come with material to build the lad with one dupe digging and constructing cause i can't send a rover before to build it modif in flight to benefit of the rocket recharging during fligt
  3. i already doing that, i will verify if it count as industrial machinery. i will test in another place i almost finish i post it i soon as i finish it Ok, good to know suit dock and check point don't count as industrial machinery (nota: rocket control station don't count too)
  4. quite good but dupe don't put an atmosuit when they go outside the rocket command module sick.... more accurate description: They put it on the dock when they enter it, but not use it when they exit the module....
  5. it's done, now i'm working on the rocket interior to my dupe survive on hostile planet
  6. It's return to normal without patch, probably beetaporkcalipse need special condition
  7. I build a rocket with a liquid tank to permit to use the lavoratory and the sink inside the command module. But a problem still remaining: the germs Did someone now, if put a little quantity of chlorine inside a tank could disinsfect the water stored? We do that in real life to have good water, i wondering if we could do this in game?
  8. Quite an idea, i don't really remenber how the orbital cargo work, i will see
  9. I just check, i can't build a rocket platform without refined material, i can have only the rover on the surface
  10. you can't build a rocket platform without material or could you debuild the rover module to build rocket platform? Yeah, i know, i do this for the third. Ok so i understand, if i'm right i must land a rover, debuild the capsule, make the rover build a rocket platform, and have enough material to build a ladder for my dupe to go on the surface. i'm right?
  11. I wondering, how did you land on the other asteroid. I'm already with three asteroid, the last one i send two rover to prepare and after a dupe. But on the both i just discover, the rover can't dig the surface to prepare a nice place for my dupe beggining. Or did i must suicide a dupe to can acces to this asteroid?
  12. invert control station and telescope for line of sight
  13. exploration: three room bonus, can be change for two dupe easily and change telescope for another thing like beach chair and deco