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  1. why don't use automatic door instead, it's work fine for me I wondering the this the right moment to do it?
  2. I misunderstood T-T o say that a different way: DLC owners can join the test branch for frequent updates and lots of opportunities to provide feedback as features develop, or you can remain on the default branch and enjoy updates to the game every 3 weeks
  3. first planetoid discover, but it's seem there are unreachable for now The second one just now So if i want to go on it, it's a one return or supplie possible
  4. oh thank you really much, i forgot ceramic is insulator too. You save my game PS: not need anymore to deconstruct reconstruct the telescope
  5. Ok i understood but to use the spacefarer module that allow me to build a telescope inside, i need to make insulator first to make a basic nosecone. But where in the three asteroid could i find isoresin (or insulator i can debuild)?
  6. i already start a new game after the update they annonce it will be closer but nothing yes i try it but i don't have ioresin to make insulation for the upper part of the rocket, just playing in survival without sandbox or debug mode
  7. How did you do that, i block at the first three planetoid. i can't explore more the place from the planetoid. i want to see the other planetoid
  8. -Cool -Cool two but i don't want to restart a colony now -Cool, for me it take tungsten Don't have slime biome in my asteroid so pretty happy to have gold meteor (since now i only found a little in gem)
  9. It's been a long time since the first day, so happy we get here now (but still waiting for more content, i know you think about it)
  10. Always have pip make salt plant seed disapear from the container, did someone have the same issue?
  11. 1) Which are? 2) Did they get debuged, i got salt plant disapear when pip plant it