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  1. Icelock

    hail (c)hy(L)dra!
  2. can we have a very advanced tech that we can build tile that have neutronium properties in term any calculations? the late game always left us much unused space and much unused abyssalite. i know we have insulation already. but it still counted in heat calculations. some hardcore players filled the big map with neutronium to fight fps decrease and it seems has proof for fps improvement. but it can only be done with sandbox or debug mode, and prone to broke achievement. i want to create mod but i always look at code as monster, cant bear with it.
  3. [Game Update] - 361684

    please just dont, it is artificial shove vole. it eats my fps and drops nothing, not even meat.
  4. is their amount has fixed guarantee to biome itself during map generation? what can vary their count?
  5. Decor to Morale

    i can smell lag. its my super power
  6. high tier ocd level confirmed
  7. could you post your sexy base? so we can adore it more.
  8. i used to call it mealworm, because it has worm, we have lumber in other tree.
  9. the blessed steam turbine like here. steam turbine cooling credit @OxCD
  10. is it masochist traits? should be added in the game. masochist: +3 morale when hp below 90, +6 when moral when below 50+ -5% stress. 5 cycle immune to stress after incapacitated heals
  11. thank you. precious! i wonder about it too. i even put the tag to my colony name, just in case i forget.
  12. i did. the -WLH setting dissallow you to receive handy packages from printing pod. it hard at first but i can adusted my self to that well it is not sustainable colony after all. especially for oxygen and rockets. practically impossible to achieve. did it works another way to support the colony without utilisizing geysers? i dont see the route. very good challenge. i give it a try