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  1. This happened to me today, came here to see if it had already been reported. It also plays the sound effect, too.
  2. I could not find any mods that do what I'm looking for. My brain does not like how the Overlay and Build menu keys do not line up. F1 is the Oxygen Overlay but 2 is the Oxygen Build menu, F2 is the Power Overlay but 3 is the Power Build menu, etc... I rebound the keys, but I also wish that hitting an overlay hotkey also opened the appropriate build menu at the same time. I could install a hotkey program that did this for me, but I am looking for a mod that has already streamlined the Overlay and Build menus. It would also be nice to use <> or [ ] to scroll left or right through the build menus or overlays. I would also like to be able to assign multiple hotkeys to one action.
  3. I'm experiencing this as well, but only with my newest dupe. build q3-325699 open sav file open job/skill screen Turner has 0 skill points, but you can give him mastery in nearly every skill. Banhi has 13 points, and 14 masteries available to them, but I was not able to give them more than the 13 they are owed. The rest of the dupes have more points available than masteries left, so I cannot check it against them. 000 unlimited skill mastery.sav
  4. Came here to report a bug that I believe might be connected to this. If I build mesh tiles directly under my bunker doors, they take "meteor damage" when a rock comet makes a direct impact on the bunker door above them. Steps to reproduce: Build a horizontal bunker door in the space biome build mesh tiles in the cells directly under the bunker door Observe the mesh tiles take "meteor damage" when a rock comet makes a direct impact with the closed bunker door above it.
  5. Probably, since any worlds created before the update wouldn't spawn the sporechild plant necessary.
  6. On the new Job/Skill screen, every dupe in the list on the left has the same eyes/expression graphics as whatever dupe is on the top of the list. Dupes with hats will also have the same hair graphics as whatever dupe is on the top of the list. These glitches appear to only happen on the job/skill screen and do not carry-over in-game