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any command to delete all twiggy trees in a world?

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51 minutes ago, Troppok said:

Here on console it's called an axe.


You've yee'd your last haw twiggy tree!

Any more insightful obvious wisdom? Maybe more obvious facts like water makes stuff wet? 

40 minutes ago, Alarsin said:

Why does everyone hate on twiggy trees so much? They drop twigs on the ground so you don’t have to waste time collecting them from a sapling.

The problem is not the Twiggy Trees themselves... Just the super fast and super annoying spawn rate. Plus lag if you don't pick up the twigs on the floor. 

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Yep. Can cause lag if not picked up.

3 hours ago, Terra M Welch said:







3 hours ago, FreyaMaluk said:

actually a guy named Lou just gave me this command on discord and works like a charm deleting ALL twiggy trees

for k, v in pairs(Ents) do if v.build == "twiggy" then v:Remove() end end


Ty to both.


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