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  1. I think many new players go with this philosophy but eventually realize it is just super inefficient and hurts you in the long run. No reason to not get up to at least 6-8 dupes. Maximize the efficiency of your skills without really putting any strain on anything. There is no upside to staying at 4 dupes other than it is just what you are used to doing which is fine I suppose.
  2. I would assume not. They are talking about the ocean biome which some maps have, not the subsurface ocean trait. I assume the trait has nothing to do with the geyser.
  3. Feeding hot liquids to plants that don't mind hot liquids isn't an exploit. Turning hot gasses into energy isn't an exploit. These things exist in the real world.
  4. So if I'm reading this correctly they went with the temp of the pwater and the temp of the sand both matter but it is heavily weighted towards the pwater.
  5. So that still leaves things unclear. We were guessing that the temp of the sand was playing into things and if it isn't currently using the sand we don't know if it is true or not.
  6. Yeah this is pretty normal when you are playing the early version of patches that player bases don't usually see. I remember playing in friends and family beta for WoW and some of those patches were horrendous for the first week or two. They probably don't plan on adding any other new content before release and have 3 weeks to iron out the issues with this patch. That really isn't anything to be worried about.
  7. That would be completely fair. Making non fresh water tend to be warmer fixes things too. But they can't just completely remove the heating of cool/tepid water and leave everything else alone. It would just make heat a complete non issue the entire game on most of the maps.
  8. Steam vent is just more convenient than rounding up all of the polluted water on the map to use it. If you didn't even need to cool it off it would be what everyone uses for their default water with the steam vent being a super late game thing for players who actually use up all of the polluted water on the map.
  9. I was one saying you can't just make temp in temp out and no you don't need a slush geyser. I am exactly a person who was posting what you said people weren't asking for. if temp in stayed the same as temp out on all devices heat would never be an issue on anything but the super hot planets. A slime biome contains so much p02 within comfortable temp ranges that you could live off of each one for hundreds of cycles without ever needing to worry about heat.
  10. That would be more broken than what we used to have. There would be so much usable water on the map that you wouldn't even need vents until like cycle 1000.
  11. I'm glad they went with this change instead of just making them not change heat at all. It is way too easy to just use cool water to do everything and make the game too easy that way. My guess is these devices worked this way to add heat and the removing heat was just a side benefit that they were hoping to get rid of at a later date.
  12. Yeah I think I am having the same thing. I crashed 3 times in a row when trying to finish a gas setup so I came here to see if something was going on.
  13. I was just curious about these changes. I notice that when I plant a briar plant it says 0 decor on the tooltip and it doesn't seem to count as a +25 decor item for the great hall anymore. When i go into the decor overlay it actually says i am getting -20 decor due to bluff briar plant. I can't tell if this is a bug or a feature or what.
  14. This happened twice in a row to me. I rolled my 3 dupes, named them in the rolling screen. Went into the game to play and the first two dupes were as expected. The third dupe had kept the name I gave him, showed the right things in bio and in the general skills screen. However in the priorities tab he is showing the same attributes as the second dupe and in the skills screen for that specific dupe he shows the same attributes as the second dupe. Dangerous Comet.sav