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  1. do you have some poop water ? up to 5 dupes you can make gazillion of bottles of poop water and deodorize it i've done it and it was quite successful. You can also switch to plumbed bathrooms asap because you get more water from them than you put in (self sustaining bathrooms with overflow pipe).
  2. Well then Time to explore other options for oxygen generation. Am i right ?
  3. Or it's just saved money from people that bought it on that evil platform Epic store
  4. CONGRATS on release! ... now when it's out, can the game now not minimize when you select different window pretty please ? i mean ... it's kinda annoying with multimonitor setup. Even Subnautica fixed it for launch. Thx
  5. [Game Update] - 355817

    I read the thread, now i understand
  6. [Game Update] - 355817

    Since when ? True i wasn't playing for the last 4 days (cuz i was gone) but it worked just fine forever.
  7. [Game Update] - 355817

    Why tho ? I would really like an answer (no joke). This is such a monumental QoL feature that my head just can't process why would this be removed.
  8. 1. Regolith door crusher - completely fine and clever design. One more improvement tho. make one line of vertically stacked doors to "sweep" everything to the side after it is crushed. Maybe with a nice long shaft down to your base with a puddle of supercoolant. Dupes don't even have to go up there to collect the iron+regolith and it will be even with nice temperature. 2. Gas compressor using doors - completely legit mechanic. I see no problem. The second option to vent it in a small room with vent+water... that might feel like a cheat but i think it's fine because it's a general mechanic that 1 tile=1 material. 3. Dumping heat to steam and steam turbine ? How can anyone complain about this ? I believe this is working as intended too.
  9. and you HAVE TO bring attention to this.... just why? if it's still in the game after all this time, just keep it quiet and hope it stays.
  10. First, congrats on the release Second ... i really really hope it's just a typo but i don't see "Performance improvements" in there. Because the game can be played with bugs as well as unbalanced things. However the game can't be played with 10fps (cycle 2000+)
  11. Medicine items lists very laggy

    The same situation/bug occurred some time ago when you were able to store sleet wheat inside the storage compactor. The FPS dropped form 60 to 5 on inspection. The lag is caused because there is too many individual items listed at once. They fixed it by not allowing the sleet wheat to be stored inside storage compactors (compactor = 20 000kg vs. fridge = 150kg). But i don't think they addressed the root cause of the issue at all. Therefore i don't think this is going to be fixed any time soon.
  12. @Bigfoot Take all the time you need. Gamers rather have polished game right from the start than scuffed release with fixes later I really look forward to the testing part of this final update and also REALLY hope there are more performance updates Keep up the good work.
  13. [Game Update] - 320841

    after humble 700h+ played (which is embarrassingly low number, but i'm working on it), the game itself is not a challenge at all. And imo if you have to create challenges yourself then the game is lacking in options. Aggressive monsters would be awesome addition to the gameplay variety and challenge. You could always opt out of it when creating world Having an option to add something in worldgen is always better than not having the option at all.
  14. [Game Update] - 320841

    It clearly does because you would have to change your playstyle and focus from just building to building and defense. It would also restrict you from going everywhere immediately. you would have to prepare, think and make a plan how to conquer the whole asteroid.
  15. [Game Update] - 320841

    we need a lot more and DEADLY diseases. Also aggressive animals (predators). And some serious challenge. Not easier game