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  1. I mentioned this in another post I put up but I wanted to single out this particular idea because I think it has merit. Turfing boats as a method of modifying them. Mechanic: You can place a turf on a boat to change some functionality of that boat. Once a boat is Turfed, it cannot be "unturfed" so the change is permanent. When the Turf is placed, the texture of the boat changes to match that turf, except for the plank and boards around the perimeter. Cobblestone Turf: Apply to the boat to make it immobile and extremely durable. This would be the method of creating bridges. Carpeted Flooring: The boat has increased speed and reduced HP. Checkerboard Flooring: The boat has reduced speed and increased HP. Scaled Flooring: The boat has greatly increased durability and fire immunity. Moon Crater Turf: Boat has a very minor sanity aura.
  2. [Game Update] - 341693

    wait, what statues can only be crafted at the lunar altar? *edit* I assume you mean the moon and moon moth figures. You don't craft those statues 'at' the altar, you craft the sketch which you can put in the pottery wheel.
  3. "hunting" for seeds? Those flying rats are constantly littering my base with them. Stone Fruit should be veg. It's not game breaking considering how easy it is to set up a carrot farm that's nearly automated relatively early in the game and the abundance of mushroom and lichen, and mushroom farms for that matter. Though, I rarely do those.
  4. being 'cool' and being useful / viable for pretty much anything are two different things. I was surprised because I just don't see them as worth the effort and even less so with the new world generation. Almost every one of my worlds has generated like a starfish with a TON of rivers between each area. Bridges are mandatory and with Beefalo not being able to use those now, I can't see them being any faster or really useful in any way. Definitely not worth the effort to tame and maintain them.
  5. [Game Update] - 341693

    just one more reason I won't waste time taming beefalo. They're already sort of annoying and extremely little benefit. It's an entire chunk of content that I don't partake in because it's just not worth it. Not being able to use bridges, especially with the way worlds generate now makes them almost completely useless for travel. There are going to be very few locations that I can get to 'faster' on a beefalo without bridges than I can just running with a walking stick and using bridges to jump the rivers. Unless I sit in the middle of a heavily 'branched' world I'm not seeing any reason. I was barely seeing a reason for taming in the first place.
  6. gotta say i was honestly sorta shocked at how many people care about the beefalo thing. I didn't realize that many people actually tamed them. It's always seemed like too much of a chore for what you get out of it.
  7. Maxwell update suggestion.

    cutting down trees that aren't at full growth, digging up things you don't want dug up, mining everything in range....
  8. Maxwell update suggestion.

    It's a huge change, I wouldn't call it a nerf. You might lose 2 puppets but you gain a lot more control and he's supposed to be controlling them, he's the puppet master not the cat herder. In my suggestion, shadow diggers go away. And yes, you would lose teh ability to stay permanently insane but I also didn't put sanity numbers in my suggestion for a reason. If klei feels like perma-insanity is a thing Maxwell should be able to do with just his shadows, they can make it so if you equip both puppets with spears they lower your sanity enough to put you in that state. You didn't read the entire thing. There are 2 ways to make your shadows act in my suggestion, one is they follow what you do, the other is through control with the book. You can easily use the book and not carry tools with you. Or, you can be more efficient in harvesting and use a tool and help them. Or, you can use the book to fire em off, follow behind picking things up and using a shovel to dig up stumps, etc. The theme is control. If you'd followed along with the discussion, you'd see that the costs and mechanics stay the same here... the mechanic changes slightly but the overall clicks and costs stay the same. I feel like yes, we do need to control the puppets, that's the point of the suggestion.
  9. Maxwell update suggestion.

    Possible adjustment: instead of clicking on the puppet with the book: An equipped puppet can't accept another tool and to strip the puppet of a tool you feed him a nightmare fuel which sets them to unequipped. so you prefer a more disposable larger quantity of shadows. I gotta say, it's definitely not what I think would balance out well. A puppet master usually has A puppet maybe 2 if they're marionettes with relatively simple armature.
  10. Maxwell update suggestion.

