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Tips for finding the island?

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I just played a game with my friend to check out the new content for ourselves. We spent 5 days straight farming resources, and where ready to set sail on the open sea. We we're going to check out the island, maybe this might even become a game that we go back too after a while!

Day one: no signs of the island.

Day two: no signs of the island.

Day three: no signs of the island.

Day four: no signs of the island.

Day five: We very nearly re-enacted a pinball machine, but I managed to stop us from hitting any rocks. Still no signs.

Day six: We're starting to get pretty sick of this.

Day seven: Still nothing.

Day eight: Our food has ran out, and we're resorting to commands out of frustration.

Day nine: None of them work.

Day 10: We find the edge of the world, and begin following it around.

Day 10: We narrowly miss some rocks, but drive into the edge of the world. Our boat sinks and we die.

Any tips to avoid this, because, well, it's really boring going around on a boat the speed of a snail for days on end.

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Honesty I wish the Celestial Orb pointed to it or something. The lot I was playing it with made an entirely mobile boat-base, and we went part-way through winter without finding the island. I suppose it might be meant to be a natural deterrent from jumping "tiers" too quickly, since it has great loot. Maybe eventually we'll get something like the rainbow jellies from Shipwrecked that point to the volcano at a certain time. Would certainly save a lot of trouble considering the boat speed.

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I've found that it helps to explore the entire main island first (Or at least the basic outline anyway). Then from there you can look for large amounts of unexplored areas and sail around in kind of a grid searching method to find it. Open your map now and then too. If you see shallow waters when you're not near the main island, you're likely very close.

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