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  1. I hope they leave those though.
  2. Please take your time and get it to where you want it.
  3. I am not sure the best way to clean water and would like to hear your ideas.
  4. I know those feels. Pretty sure my allergies are going to kill me this year.
  5. [Game Update] - 324933

    Allergies? Great now they can suffer as I do.
  6. I name my dupes after someone in the primary field I will give them from IRL or something I like. Like my last playthrough Alton for my chef, Turk for my Doctor, Mehdi is always my main Electrical Engineer, Katherine is my scientist, Elecia for my artist, etc.
  7. You know what a super groovy cool perk for we early adopters would be? To get to be on the QA team for future patches and DLC. Not that we would necessarily get the DLC for free but we would get to help them test.
  8. Stinky actually looks like a friend of mine. I renamed him with my friend's name and sent the screen shot with the comment about his dancing to his girlfriend and she thought it was hilarious.
  9. I love all my derpy dupes *sniff*
  10. Meep is so important! I always wait till I get him with an interest in Engineering and name him Mehdi after the guy from Electro Boom! He becomes my main Electrical Engineer and sometimes he even gets to go to space.
  11. If the slimelung has given your Dupe a fever they can't break, of course this would help! Breaks the fever and lets them recover!
  12. Releaseready?

    You guys don't play many AAA games do you? They release with more problems than ONI has had for a while.
  13. Nah Dragon's Poop Diamonds. If you ever played Lunar you'd know this.
  14. Yes. LEDs that make less heat, use less power would be great. I have said this before.