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Hat repurpose and other thoughts

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Hi :) I would very much like to think this will be read by devs but i have my doubts. But by staying quiet things can't change so here is my diarrhea of thoughts:


  1. Hats: Since the hats are now completely useless it would be nice to have them as craftable item (just like snazzy suit) and give them some benefits. That way they could retain their usefulness beside just a cosmetic junk.
  2. Airlock building: I and i'm sure many players have to resort to using water locks to separate 2 areas so the gas have no chance of leaking through. Altho this works in real life (toilet) it feels a bit cheaty ingame. Dedicated Airlock building with decontamination function would be elegant solution to the water locks :)
  3. Curing bad traits: Did you ever have to painfully re-roll a dupe just because of his horrible trait ? Did you find diver's lungs +8 learning dupe with athletic and had to let him go because he farts ? Well this option would solve this infuriating problem. My suggestion is to have a way to remove bad traits somewhere in the beginning of space exploration at great cost to the base and/or the dupe. Maybe some expensive materials, long time in the medical device or making him loose few skill points. But if you have a space machine to add good traits, there should be a space way to cure the bad ones too.
  4. Deterministic dupe selection: I love ONI, played for hundreds and hundreds of hours already. But there is hands down one thing that single-handedly kills insane amount of time. And that's dupe selection. I'm talking about 1-2 hours before even starting a map !! Now you have to press "Shuffle" to get a new dupe. It's RNG10x42 and i passionately hate it. The system i suggest is similar to the new skill system. Let's say each dupe would have 100 points, each good and bad trait would have a sizable cost (bad traits would give you some extra points to spend because you're crippling the dupe) and skills would take +1 or 2. This way each player would be able to quickly create 3 dupes custom to his playstyle and even try different approaches to early game instead of relying on RNG. It's a win win situation and i'm honestly confused you didn't implement it sooner. As a WoW player i can swear players passionately hate RNG.
  5. Deadly diseases: There is nothing more enjoyable than a challenging game. The awesome feeling of overcoming a problem that's been giving you trouble for weeks. I will be honest now. Diseases are a joke now. They are non existent from seasoned player point of view. You can rush exosuits and have them up before cycle 100 and from there you can explore the whole map without risking anything. We seriously need more diseases and some of them really deadly. Maybe some space disease can hibernate for long time and then be super deadly, others can have obvious symptoms from the start and be less deadly BUT spread like a plague. Players would be able to create isolation chambers with automatic food delivery and exosuit access only. So much fun.
  6. Aggressive creatures: In the current state of the game players can explore the whole map without any risk since cycle 2. As i explained above, challenging gameplay is much more rewarding and fun. Having some aggressive creatures that are preventing you from accessing certain valuable areas would allow players to do much more strategic decisions. And maybe for the future, soldier traits and upgrades for space guns ;) 
  7. Increased room sizes: This one has been bugging me since the Ranching update. The room sizes are soooo small compared to number of dupes you are able to sustain and need for endgame. Currently you can fit only 3 (maybe 4 if you sacrifice some decor) plastic beds with some decor around in one bedroom. Or recreation room where you can't even fit all the things for dupes to enjoy without sacrificing the decor. I have to avoid building a recreation room because the room size is 64, recreation buildings are 3 and 5 wide so the room can NEVER be symmetrical and my OCD just won't allow it. Laugh if you want (which you shouldn't) but that's the truth. Symmetry is a must. The game seriously needs an upgrade in this area. Which leads me to the last suggestion i have in mind at this moment.
  8. Eggs:  I was very happy when you removed the "expecting" debuff. For those who don't know it was 100% reproduction rate debuff if there is an egg present in the stable with critters. It's called "Cramped" now. However the egg still counts towards the population. It's really annoying. What if 2 hatches will lay an egg shortly after each other. Should i have 96 tiles big stable for 5 hatches to avoid overpopulation ???? This can be solved by having sweep only storage compactor nearby with priority 9 to immediately remove the egg without using automation in early game. However this will require your constant attention to sweep the stables and remove the eggs from compactor because they can't hatch inside. If the egg didn't count towards the population you could leave it there to hatch and regulate the population by auto wrangling above 7. I say 7 because 8 is the absolute maximum number of hatches you can have in a massive 96 tile stable... pathetic.
  9. COLLAPSE ALL: there is nothing to say here. the massive list of things on the right side clutters so much of the screen that i can't even find words to describe it.


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