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  1. Yes, maybe your PC are too hot. The game is just fine on low and high PCs, the common problem is in the late game, but that's because of the game structure.
  2. @sorrymybad I really like your building. As soon as I have a chance I will try it and see if there is any contribution I can make. As mentioned before, this can be a shared and friendly solution to have an SPOM AND keep over for late game liquid hydrogen, which is a problem when you get to the part of the space but for hundreds of cycles you did not accumulate any hydrogen, hahaha. Thanks for sharing and well done!
  3. I never make liceloaf or mush bars. For me its a waste of resources. I use mealwood the very first cycles and after turn to bristle blossom. In mid-game and late game I use the wild pincha peppers to make stuffed berry. I don't like neither mushrooms, because I just dig the necessary to make a path for my dupes and the puft farms are very laggy. Most of people will tell you that mushrooms are the best, but I don't think so. I prefer a easy automatization and bristle only need water, nothing more easy to get. (:
  4. The words "Preview Branch"must be banned until july, hahaha.
  5. Getting Lost in mid game

    You are still in the early game and don't have any really important built. Do you want goals? You need a lot of basic things before mid game. 1. A sustainable food supply 2. More oxygen 3. More energy 4. Regulate the temp 5. Atmo suits or an open base (you are very far from there) 6. Better organization, your pathfinding are very bad 7. Better decor and morale for everyone Once you reach that, you can star build stuff like polymer presses, refineries, steel, convoys and very late after that, you can build your comet protection and start with the rockets. So, you have only enjoyed like 20% of the game. Keep playing and you will see all the great things that the game has for us.
  6. Maybe the graphics are the last thing that this game depends, hahaha. @Airpower Search in the forum. There are A LOT of topics talking about that. Good luck!
  7. No, it isn't.
  8. With 12-16 dupes I have not idle times in hundreds of cycles. Idle time only means you are not growing fast enough ando you have not planned your base well. You maybe only need 4 dupes with an automatic base. 1. Cook - Tidy 2. Operate - Artist 3. Farm and maybe ranch 4. Research - Doctor The rest of the dupes can be focused in Build, Dig and Supply, and you will build at very fast rate. Also you neeed to build with materials near the building. If you use igneus rock in ice biome you will need more time that if you use granite. And use firepoles. They are the best way to move very fast from one point to another. Ah, and you need to make your builders exosuit engineers, because the weight load and the movement speed. For me, that is the best job for everyone.
  9. Organize the priorities and take more dupes. With at least 4 dupes only for dig and build, you can make a base very fast.
  10. Yes, but make 10 questions/post per day before, meanwhile and after do anything is a big deal, haha.
  11. Hahahaha. You are a bad person! But that's funny. I can't image the pipes of my shower like this, haha. @minespatch Pipes are easy, don't overcomplicate yourself. Just think, like in real life. You have a lot of stuff done in your base for not know how to play. Try to turn off the sandbox mode and learn slowly how to do the things right. Try and fail, try and fail until you learn the right way. And the game doesn't have too many problematic bugs, so if you have performance issues in the early game (before 300-500 cycles without sandbox) its because you are doing wrong things, so keep calm and enjoy the game.
  12. If you post a screenshot, we can help you.