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  1. do you have some poop water ? up to 5 dupes you can make gazillion of bottles of poop water and deodorize it i've done it and it was quite successful. You can also switch to plumbed bathrooms asap because you get more water from them than you put in (self sustaining bathrooms with overflow pipe).
  2. Well then Time to explore other options for oxygen generation. Am i right ?
  3. Or it's just saved money from people that bought it on that evil platform Epic store
  4. CONGRATS on release! ... now when it's out, can the game now not minimize when you select different window pretty please ? i mean ... it's kinda annoying with multimonitor setup. Even Subnautica fixed it for launch. Thx
  5. Since when ? True i wasn't playing for the last 4 days (cuz i was gone) but it worked just fine forever.
  6. Why tho ? I would really like an answer (no joke). This is such a monumental QoL feature that my head just can't process why would this be removed.
  7. The same situation/bug occurred some time ago when you were able to store sleet wheat inside the storage compactor. The FPS dropped form 60 to 5 on inspection. The lag is caused because there is too many individual items listed at once. They fixed it by not allowing the sleet wheat to be stored inside storage compactors (compactor = 20 000kg vs. fridge = 150kg). But i don't think they addressed the root cause of the issue at all. Therefore i don't think this is going to be fixed any time soon.
  8. after humble 700h+ played (which is embarrassingly low number, but i'm working on it), the game itself is not a challenge at all. And imo if you have to create challenges yourself then the game is lacking in options. Aggressive monsters would be awesome addition to the gameplay variety and challenge. You could always opt out of it when creating world Having an option to add something in worldgen is always better than not having the option at all.
  9. It clearly does because you would have to change your playstyle and focus from just building to building and defense. It would also restrict you from going everywhere immediately. you would have to prepare, think and make a plan how to conquer the whole asteroid.
  10. we need a lot more and DEADLY diseases. Also aggressive animals (predators). And some serious challenge. Not easier game
  11. How's that not logical ? don't you have a kettle at home ? water + electricity = heated water. And why would you ever put -16 degree water into a sieve ? Run it through some coal generators first and then when it's let's say 60-70 degrees run it through sieve and into the bathroom. Perfect system.
  12. That's completely understandable because it's electrically powered building and so far the only way how to delete heat. polluted water is fine for early game cooling. Water sieve is one of the few things that is completely fine.
  13. I'm very happy about most of the changes (except immunity change) so big THANK YOU for that. However i couldn't help to notice there are absolutely no performance updates this time. Last update helped a lot but we can't hide the fact that the game is still laggy AF after cycle 2000-ish. Performance goes rapidly down after building the jet suit station and even the best CPUs won't help long term. What would be nice is to have an option to completely disable reports (at the start of the game). This could help with the lag after each cycle and tbh ... most players probably don't care or don't know about the reports anyway. I do like them, but i would happily trade them for better performance. Another thing that "might" help with the lag is option to disable animation on buildings. When you have world that's completely dug out and half of it is industrial machines, each doing its own thing, i bet that must be quite taxing. P.S. standalone airlock building (with decontamination feature) would be much appreciated like in real life
  14. What we need is more Don't Starve reference in art
  15. I had the same problem. It helps to empty the cooking station. Usually something rotten comes out.
  16. The new cooking/refining interface is nice but need a bit more work. Before i could hover over the details of refined materials such as "thermally reactive" or "high thermal conductivity" and see exact numbers of each material. With new interface i can't do that. It would be nice to see more numbers overall in the whole game. Numbers matter a lot in this game so why hide them ? Also i would be very happy if you returned the EXACT scientific unit measurement (Joules, Watts, Pascals for pressure, etc). Maybe as an advanced option. Kids learn about these things in elementary school (at least i did).
  17. Why would you want that ? Water sieve is amazing way to delete heat almost for free.
  18. I'm running it just fine but there are ppl who are not. and i guess all the animations must eat some resources.
  19. The best patch so far and i've been playing ONI for over a year. It would be nice to have an option to disable ALL building animations to further save FPS in late game.
  20. Almost 3 weeks since the last update. What's going on ?
  21. bump. Any news on this ? It really needs fixing. This happens to everyone i guess and it's super annoying.
  22. I'm absolutely amazed that you finally added the "work time" to the game to force dupes to behave more efficiently (i'm still going to lock the door for days, to be sure they are 100% efficient tho). So BIG THANKS for that However i was really hoping you'll also fix the dupes dropping stuff whenever they "change their mind" (going to the toilet, bed, going to eat, sneeze, etc). If it's really difficult to do then i'm sorry, i'll gladly wait longer. But ultimately this dupe behavior should stop. We have enough content to master so far, let's make it less irritating to play with ... keep up the good work
  23. I'm sorry English is not my main language. I was trying to say it's so game breaking in long run that one can't even create huge bases or retrieve something from depths because there is always something dupes want to do. It wastes massive resources on plastic traps for example. When a dupe 2-3 or 4 times in row just drop the trap with bagged critter. It wastes massive amount of time running back and forth and do literally nothing. But mainly, there is a huuge pile of stuff just hoarding on the bottom of a mine shaft or base. It's so infuriating that i had to stop playing sometimes after couple of hundred cycles. Why dupes just can't hold to the thing they're carrying, finish the job and THEN go pee, breathe, eat, sleep, etc etc. There is quite big margin for error (suffocating or peeing on the floor) Another gripe i have with the game that's so frustrating is when dupes don't finish their job. Example1: you order a dig job, dupe is assigned to the dig, he runs across half of the map, dig 1 tile and then decide to go refill something, or deliver something on the other edge of the map. Example2: it's morning and everybody wakes up and are immediately assigned to jobs. Fine, miner will run across the map and then literally few steps before his dig job he turns back because he needs to pee or eat. I ask you ... do you go to work hungry and in desperate need of a toilet ? No, you wake up, take a dump, eat some breakfast and go to work. Each dupe should do the same.... empty the bladder, top off the 4kcal food cap and straight to work. It would SAVE SO MUCH TIME and be efficient. Example3: Let's say somebody is assigned to the mushroom farm. It's CO2 and he can't breathe. That's fine, but after few seconds he needs to go take a breath.But in fact if you lock him in he can continue working for much much longer and THEN go breathe. Can't the algorithm check each tile of his path back for O2 and calculate using his Athletic speed when he needs to go to not suffocate but to maximize work time ? When dupes have exo suits i purposely have to build doors, send them in to dig diamonds or stuff and lock the doors for day or two. They can survive and it's sooo much more efficient.