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  1. ONI NOOB IS BACK, BIT@&$S! Keep ready for 15-20 new post everyday week. We'll never be bored again! @Oozinator Do you want to say a few words for this special moment?
  2. Gametime

    This post again? Oozinator is the champ for life, everybody knows it.
  3. Jo, jo! First 100 cycles and everything is ok! So, I don't know how to get a artificial Natural Reserve. I dug the area that I want to convert in it. Maybe with Shove voles?
  4. You know that I´m only making a question right? I'll try the web site and the seed. Thank you! Yeah, I'm already read that. Well, maybe I'll try with 6 dupes and try to make the things slowly to enjoy more time until the doom, hahaha.
  5. Yes I know. I have 800+ hours of gameplay, but given the bugs, the poor performance and the radical change in many mechanics, is it worth starting a new game or is it better to wait until they finish polishing it?
  6. Hello everyone! I haven't played for a couple of months (like 4-5) and I would like to know if the game is worth playing right now. With all the new mechanics of how temperature works and new biomes, is it fun to play? And if so, do you have any seeds that recommend me to have the most content? I would like to play just one map and be able to see as many new things as possible. Thanks for your suggestions. (:
  7. Nope, you are not.
  8. That is strange. I used it in chrome and works perfect.
  9. I don´t comment a lot, but "I drink... and I know things". Hahaha.
  10. I hope that this time no one will come to steal your idea, haha. Well done mate! (:
  11. [Game Update] - 311694

    That's the problem. Most people think that the only priorities are 1 to 9, but also exist the build, storage, tidy, etc. priorities. If you can find an equilibrium, the game runs very smoothly and most of the things are built at the moment.
  12. [Game Update] - 311694

    I do not understand why there are people around the forum who complain about priorities. I think they work pretty well and it's the part I like most about the game, that if you do everything right and you have everything well configured, you can leave orders for everyone and go to the bathroom, to the supermarket or for some food at the kitchen and game will continue to work perfectly without you. I left the game alone for hours and when I return all are built, the floor is cleaned and the base has continued without any problems of food, oxygen or stress.