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useless data/information

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12 minutes ago, mathmanican said:

Bug report time. :) 

when you injure a critter, it states that "this duplicant have some injuries".

the whole information system is so bad, the index is full of elements that does not exist, and no database entries for stuff that does exist. critters = duplicants when injured. duplicants that have extreme injuries have "a few scrapes and bruises".


Ari is using a toilet that is out of order.


if you load a game where a duplicant is using a toilet, the game will claim that it is out of order


ren is starving, because he is on the toilet.


gravity not included



of course he can do that, its building, not mining, right?


dupes commiting suicide


how to choose which planets to analyze

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@metallichydra maybe this will be surprise for you or even a shock, but Oxygen Not Included is early access game, not yet released, still under development. Bugs you found are rather low level priority and if devs already know about them than I guess they left it to fix for a late stage of development.

However they might be not aware of this issues and instead of posting here you should report it on bug tracker. This is not a place for such things unless you just came here to mock devs... So why are you posting this?

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2 minutes ago, Angpaur said:

However they might be not aware of this issues and instead of posting here you should report it on bug tracker. This is not a place for such things

I don't really have a problem with people posting about bugs here. I understand it as a survey of "if this known or did I miss something" before making a bug report. It becomes an issue when people reply that it's a bug and then nobody takes the next step to make a bug report. I think we are at the point where it would be valid to post bug reports, one for each bug.

@metallichydra You have just proven yourself able to present bugs on the forum. You should take the next step and do the same for bug reports. It's actually not hard to make a bug report, particularly not considering you can do so from your forum account. The only real issue is searching to see if anybody already reported the mentioned bugs, but I don't think that's the case.

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3 hours ago, metallichydra said:

so its not reported yet?

Like the critter temperature description is there since ranching mk1 or earlier. Impossible to find now under the bug reports piling up. Better to report it again than risk it going into release unnoticed.

Anyway there`s a ton of ui and description things that are placeholders or abandoned features. Like there`s a toxicity stat on dupes that was never used for anything. I think they are waiting for everything to be finalized before they cut off the useless info and make sure all descriptions are accurate.

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31 minutes ago, metallichydra said:

overheats at 2200

melts down at 260

It seems reasonable for a steam engine. A real life steam locomotive operates at 1200 C and melts at 327 C.


Do you really need an explanation for that one?

The steam engine works by burning something (usually coal, oil or wood, but it can be anything), which heats up water to make steam. Coal is burned at 1200 C. The fire is inside the firebox, which is a metal box submerged inside the boiler. The water is at the boiling temperature, which is usually around 180 C, but it depends on the boiler pressure.

If the top is no longer submerged, the fire heats on the steam directly, which can cause an uncontrollable increase in pressure. It can also cause melting metal. To avoid that, there are plenty of safety mechanisms and procedures. The last step in the safety before complete failure is rods of lead in the top of the firebox. Lead melts at 327 C, which makes it the first part to melt and it will melt instantly if not constantly in contact with water. If the lead melts, it will leave holes behind. Those holes are designed to work as steam jets, which will blow out the fire. No fire means no heat source and hopefully no other metal will reach the melting point.

It's a 19th century safety device and it will in fact work. However while it's present in all steam locomotives (all steam engines?), it's not really used because so many other safety devices (human and mechanical) have to go wrong before it can activate. You could say it's kind of like installing a parachute in a car, which will activate if you drive off a cliff. Most cars would never be anywhere near having a need for a device like that but it might be possible to find a freak accident where it would make a huge difference.

However it doesn't matter how often it's used or if it's even used. The fact remain that 1200 C flames are next to metal, which melts at 327 C without melting the metal.


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