    Re:3, The cost is why I have it locked to a max of 2 shadows. Chances are you'll be changing them out somewhat frequently so you'll use tools to do so making the cost of changing them, using the tool. Re:4, How would having control be OP? Following your lead with harvesting vs using the book for directing them to harvest, it'd be more efficient to have them follow your lead most of hte time because you need to go to where they are to pick up the drops anyway. In combat, it just enables you to basically make them passive or send them in to fight without taking a swing. The same basic thing could be accomplished with a boomerang on the offensive side and we have no method of making them passive currently so the only "bonus" would be adding the ability to make them passive and the ability to make them sit and do nothing. I'm legitimately not understanding how it would be OP to have some shadow control.
  11. Maxwells shadows being... let's call em simple, would be my primary issue with the character. He's mildly annoying to play and controlling the shadows / working around how they operate is the primary issue. The following are my suggestions. I'm specifically not including numbers like how much sanity things should cost, etc, because the balance is up to the devs and I wouldn't presume to know better than them. First, make it so Maxwell can only summon 2 shadows and they come out basically unarmed. Adjust the recipe accordingly. Second, the shadows will have no 'function' by default. however, they will behave somewhat like tamed pigs in that they will assist maxwell when he does things. Chop a tree, they start punching the tree. Pick a rock, they start punching the rock (I know pigs don't do that, but it's a perk of shadows). The punching of trees and rocks should count for about half of the progress using a normal tool would. The same assist comes with enemies, if Maxwell attacks, they assist and punch with low damage. If Maxwell gets attacked, they support. Third, the shadows can be 'equipped'. If you hand them an axe they can no longer pick rocks or fight, if you hand them a pick, no more trees or fighting, a spear, no more trees or rocks. If you give them a spear they gain some HP and HP regen. (Bonus, if you can give them hats and the effects work for them). Additionally, you can change the type of shadow by giving them another tool or unequip them by clicking on them with the Codex (See next item). Fourth, make the Codex equipable and give it a right click and left click function. Left click on an enemy and any unequipped or spear equipped shadows will attack that enemy, left click on a rock/tree and unequipped or appropriately equipped shadows will go harvest that object. Right click on a location and the shadows will go and stand there until another action is triggered (maxwell clicks, harvests, attacks/is attacked), Right click on a shadow itself and it will clear any equipment on them or if they are unequipped already, dismiss them and refund X amount of materials used to summon them. The 4th option there gives Maxwell the ability to really control his shadows. You can pull them out of a fight by right clicking a location to move them and essentially put them in a passive state while you retreat and it also gives you the ability to camp them if you need to run around and do things without them getting in the way. Additionally you can now use them in a more targeted way. It will be somewhat annoying to not be able to just stand in a copse of trees and let em go to town because you'll have to either chop or click trees with the book , but that's the trade off for more control. Other suggestions that may be OP but I figure are worth offering: If you give a shadow a Golden tool they mine at 1.X speed (increased in a way that makes sense). Giving them better weapons, like dark swords, etc, would increase their damage more than a spear. Maxwell can 'swap' with a shadow, as in, move a shadow to a location then maybe left click with the codex on them to swap places (this one is big time wishful thinking but hey... shoot for the stars). Shadows should be able to fight nightmare creatures. Let's face it, they're not going to be any good against giants for the most part and I assume maxwell will continue to be squishy post update, so he's still going to be at a bit of a disadvantage when played solo. Anyway, thems my suggestions. Thoughts, comments?
  12. Wormwood Origin Theory

    that second pic looks like the green gem is in a tombstone? Maybe it's a body that was infested with roots then reanimated by the gem?
  13. How about making the pitchfork no longer function as a weapon and instead have a left click action where you can click on a turf to cycle through it's priority. Then all the turfs at world creation could maintain their stock number but we could cycle the priorities ourseives for our base building.
  14. I just went into a cave entrance and it spawned me at a florid postern in the caves with no cave stairs. I ran around and uncovered half the map and never found a stairway up. I had my caves set to 1 size smaller than default and the forest set to default size.
  15. Random Islands Generation

    minor correction: It's probably wise not to get attached to mega bases on beta. Build away, test, and play, but recognize you're in a beta and there is a solid chance you'll lose whatever you've done when it goes live.