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  1. wait, what statues can only be crafted at the lunar altar? *edit* I assume you mean the moon and moon moth figures. You don't craft those statues 'at' the altar, you craft the sketch which you can put in the pottery wheel.
  2. just one more reason I won't waste time taming beefalo. They're already sort of annoying and extremely little benefit. It's an entire chunk of content that I don't partake in because it's just not worth it. Not being able to use bridges, especially with the way worlds generate now makes them almost completely useless for travel. There are going to be very few locations that I can get to 'faster' on a beefalo without bridges than I can just running with a walking stick and using bridges to jump the rivers. Unless I sit in the middle of a heavily 'branched' world I'm not seeing any reason. I was barely seeing a reason for taming in the first place.