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Immediate problems/errors/bugs from the testing branch

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No to spam the hype topic with these :)

1. Colony information button from the main menu leads to an instant crash

2. There are weird buggy strings displayed in the boulder descriptions of the asteroid picking screen. Click around to view a whole bunch of them, they seem to come and go depending on what's "rolled" [irregular.oil name, metal.rich name]

3. On a 4k resolution the world generation sprites (during loading) are quite pixelated

4. I started on Arborea and gave a command to dig into the Obsidian, which my dupes cannot do. After cancelling the task, the red hat icons remained and I can still click them to see "construction errand" window with priority options etc. They should be gone when I cancelled the dig (the square frames are gone)

5. Still wish we got something more useful than "number of sick duplicants" at the top. I can't quickly see who's got exposed to germs or who's hurting or if my colony is in danger of some pandemic. Unless I'm missing something.


[I will add here whatever else I stumble upon]

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  •  Waterplants seem to drown when being underwater. (This might be intentional though, as it seems they only drown when pressure gets high. )
  • Desalinator tooltip says it produces steam, when it does NOT. 
  • Ethanol gas does not have a name, its a string error.  
  • The top section of the monument cannot be built for some reason EDIT: (Its actually just invisible for some reason)
  • Random patches of light are popping into existence seemingly at random. 


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  • Parks/Nature Preserves only seem to be counting Arbor Trees as "wild plants" (per tests conducted in sandbox mode).  Neither Oxyferns nor wild-growing decorative plants counted towards the 2/4 requirement.
  • Arbor Trees often, but not always, have the stifled graphic instead of the woody texture when growing.
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  • The colony initiative goal to build something outside of your starting biome completes immediately due to points of interest.
  • The colony overview only shows information from the game start.
  • The new starting biome seems to be missing a lot of buried objects.  Very few things appear there, including a lack of food crop seeds and muckroot for starting food supplies.
  • The Aridio starting planet's starting biome is too hot to grow crop foods and there's no muckroot to dig up.  All of the starting wild mealwood quickly becomes too hot to grow and the only available food source is mush bars and killing the wild Pips for meat.  Colonies look like they'll almost certainly fail before solutions to the heat problem can be researched or sufficiently large critter ranches can be built for alternative food sources.
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