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Wormwood’s Gem

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Everything about Wormwood is baffling, it’s unsettling how human he is, he assigns himself a name (his flower doesn’t resemble the plant, looks like a lily’s) , a gender and eats food, these ought to be incomprehensibly alien for a plant.

If the gem were a human soul, he would make sense, but it’s from the moon ...

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10 hours ago, Brago-sama said:

I always thought it was just a regular green gem that, instead of nightmare fuel, uses whatever fuel the moon provides. Gems do different things depending on what type of energy powers them

That's just my take on it

I have a similar line of thinking.

Given that Desert Stones are "impure orange gems" we know there are "raw" versions. It could be said that the Ancients ended up refining their gems with nightmare fuel whereas Wormwood's could be a green gem refined with lunar magic.

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22 hours ago, SouthTom said:

It's not a regular green gem as we can see from these Maxwell quotes.


I think it's a vague "that gem" because his skins change the gem color, and it could be a blue or purple one.

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