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First time doing jetpacks - they're awesome

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Sure they are useull but they have 2 major downsides:

They cause heavy lag in open areas, because the pathfinding routine will ho haywire. 

Dupes may be stuck somewhere, when run out of fuel. There is, as far as i know, no check if there is enough fuel for coming back. 

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On 13/05/2019 at 6:40 AM, Mr.Trueba said:

They are awesome lag. :D

I've just experienced this myself and I somewhat regret using them now, but it'd be so cumbersome to go back to normal exo suits.

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They also emit a ton of hot CO2. By the time I noticed it when I first used them, everything outside the sealed part of my base was 90°C CO2 or higher and I kept wondering why it became like that.

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