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Suggestion: Update for Critters?

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With introduction of Mothling it feels like Critters finally could get utility feature.
I am sure that some people might disagree, but right now Mothling is the most useful pet since he provides lightsource.

My suggestion for current pets:
Kittykit: Just like Catcoons, providing random item once in awhile if you are feeding it.
Vargling: dealing small damage (like 10-20) which isn't much but still helpful.
Broodling: provide warmth since he was a lavae.
Giblet: Gobblers aren't scared of you or won't eat berries when Giblet is nearby.

I don't really have idea for Glomglom and Ewelet. I suppose Ewelet could provide steel wool once in awhile.

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Glomglom could provide a small sanity aura like real glommer. Maybe .75 sanity/min?

Ewelet could have a goop spray on a 4 minute cooldown. The ewlet would spray mucus onto an enemy that you're fighting, causing it to move at half speed for 20 seconds.

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1 hour ago, S19TealPenguin said:

Glomglom could provide a small sanity aura like real glommer. Maybe .75 sanity/min?

Ewelet could have a goop spray on a 4 minute cooldown. The ewlet would spray mucus onto an enemy that you're fighting, causing it to move at half speed for 20 seconds.

oh! I forgot that Glommer can provide sanity boost! This is especially helpful to new players, plus he is popular either way :3

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I was initially against critters having any use whatsoever besides purely cosmetic (As this would make a 'meta' for which one is most helpful and thus absolutely butcher the entire point of having so many different pets) but with the introduction of the Mothling, that throws everything out the window and makes it so if you have any pet besides the Mothling, you are at a disadvantage, as Mothling full on has the potential to save your life on a lightless night for the cost of 1 rot/seeds/petals/whatever you can find on the floor.

Having the broodling make heat would remove ANY purpose from the extra adorable lavae, by removing the risk of burning things down AND the specific food of ashes (And it's not like it has anything to counterbalance this, all it costs additionally to get a broodling is an ice flingomatic and chili)

Here's my thoughts, though I'm not sure they're all that great.

GlomGlom: Let's face it, Glommer by himself doesn't make a lot of sanity. Huddling by Glommer is less effective than sleeping, and sleeping's already pretty useless in DST. I would prefer if maybe he could make a single flower appear from time to time. It would make the world a prettier place, and also double as sanity, albeit, indirectly. Would be nice to have in any world.

KittyKit: Vomiting sounds pretty nice, honestly. Or having them pounce at small critters with lesser damage and ability as the normal catcoon (So that if they try and pounce anything besides a butterfly, they usually just end up slapping it and scaring it off, such as birds/rabbits/moles)

Broodling: It's a little tricky deciding what this one should do, but I actually thought making them be able to extinguish fires would be interesting, and would be nice considering they are still pretty lategame, and it separates them from the actual extra adorable lavae itself.

Vargling: Considering he is a varg, which famously howl to their friends, I think it'd be interesting if during a hound wave, Varglings could "cause a howl" by doing a howl, making all the hounds in the area howl as well. This wouldn't obviously do too much, but it opens up an extra window for spacing and fighting during a hound wave. We all know the feeling of getting stunlocked and oblitterated by hounds, so having a tiny window where they all stop and do a howling animation has potential, the way I see it. I'd just make it random and it could only be done once per houndwave (probably due to an extensive recharge time) so you can't rely on it, but it still has the ability to help.

Ewelet: I think it'd be interesting if when they detect hostile monsters they could sort of look like they're constantly about to sneeze, and certain enemies would want to stay in a radius away from the Ewelet. It wouldn't actually sneeze (maybe it would when it stops detecting enemies nearby) but it would be interesting for a small radius in which mobs wouldn't want to get near you (This obviously wouldn't work on things like nightmares)

Giblet: I would like if Giblet could perhaps run over and pick things (Berries, grass, twigs) and drop them off at your feet. Not very fast, and maybe it would usually end up eating the berries, but it would be nice for when you want to go out and harvest grass, he'd be right there beside you, helping out.

Those are my ideas. They seem pretty intricate, but with something like early-mid (near) infinite light for the cost of a periodic seed, I think these are worthy contenders.

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