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Power after update

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Since they fixed a glitch related to transformers and batteries, the chance is higher the more transformers you utilized. Not quite sure where the thread was or what the prerequisites but welp, your best chance is to look at pre-update/preview cycle reports and compare what you can compare to find out yourself.

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Before the update if you had for example five hamster wheels on a circuit where the consumers was separated from the producers by a transformer of any kind then all five hamster wheels would produce power even if just one was actively being used.

I'm not completely sure if the bug applied to all generator types but hamster wheels, petroleum generators, coal generator, hydrogen generators, and natural gas generators was affected.  

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1 hour ago, 0xFADE said:

Anyone else have significant power shortages after the update?  I wonder if I was unknowingly exploiting some battery glitches or something.

Yes. I have had Nat Gas Generators chugging away all cycle but none of the power reaching any of the batteries, transformers, or consumers on the line. A reload instantly fixed it.

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7 hours ago, 0xFADE said:

Anyone else have significant power shortages after the update? 

Yes, some of my "over-engineered" systems turned power negative :/

I am/was using >20  power transformers on >20 circuits with individual batteries attached. 2 of them have additional hamster wheels and 1 circuit consists just of hamster wheels feeding a power transformer.

QoL MK2: ~3200-3600kj used each cycle

QoL MK3: ~3600-3900kj used each cycle

=> ~10% increased power consumption


The sad thing is that QoL MK3 nerfed my "free energy" shine bug farm.

MK2: 30-60kj each cycle (huge deviation, but the lowest value I found was at least >20kj)

MK3: 4-6kj each cycle (Not sure if I can call it more consistent ...)

=>  ~40kj less power production, which is equivalent to a duplicant running a (un-tuned) hamster wheel for 100s (8 time slots).


My current "problem" is to could supplement my power production, since my hydrogen generators can only produce <=3600kj each cycle.

Sure my base is running fine right now with just 1-2 duplicants running a hamster wheel all cycle long, but all my calculations here were made using my "idle" power consumption.

(There are some "continuous" tasks that I disabled while the game was running unsupervised.)

=> A bit pointless since I have hamster wheels and "spare" workforce just grooming shine bugs (on their lowest priority) all day long xD


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2 minutes ago, 0xFADE said:

it didn’t look like the wattage each panel was outputting changed drastically. 

No it didn´t change, sry if my post was confusing.

I used "open" ranches for my solar power, so I could lure in more shine bugs than a stable would hold without a "real" lure that "wastes" resources or egg micromanagement or shipping automation.

=> I was forced to add open doors to my setup, which reduced the amount of shine bugs inside my "room".

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Pretty sure the phosphorite lure doesn’t use any resources since it doesn’t sublimate like slime does.  It is a floating piece of phosphorite that they are worshiping or something.

Ive got a lot of wild bugs in an area that is open but would be a long distance to get away from the lure that is keeping them bunched up. 

If I do ranch them I’ll send extra eggs to that area. 

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31 minutes ago, SakuraKoi said:

They worship what they usually eat because it floats? This reminds me of something....

I wish I got the joke. All the possibilities I can think of don't really fit. I keep thinking "we all float down here," but that's clearly not It.

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