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  1. This is a big deal. Not only does it make Heavi-Watt Conductive a proper upgrade now, it pushes back the > 20kw distribution problem back far enough that most if not all colonies won't need difficult work-arounds anymore. I think my last late-game colony peaked at around 35 kw. No doubt some players will still end up creating mega-colonies that exceed 50kw, but 20kw was a limit you typically encountered when you hit space with 20-ish Dupes. I just recently hit the 20kw limit in my most recent colony, and re-discovered the sort of headaches you encounter even if you start inserting switching battery setups to dodge it.
  2. I wish I could shed some light on that, but I think it really needs testing. I strongly suspect you're looking at decay rates in seconds. One cycle is 600 seconds at normal speed. If so that table is 4 / 2 / 8 / 16 cycles. But how they're applied, and how refrigeration works exactly, really requires research. I strongly suspect there's an equation based on temperature. Look at how bacterial die-off rates work. 60 C is different than 70 C is different from 80 C, so it's an equation, not a look-up table.
  3. If you read the dialog box again, you’d see that Mama has two tasks: run generator and cook. “Run generator” is the current task. “Cook” is on the to-do list. Really, it does matter. No amount of twiddling with priorities will affect what a Dupe is currently doing. It only affects what they will do once their current task is done. What you’re seeing isn’t evidence of a bug. If you really must cancel a Dupe’s current task, the easiest method is usually to give them a “move” order. That will interrupt what they’re doing. I have to ask: do you have a battery in the circuit between the hamster wheel and the grill? Because if you don’t, no one can cook unless there’s a Dupe running the generator.
  4. This does not compute. Statement evaluates to false. Throwing exception.
  5. I just had the same thing happen. I went so far as to uninstall ONI and reinstall it, but it still froze at the KLEI splash screen. I deleted kplayerkeyprefs (which is in the documents folder, and not affected by uninstalling) and the problem went away. I honestly thought I'd developed some kind of hardware fault because I've had hundreds of hours into the game prior to this, and this is the first time I'd seen it.
  6. I'm attaching a save game where Slimelung germs in my steam turbine are multiplying rapidly in a thin film of water. The tooltip says it should be dying off at 560,000 germs per second due to the temperature, but it's actually increasing at about 3 million germs per second. EDIT: It appears to come and go. I observed it some more, and at one point the germs were dying as expected, but when some return water from the steam turbine exited the vent, the germ count abruptly shot up over 100 million. Beta Centauri.sav
  7. This is a bug tracking forum. What you’re describing is a design issue, not a bug. If you feel you have a better solution, post it in the suggestions forum.
  8. They're still separate tasks. Every build task starts with a Supply errand. They're labeled "supply or build," but that's a reference to how the priorities work, not an indication it's a single, monolithic task. As for the builder starting from the other side of the base, I've already explained why it works that way.
  9. #1 - I believe something may be interrupting supply missions, causing Dupes to drop materials. I've only seen it with Dupes on cooking supply errands while climbing ladders. #2 is a consequence of how you've assigned priorities to your Dupes. If Dupe #1 has a "very high" priority on Supply errands, that Dupe will take Supply errands over Construct errands, regardless of distance. So Dupe #1 finishes delivering the material, and chooses a distant project because it's higher priority for that Dupe than construction. Dupe #2 has a "very high" priority on construction errands, and takes the newly available construction errand. If you want to avoid this, don't elevate Supply errands for a Dupe unless you also elevate Build errands for that Dupe. Keep in mind that Dupe priorities are more important than the priority of the specific errand. A Dupe will take a "very high" priority errand with a priority of 2 over a "medium" priority errand with a priority of 9.
  10. It's not very likely that it's task switching, and it's not the task becoming impossible. When I've seen it, the Dupe gets stuck in the loop indefinitely, so it's not something random or transient. The Dupe drops the food at the same point on the ladder each time, a few tiles after picking it up. I'm attaching a save file. Mostly I've observed the drops on the central ladder, but in at least one case I saw a Dupe dropping it while crossing one of the horizontal ladder "bridges" I tend to use as scaffolding outside the base proper. Beta Centauri.sav
  11. Dupes on cooking supply missions tend to drop items while traversing ladders. I've observed a Dupe in an endless loop, carrying meat up a ladder, dropping it after moving a few tiles, going down to pick it up, climbing the ladder, and then dropping it again. There's a delay between the Dupe dropping the food and aborting the errand. For a second or two the Dupe is still executing a cooking supply errand while carrying nothing. Save / reload fixes the problem temporarily, so it's difficult to provide a save file demonstrating the problem. It's quite common, though.
  12. I'm fairly sure #2 - Pacu going through closed pneumatic doors, regardless of orientation - is intentional. It's really, really useful that Pacus can go through horizontal closed doors, and it'd be weird and inconsistent if vertical doors were different. If you're really dead set on blocking Pacu, I'd use airlock doors. #1 obviously needs to be addressed.
  13. The ice maker leaks water if Dupes deliver less than 50kg of water.
  14. I've run into that one as well. Has it been formally reported on the bug board? The shutoffs just stop responding to automation, and stay either on or off, depending. Reloading a save doesn't fix it. Nor, oddly does destroying and rebuilding the shutoff. What works, as I recall, is deconstructing the cable and rebuilding it.
  15. I’m guessing the SporeChids originated here: