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  1. I've read a number of complaints about the end of cycle reports for long-running bases causing lag and other problems. Personally, I haven't run into the issue, but it got me thinking about some quality of life changes that could be applied to reports. 1) Allow the player to limit the number of reports that are kept. For a 1000 cycle base, the report from cycle 2 really isn't all that important anymore. For a player with fewer system resources, they may want to limit to 10 reports. For someone who wants to follow their base statistics, they may want to keep 100 reports. 2) Create a tool that can export the reports into a spreadsheet, where the player could apply statistics and other maths to their game reports, such as graphing the power used per cycle, or finding which dupe tends to get sick most frequently (I'm looking at you, Mi-ma). Or perhaps, "From cycle 85 to 115, how much oxygen was used per cycle?" I mean, these reports have a LOT of interesting data that could be looked at in a wide variety of ways.
  2. Similar to how the auto-sweeper and the robo-miner display their ranges prior to placing and when selected, it would be nice to see/know what would obstruct the telescope and space scanner lines of sight in-game/immediately.
  3. Hi I would very much like to think this will be read by devs but i have my doubts. But by staying quiet things can't change so here is my diarrhea of thoughts: Hats: Since the hats are now completely useless it would be nice to have them as craftable item (just like snazzy suit) and give them some benefits. That way they could retain their usefulness beside just a cosmetic junk. Airlock building: I and i'm sure many players have to resort to using water locks to separate 2 areas so the gas have no chance of leaking through. Altho this works in real life (toilet) it feels a bit cheaty ingame. Dedicated Airlock building with decontamination function would be elegant solution to the water locks Curing bad traits: Did you ever have to painfully re-roll a dupe just because of his horrible trait ? Did you find diver's lungs +8 learning dupe with athletic and had to let him go because he farts ? Well this option would solve this infuriating problem. My suggestion is to have a way to remove bad traits somewhere in the beginning of space exploration at great cost to the base and/or the dupe. Maybe some expensive materials, long time in the medical device or making him loose few skill points. But if you have a space machine to add good traits, there should be a space way to cure the bad ones too. Deterministic dupe selection: I love ONI, played for hundreds and hundreds of hours already. But there is hands down one thing that single-handedly kills insane amount of time. And that's dupe selection. I'm talking about 1-2 hours before even starting a map !! Now you have to press "Shuffle" to get a new dupe. It's RNG10x42 and i passionately hate it. The system i suggest is similar to the new skill system. Let's say each dupe would have 100 points, each good and bad trait would have a sizable cost (bad traits would give you some extra points to spend because you're crippling the dupe) and skills would take +1 or 2. This way each player would be able to quickly create 3 dupes custom to his playstyle and even try different approaches to early game instead of relying on RNG. It's a win win situation and i'm honestly confused you didn't implement it sooner. As a WoW player i can swear players passionately hate RNG. Deadly diseases: There is nothing more enjoyable than a challenging game. The awesome feeling of overcoming a problem that's been giving you trouble for weeks. I will be honest now. Diseases are a joke now. They are non existent from seasoned player point of view. You can rush exosuits and have them up before cycle 100 and from there you can explore the whole map without risking anything. We seriously need more diseases and some of them really deadly. Maybe some space disease can hibernate for long time and then be super deadly, others can have obvious symptoms from the start and be less deadly BUT spread like a