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  1. Signs and a color picker for easy pipe identification!
  2. [Game Update] - 323841

    Nice base!!!! Can you post a full screenshot ? I will use that "bedroom + bathroom" concept in my next base!!! One question: Why did you use oil instead of water in the airlocks?
  3. [Game Update] - 323841

    Even Nasa is installing toilets inside space suit! If nasa can do it, Duplicants can do too!! "NASA engineers are working on a new spacesuit that includes a long-term waste-disposal system — effectively, a built-in toilet. "
  4. [Game Update] - 323841

    +1 for output pipes in exosuit dock.
  5. Sadly a meteor hit my solar panel array last night due to this bug
  6. Happens on linux too. Restarting the game solve the problem... until it happens again.
  7. So.... until it changes..... the only thing to do is to send to space! Lets wait! I certain klei will give something to us to do with naphtha or sour gas!
  8. Will be the first think that i will do tonight! (Thank god - and klei - for Debug mode! ) (Naphta? Wont do it anymore...... )
  9. My currents design will need to be reworked, but, ok.... ONI is like Kerbal space Program: there is always some way to solve a problem or to do something!! I only built complex machinery to convert oil -> ng if the heat source was a volcano, and a steam turbine as part of NG cooling. I never try to convert oil to petrol, just to NG. I simply dislike petrol generator Now i will need to change it to cook to petrol - i think its just a matter of changing some sensors, and a way to effectively cool petrol before pumpit..... In the bottom magma pool i just dropped oil until it runs out of magma, and, later, cool small quantities of NG by using doors and automation. "Almost infinite" energy this way.
  10. WOW!! ROCKETS!!!! Tonight will be a gaming night instead of a sleeping nigth..... "Water and Polluted Water now have the same SHC so that the water purifier won't magically cause a loss of energy" it means 'Good bye old bases and water cooling designs!!! '... unless i toss hot steam to space.... (which can be a bad idea, but, if rockets can be used to bring ice or water from space... why not?? ) No more Oil -> NG? No more cool magma pool with oil to get tons of naturalgas in future
  11. Oh god..... when i saw that corruption i thought "Wow, nice transition effect they put on the bottom of screen!", never thought it was a bug!
  12. I recorded a video of the bug.
  13. This bug happened using that branch.
  14. The screenshots show the problem: The liquid pump temperature keeps changing between the correct one (21c +-) and a very high one (934436100 C).... Chaotic Galaxy.sav Player.log
  15. invisible kiln

    Happens in linux too.