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  1. That's the problem. Most people think that the only priorities are 1 to 9, but also exist the build, storage, tidy, etc. priorities. If you can find an equilibrium, the game runs very smoothly and most of the things are built at the moment.
  2. I do not understand why there are people around the forum who complain about priorities. I think they work pretty well and it's the part I like most about the game, that if you do everything right and you have everything well configured, you can leave orders for everyone and go to the bathroom, to the supermarket or for some food at the kitchen and game will continue to work perfectly without you. I left the game alone for hours and when I return all are built, the floor is cleaned and the base has continued without any problems of food, oxygen or stress.
  3. No problem. (: With so many crashes in my last colony, now I am very good at observing what happens, hahaha.
  4. @Ipsquiggle Sorry for the inconvenience, but I found a new bug. The game crashes when a shove vole dies. I have a game in cycle 105 and I can not continue because of this. When I try to delete it in the sandbox mode, the game crashes again. Thank you! Star 105 bug report.sav Btw, nice animated short. <3