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  1. The always right answer. Yes.
  2. Sounds like a subtle bug. I wish devs did 100% test coverage. (Ofc 100% doesn't make sense in such a huge game, just being hypothetical)
  3. Who cares about scarcity of Oxygen, it's a cheap material without much uses. Rather, you ways find out that you lack carbon dioxide >.>
  4. Could be relevant with automated insertion using auto-sweepers.
  5. I found that it can bug out much more frequently with auto-sweepers. Maybe just put a storage nearby and do not use auto-sweepers to put ingredients in?
  6. Allergic dupes does not deserve their own lives. It needs to get self removed from existence. Let the lousy chicken dig down into a hole and get suffocated in there for just a little bit of contribution to the base. That way things are much better. Duh, why should such a thing exist, even? World is a messy place.
  7. I found that making a liquid oxygen isn't that hard, unless you want to liquidify huge amount of oxygen at once. Also you can use LOx itself to cool itself down.
  8. Oh, petroleum's better than LH? Sounds a bit ridiculous, why is it like that?
  9. Sounds like a good slickster fuel.
  10. The seed is 1170564920, go left and up to find the geysers. There might be other useful geysers too.
  11. Okay, gonna post the seed when I'm home!
  12. I was quite infuriated as I couldn't find the steam vent - I was even considering using oil to generate water. And then this happened.. Yeah. Double. And these two even give the polluted water at the same rate. I'm wondering, is this actually a common occurrence?
  13. So I was trying to implement my own SPOM - but initially I didn't have the wheezes so I had to ignore the cooling part. Would you give suggestions to improve this?