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  1. Not sure how to play

    Meep whispers me: "Summon The mighty Wheezworts and voila! the Heats is gone. Problem solved." But............... you know, like in the trailer, Meep likes to messing you up. it means it worked just weeks before. Not now sadly. it became a Noob Trap.
  2. nice symetric base design. 95% OCD.
  3. i would agree if the seeds self planting that produce foods have disabled. but not wheezewort, the unique plant or critter that can produce only cooling, not foods. atleast bring back the capability of wheezewort self planting on natural tiles. because as far as i know, there is no dirt tiles in ice biomes, which wheeze wort naturally live on. i believe the developers has oversight on wheezewort mechanics. Or may be i do not know what is new rules for wheezewort? please Enlight me.
  4. I am with you. definetely. COMPOST THE UNDERPOWERED AND OVERNERFED WHEEZWORT! or is it worth it to display them in pedestal? MEEP can not agree with this, this is so sad. MEEP WANT TO ABANDON MYCOLONY BASE. WELP!
  5. this is not intended uprooting underpowered wheezwort. actually i got it from care packages and melted ice biome. And i run out of dirt tile. so i think better to compost them instead farming them. HAIL COMPOST, MY SAVIOR!
  6. After today's patch, is anyone experiencing that uprooted wheezwort cant selfplanting anymore? i have waited it for 20 cycles sit on top natural tiles and i still dont see it being planted again. This nerf is so much.
  7. regolith rain and how long your base will survive before boiled?
  8. worst duplicants

    Scenario: Naked brutality Biome: Sea ice Average temperature: -55.5 C permanent winter (planet pole) Trait: CANNIBALISM= MASOCHIST= RIMWORLD survival game time record: 5 hour in game a.k.a 0 days passed. sorry man, the game really knocks my morality. i am done!
  9. hope you get well and good recovery, man. GBU!
  10. worst duplicants

    "clearly OP do not see me in the occupation upgrade trailer. I am totally SAFE. Yeay!"- Meep
  11. prepare carefully mod please! (rimworld reference)
  12. yeah, too good to be true. poor meep!
  13. use it only to regret it later. the lag is real.
  14. space pirate! aye aye, captain!