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How do I contain Natural Gas?

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22 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Sometimes the fertilizer machine makes natural gas. I was curious if there was a way for me to contain natural gas while also collected the polluted water at the same time?

Collecting the polluted water? The Fertilizer synth does not give off polluted water. It consumes polluted water.

Here's my fully enclosed build. If you don't do anything else the temperature stabilizes at 52.8C due to the outputs being fixed temperature. I however use the excess heat to heat up my lilly flower/pepper plant farm to ensure that has correct temperature as well.image.thumb.png.84967627552822110bc2bdd14780f462.png

This produces enough fertilizer for 28.8 plants to be "touched up" each cycle plus 20g/s natural gas.

Note the water on the bottom is something I use often in fully enclosed builds to stabilize temperatures.

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3 hours ago, minespatch said:

.. I was curious if there was a way for me to contain natural gas ..

Easy build for exos. When you need O² there, pump it in, then you have to filter the gas from the room.
Vacuum first+exos(one is enough for room/dupe labour, then no filter is needed.
On my actual map, i could feed dupes (5 don't need more idle dupes) with frostbun and pepper bread from natural grown plants only, no farms, but i don't remove plants = no farms and i keep ice biomes clean and working....image.thumb.png.cb4745630dfadce99fcb91d626c3e1d2.png


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