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Year of the Carrat 2020

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Carrats are now a thing, and chinese new year 2020 is a rat, which is next year. Well player klei, well played. Any ideas for shrine things though? I could see putting a carrot ofc in the shrine, but what craftables? Will wormwood get a halloween carrat costume? Will we get new statues? Find out next time on 9 months later!!!! 


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My mom was born in the Year of the Rat, so this'll probably be the first (hopefully not only?) time we'll see a Year of the Something in DST that matches someone in my family.  :)  It won't be until 2022 that we hit mine, Year of the Tiger, and I'm looking forward to that one.  And you all know why.



Will they use the Antlion?  Normal catcoons?  Or, now that we have sailable ocean, can we also has...SHARKITTENS?

There's definitely possibiities.  :D


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