plague. Players would be able to create isolation chambers with automatic food delivery and exosuit access only. So much fun. Aggressive creatures: In the current state of the game players can explore the whole map without any risk since cycle 2. As i explained above, challenging gameplay is much more rewarding and fun. Having some aggressive creatures that are preventing you from accessing certain valuable areas would allow players to do much more strategic decisions. And maybe for the future, soldier traits and upgrades for space guns Increased room sizes: This one has been bugging me since the Ranching update. The room sizes are soooo small compared to number of dupes you are able to sustain and need for endgame. Currently you can fit only 3 (maybe 4 if you sacrifice some decor) plastic beds with some decor around in one bedroom. Or recreation room where you can't even fit all the things for dupes to enjoy without sacrificing the decor. I have to avoid building a recreation room because the room size is 64, recreation buildings are 3 and 5 wide so the room can NEVER be symmetrical and my OCD just won't allow it. Laugh if you want (which you shouldn't) but that's the truth. Symmetry is a must. The game seriously needs an upgrade in this area. Which leads me to the last suggestion i have in mind at this moment. Eggs: I was very happy when you removed the "expecting" debuff. For those who don't know it was 100% reproduction rate debuff if there is an egg present in the stable with critters. It's called "Cramped" now. However the egg still counts towards the population. It's really annoying. What if 2 hatches will lay an egg shortly after each other. Should i have 96 tiles big stable for 5 hatches to avoid overpopulation ???? This can be solved by having sweep only storage compactor nearby with priority 9 to immediately remove the egg without using automation in early game. However this will require your constant attention to sweep the stables and remove the eggs from compactor because they can't hatch inside. If the egg didn't count towards the population you could leave it there to hatch and regulate the population by auto wrangling above 7. I say 7 because 8 is the absolute maximum number of hatches you can have in a massive 96 tile stable... pathetic. COLLAPSE ALL: there is nothing to say here. the massive list of things on the right side clutters so much of the screen that i can't even find words to describe it.
  4. Guys its kinda needed to have a way to reliably lock an air from escaping to places, building the mechanized doors simply dont work we need more than one and even then may fail. This suggestion was originally made today by a friend streamer named buildanisland. Hope you like it, have a suggestion on how this building should look or cost?
  5. I would like to start a list with "little" things that bug you (or maybe us all). My goal isn´t to start a 2. suggestions forum or just bring up the same content again. => I just want to start a list of little inconistencies and other sought after features (with a low effort to implement). My personal list: So please post the little things that bug you, so we can bring some more attention to this before the last QoL update goes live. (And try not to post something like changing the water sieve, which would imply changing a whole game mechanic / axiome.) Your input: Implemented:
  6. Klei, пожалуйста верните центрифугу пусть она будет аттракционом для развлечений. как дискобот или аркадная машина Klei, please return the Space Cadet Centrifuge let it be a fun attraction. like a Jukebot or Arcade Machine
  7. Hi ppl nice to post here again, today i want to ask you guys, how are jetpacks going for you so far? last time i used them was into a 1000 + base with 20 dupes, the lag was extreme and crashes became quite common to the point i deconstructed it all, kinda sad because i liked them a lot. Do you guys think theres a way to make them run smooter? maybe we should fix it somewhere? I think the newcomers will have a lot of problems with this too. My pc config Processor I5 5200U 2.20 GHZ 8 gb ram Video is 4 gb vram Also plz type your experiences using jetpacks.
  8. Currently there are 3 types of clothing and i expect there will be more in time. But the way they work now is quite clunky and not worth to bother with. Basically everyone is using snazzy suits and call it good. The problem is the dupe's AI is not allowing them to stay in one place for long and when you're building multiple things it's absolutely impossible to track and manage who has what equipped and change it on the fly. Warm sweater and Cool vest (or whatever the **** it is called) have really nice benefits. it's just pain in the butt to manage. Solution to this situation could be a station where you store clothes you need and dupes would have to equip them before passing through and take them off when returning. Identical function as exosuit station but more accessible and cheaper for early game than making exosuits. If there is a modder around here it's a nice idea for a small mod. One that i would gladly use in every world
  9. I want to suggest a system, that you can add to the game that will allow people to share/upload/download/save/load/past blueprints through an in-game and main menu system, this system would be used to save designs of rooms or bases or orders so that you can tackle the creative aspect a lot easier, base building more conventionally and efficiently, as well as allowing for a more solid permanent progression for players who spend the time to perfect blueprint designs which would allow for much more smoother game play over all, as you would be able to use blueprints in future versions of the games and to change the designs as the game develops, and to see who could make the best designs, or keep it all to yourself to see how amazing you can get by yourself from solo self found blueprinting. many other games out there, that are creative games, have such a blueprint system in place, whether its through mods, or through the vanilla default of the game, my hopes is that the vanilla version of this game will get a blueprint save system so that i can play this game a lot easier and enjoy it much better, as the reason i'm suggesting this to begin with is because i just cannot have fun without such a system, as i know, that no matter what i do in the current version of the game, will not be saved in any form so i cant just reuse a previously established design that worked for me so i can continue it later and work on it in a new version of the game, that and i cannot manually copy old things for it takes far too much work and is not fun to do. i hope someone in the dev team takes this suggestion, because i mentally,cannot play the game without it, i don't have the patience to start from scratch every time, and i have memory issues, that and i really really love tinkering with things and making blueprints. the easiest way that i can think of, for setting up a system like this and how to select a place/room would be through 3 area selection system options, i thought of these yesterday night when i inevitably rage quit the game due to the very reasons i'm posting this suggestion. 1. A Square/rectangular selection style, click and drag release selector, kinda like how if you were to use the mining orders or other orders and how those are a square/rectangular shape when you click drag release, except for instead of an order, is for blueprint save selection. 2. A more Precise individual tile selector, to select rooms that aren't square/rectangular or are of an irregular shape that is touching another room, to where the square/rectangular selector would not work. 3. A Room Selector, a selection tool that selects the general shape of a room, not selecting the walls but only selecting the content in the room and the empty space, so the area of the room color in game essentially. after selecting the area, regardless of what selection too you use, you would have the option to save it as a blue print, to use for future play through's and/or paste more rooms like it else where in the base in your current one, and/or upload it so others can download it, and look at it or use it for their play through's, or try to improve it with their own improvements and re-upload it. (selects everything made by duplicates and any empty space selected is saved as a mining order, so that you can more easily paste the blueprinted rooms/base parts in land full areas where there is not supposed to be land.) thank you for your time you took to read this and hear me out, i hope that someone can get back to me and i eagerly await your thoughts on this, i hope that you can make a system like this, and that it isn't too hard to make if you decide to try to make it as part of the vanilla game, let me know what you think bout this idea, is it good, is it bad, and how much this will help the game, especially in terms of Quality of Life, as i feel a system like this would be both a feature and a Quality of Life improvement. thank you again, and stay happy friends~<3 i love your game, and hope it succeeds, have a nice night or day. depending on when you read this that is, i hope to talk soon, cya for now.
  10. Others have gone into better detail than I have but Plz give us some room and base blueprinting systems so the hours we put into this feel like it's been worth it and not always a retrograde struggle. We all have our perfect or maximal efficient designs or just a consistent nice looking dorm for my Dupes might be what some want. Tile based selection, BP library, edit screen/ so material choices can be easily made n changed. I mostly want to shake the boat on this topoic, it could greatly improve long term user experiences. In the last few month of not playing ONI avidly, the though of having to remake all my rooms how I liked them to work was a drag. PS. Be fun to see that wonderful title screen had some interactive bits, poke a critter, or dupe some buttons, make some things happen. And some kinda of post failed colony maps or ability to end up exploring one of your old worlds :Dc that could be really nuts, the world refills shifts containers explode contents back into the world who knows, or just find some old rooms in a new map u make, be a weird connecting aspect that could be DLC or mods. And Super fails where duped die in almost comic fashion, bad miner causes a collapse, bad cook falls into oil/get caught in musher! Falls off ledge into lava....
  11. I love this game, but sometimes its really difficult to love. I've got over 350 hours in it, so I'm not new, but I'm definitely not up there with some people. These are just some of the main features I see this game needing to truly become what it can be. Over my last play through of about 400 cycles, which had to end due to real life responsibilities, I made a list of the stuff I still saw the game needed. PROJECT MANAGEMENT This is the topmost problem with the game IMO. Dupes still have issues working on the correct stuff, even after meticulously organizing their priorities. I think the problem is that any dupe can pick up any job any where at any time. This is fine for the default case and early game, but at some point you only want specific dupes working on certain things. This is how complex systems of workers get stuff done IRL, and ONI needs this infrastructure. Specialization via skills is fine, but that just makes dupes better at their job, it doesn't help dictate which job they work on. People IRL work in teams, not alone(most of the time). Ex1. two miners, and two large mining projects one in the slime biome to the left of base, and one in the oil biome below. I can set one project's priority over the other, but then both miners work on that one. I want to split the two miners between the projects. Ex2. Order the building of a vertical ladder and mine out one tile on either side. Two to three dupes will run out to work on that, but the miners inevitably go faster than the builders and thus the builder bottlenecks the build. This is fine as it's part of the mechanics. What's not fine is the miners running all the way back to base to sweep a piece of dirt into storage then running back when another job opens up. SO MUCH WASTED TIME. They should have just idled at the ladder. Solution: New building at a certain research point after and in the research line of the job board, Duplicant Collaboration Matrix or something. Create "projects" by selecting a bunch of build orders and giving them a name. Assign them priority. This priority is assigned in a new "Project List" box, and exclusive only to duplicant teams. Random dupes are barred from work on projects. Only teams are allowed to build inside that box you draw. Allow the ability to shut off all work on a project. Create named teams of duplicants which generally try to work adjacent to each other. Assign them to projects "Force only project work" toggle on the dupe in their team overlay entry. (set to on by default) This forces them to only pick up jobs in their projects. While assigned to a project, if they run out of stuff to do on that project, they just idle until there is another task in the project to do. (prompting either a new "project idle" notification or just the normal "idle" notification. This lets some dupes work only on the project and others come in and out if necessary. Increased morale while working with friends in a team. Decreased morale when team members are stressed. QoL Some of us aren't here for the exploration part of the game. I like to build a well laid out base and that is made tediously difficult by not knowing what I have access to from the start. I don't want to use debug mode or sandbox cause that eliminates resource management, which is the core part of the game. I want to see what I'm getting into before I dedicate my next 50+ hours to a map. Fog is mostly just a time sink IMO and definitely one for players like myself. "Start world with fog" toggle in advanced world generation. "Pick dupes after map generation" toggle in advanced world generation. Put the name of the overlays and plans into the hotkey menu. I don't know which overlay is "overlay 12". In each gas/material entry in the database, link the buildings which create it, and the buildings which use it. If no buildings make it, give a description of how it is created. Add the unlock-able overlays and plans to the hotkey menu b4 they are researched(still can't open them even if hotkey is set) Deconstruct tool works on bridges in their respective overlays Allow dupes to "pack a lunch" and just carry a piece of food with them. Allow us to destroy artifacts like tables and lockers Mass disable auto-disinfect/auto-repair tool
  12. The Quality of Life update may have been a bit rough at launch, but the fine folks at Klei were able to make it work after some patches and I consider it a really great update for the most part. One thing I found strange, however, was what they did with holding the Space bar and Tooth Traps. This might be difficult to explain. You can no longer hold the Space bar to pick up Tooth Traps, which is great. However, the traps now work strangely when other items are nearby. If, say, a Hound Attack occurs and you wish to reset your traps like you would in Together by holding Space, you can't unless you're directly on top of one of them. Items can't be picked up from a certain radius when a group of Tooth Traps is near them either, so you have to hold the Space bar when directly on top of an item or click it and risk picking up one of your Tooth Traps if they're tightly packed together. If you want to reset traps en masse, you'd still need to right-click each one individually or try and position yourself on top of one to use the Space bar. In DST, you can still use Space to reset traps and pick up items without fear of picking up the traps. It's not exactly a one-to-one copy of the system used in DST if I had to summarize this in a small sentence.
