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  1. A CO2 pit is enough for food preservation. In later game, you can make room filled with chlorine to preserve and desinfect food.
  2. It happened with liquid lock too.
  3. Polluted Water at 932F??? 932F is 500 Celsius... Polluted Water should be steamed at this temperature, and when condensed, it turns into clean water. Polluted Oxygen turns into oxygen at +-183 C ( -297,4 F )....
  4. Can someone test if 'Weight Plate' can be used to detect a landed rocket?
  5. This is my strategy: I produce and store all food in a chlorine filled room - the only moment food leaves this room is when it goes to the CO2 pit in the mess hall.
  6. What i do is to install mini gas pumps in my ph2o reservoir to collect the po2, but i never build anything dedicated to po2 production due to the very low production rates.
  7. Co2 to crude oil

    This is what i do with slicksters: I made 2 rooms, 1 9x9 for ranching, and another one big enough to not be considered a room. conveour system and automation delivers excess eggs from ranching room to the big room, retrieves meat and eggshells and long hairs eggs. So how it work: Ranching will raise new eggs. Long hairs are removed, other slicksters are kept. Excess eggs are delivered to the big room, so ranching room will never overcrowds. Big room will never overcrowd because slicksters are considered wild. Pump all your CO2 into this room and, the result is almost labor free CO2 -> Oil conversion. Then you'll have another problem: Once you have enough slickster, CO2 will be always at shortage....
  8. Well.... maybe he has mistok the difference between off-gassing and evaporation - off-gassing is the only concept that fits the OP description. 1Kg Ph2o into 1Kg PO2 will take ages - i dont think it is really practical.
  9. Off-gassing is different from evaporation. Off-gassing occurs when ph2o is stored in a place with atmospheric pressure bellow 1.8Kg. It happens with slime, bleach stone and polluted dirt. Evaporation happens when ph2o is above 125c, resulting and steam and dirt.
  10. Explosions remind-me my old heat deletion mechanism: Before the new steam turbine, my massive heat deletion method was done by heating steam until 1500C (when using thermium aquaturners), and venting all steam to space.... imagine a 6x6 all filled with 2000Kg of steam going to space.... wasteful solution, but with a beautiful effect!!
  11. Maybe something like an enclosed 3x1 (3 height , 1 width ) area with PH2O and a small gas pump, pumpimg resultante po2 to a area with purifiers will do the trick.
  12. I'm at work now, so i cannot test now: If petroleum generator can burn liquid ethanol, can natural gas generator burn gaseous ethanol?
  13. I tested it in sandbox In my case, appears a nice "custscreen" of the rocket taking off, an then.... a black screen with nothing... i have to quit the game via kill command on an shell (i use linux).
  14. Mod Request: Functional Elevators

    I hate the tubes because i find it too cumbersome to build, and need (a lot) of planning if they are to be integrated later. A elevator,traveling only in the vertical (as all elevators do), with a virtual shaft in the background would be very nice - it can be implemented almost as a "Teleporter", making dupes disapearing from a place and reapearing at another after some small distance-based delay.
  15. [Game Update] - 323841

    Nice base!!!! Can you post a full screenshot ? I will use that "bedroom + bathroom" concept in my next base!!! One question: Why did you use oil instead of water in the airlocks?