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  1. yup. and if i delete that mod another one does it.
  2. Yeah I have done that. I have even uninstalled everything including the game, cleaned up any stray files, reinstalled everything, still get it.
  3. It is an access error to one mod's folder or another. If I remove the mod that got the access error another one gets it. Yes I have checked all the permissions, run steam and the game as admin, disabled anti-virus, to not effect. Perhaps I am just cursed.\
  4. I have done that a few times. Did not help. I have uninstalled all mods and the game, reinstalled everything. Does not work. No idea what's going on.
  5. I am getting an access error I can't seem to get around and I can't get mods to work at all.
  6. Tried all this still getting access error when i try to enable a mods.
  7. Not since I moved to Frigia.
  8. I really hate getting those ruins right where I need to put something useful. I too want to be able to destroy that stuff, but I'll just have to cheaty face it away I guess as I have been.
  9. That loop has kept me from being able to play for a bit.
  10. However new players that are just getting the game won't know mods are in beta they will just expect them to work and when they don't they may abandon the game, try to refund, rather than seek out information.
  11. Tried that and got the infinite restart loop.
  12. But I don't know what those are and when I say that I am unwilling to work that hard for a mod at this point I assure you the new players will be unwilling as well.
  13. I have had the same problem and ended up nuking the whole thing and doing a clean install.