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Turfed Boats, a suggestion.

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I mentioned this in another post I put up but I wanted to single out this particular idea because I think it has merit. 

Turfing boats as a method of modifying them.

Mechanic: You can place a turf on a boat to change some functionality of that boat. Once a boat is Turfed, it cannot be "unturfed" so the change is permanent. 
When the Turf is placed, the texture of the boat changes to match that turf, except for the plank and boards around the perimeter. 

Cobblestone Turf: Apply to the boat to make it immobile and extremely durable. This would be the method of creating bridges. 

Carpeted Flooring: The boat has increased speed and reduced HP. 

Checkerboard Flooring: The boat has reduced speed and increased HP.

Scaled Flooring: The boat has greatly increased durability and fire immunity. 

Moon Crater Turf: Boat has a very minor sanity aura. 

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I don't think just "turf" should affect the boat itself, but this idea goes in the right direction: if we can craft things to apply to the boat to give it different properties, shapes, colors looks and feels, it would be amazing.

I'd say the upgrades should go in 2 different ways

- Utility, to make them have different properties, and each having different pros and cons, and not being able to have all of them in one (the basic idea of taming a different type of beefalo, although in a less annoying grind to get there): Eg a much larger but slower boat and harder to manouver, a more armored boat that is very expensive to make and repair, a less armored boat that looses durability faster, but moves faster and can be repaired with grass, a smaller boat that moves very fast but prevents building non-naval items over it, etc.

- Aesthetics: This would work like hamlet's house decor and all the options it offers. Changing the looks and aesthetic shape (not the actual dimensions of it) of the basic boat to look more like a pirate ship, like a steampunk naval floating base, like a fast motorboat, like a sea turtle, like a waffle, like a beefalo, like a smiley pigman, etc should be an upgreadable thing too.

The utility and the aesthetics upgrades dont have to restrict eachother, basically letting you craft a static naval base looking, that is small and fast. Or an armored ship with catapults that looks like a giant waffle and call it warflle. The combinations are up to the maker.

Basically turf would be part of these upgrades, both aesthetically and utility wise, of course, but not the only thing about it.


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