  13. The March Roadmap said that the QoL MK-III will be out on April 16. So does that mean that the beta release will be on 26th March, that s today ?
  14. The lock-up that occurs every cycle due to the autosave has become very harsh. My current game QOL2 at 250 cycles has as long a lock-up as QOL1 did at 1200 cycles. This has been discussed before and appears to be due to compression, saving, and ever increasing cycle reports being added. I would suggest the following changes * Allow user to select "1,2,3,5,never" as options for autosave - I would not use "never" because of the idea of losing hours of game due to a crash and this is why I have not used the mod that does this. I would use "2" to cut the aggravation in half. * Allow user to select "only save 10 cycle reports" or "never save" - I never look at these. I did try the mod to do this, and while it helped, it was not the primary issue. * Allow user to select "do not compress". - I would be happy to have my SSD save a 50MB file instead of sufferring lock-ups for a 5 MB file. Those with HDD can select compression if they wish * Change the code to prevent a hard lock-up. I mean, having the user feel like their system has crashed for 10-15 seconds once per cycle is not good game design. Allow moving around the screen and making build orders while the simulation is locked for the compression/save * The best solution would be to change the code. Save the snap shot to memory, then have another thread compress and save while the simulation continues running. I find this lock-up causing me to want to stop playing later cycle games. It is not good game design. It is getting worse. It is a major QOL issue. Thoughts?
  15. So, I am back to ONI after almost 4 months without playing to find out that quite a lot of things has changed (yay), which means a lot to try in a new base (yay). But, right now, with my 24 duplicants base, I receive in average 150 warning messages of the type "Building lacks resources" for my farms because I am out of slime. Which is not an issue since I have more than a million kCal in Fried Mushrooms while I build my push ranch (or just dig some more). So, instead of having 150 warning, one for each of my farm tile, would it be possible to gets all of them in one line? For example, it could looks like this when I hover, do not hover with my mouse: NOT HOVERING: - Building lacks resources (150) WHEN HOVERING THE PREVIOUS LINE: - Farm plots (145) - Rock Granulator (2) - Grill (3) -etc... That way, I can actually see on one screen what is missing, which I cannot do right now.
  16. Hey there~ I haven't played in a while because I was waiting for some updates, especially the QOL update for beefalo riding. However, it seems not to apply to hamlet only files, right? Since there are no beefalo there? It seems like the only new recipes are fences / tiny signs and the pen.
  17. Version 2.0.0


    This mod improves upon the Lua console in Don't Starve Together. It was started as a collaboration between this author and @squeek. Major Features Extended and configurable command history. Each history line is editable (that is, scrolling past a previous line will save any modifications to it), and the command history is preserved saved between game sessions. Console log is scrollable Console keeps focus when you'd expect it to Console doesn't close after each line entered Added basic CTRL+A select all support (hitting backspace after CTRL+A will delete all the text) Added support for multi-line inputs (useful for e.g. function definitions and for loops) Many general useability improvements, bugs that have been fixed, and small but useful tweaks Better, more informative and less cluttered error handling Minor features Technical features Dedicated server support This mod has essentially two elements: extending the console UI and extending the processing and execution of Lua code. The former makes sense only in a client, and requires only the client to cooperate, and this is why this is a client mod. However, it may still be enabled in servers, including dedicated servers (though force enabling from modsettings.lua may be required). If that is done, the extensions to the execution of Lua code (including syntax extensions and all that was discussed in the "Technical features" section) will be applied to the server, both for code transmitted to it via a remote console by an admin user and for code read by a dedicated server from its terminal input. Get involved Repository on GitHub (branch together)
  18. [DST] ForceLAN

    Version 2.2


    This mod forces Don't Starve Together to run in offline mode. When clicking on the Play button on the mainscreen, no popup is shown and the game goes right into the main menu under offline mode, that is, only being able to see, join and host LAN servers. The is primarily meant as a tool for other modders, wishing to reduce iteration times when mod testing.