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Found 10 results

  1. I think i already made this suggestion before but i`d like to make it more streamlined with most ideas in one place. There were a few similar ideas recently and this would combine them all into one system. What i basically mean is a group system that would carry over all the management screens (priorities, food permissions, door permissions, schedules, etc) almost like the group was a dupe itself. Whenever it`s reasonable to assign more than one dupe to something you could assign the group. For screens like the prirorities it would drop down so you could set different values for individual dupes similar to how you can set them for ALL or NEW. Once a group is created you culd easily move dupes in and out of them. It would save a lot of time you`d use setting door permissions, priorities, schedules and all the stuff as well as prevent mistakes like forgetting to set something resulting in a dupe doing something you don`t want him to. Instead of navigatin through 5 different widnows you just assign them to a group with all things preset earlier. This is meant to help managing large bases with 30+ dupes so you can easily move half of them to a different group or like assign some to groups with more restrictions until they gain certain stats then just move to the more advanced group with one click.
  2. Can we get an Empty Storage button for Petroleum Generators? If we are wanting to use both petroleum and ethanol you have to completely rebuild a generator in order to switch between each fuel type. The generator won't fully burn all fuel before using other and if there isn't enough then it will just be stuck saying there isn't enough fuel.
  3. Some merchants when you fight against have Stinging Eyes : you hit randomly someone. But it never expire, like Wound or Bleed. When you are at high Prestige, you rely on cards which combine well on same target, like Wound or Bleed; but you cannot be sure with Stinging Eyes. We should have : counter measure as a Green Card to buy, or a Maneuver Card to choose (Remove malus) and/or Stinging Eyes need to expire sometimes after 2 or 3 round…
  4. i think it should be the must have feature...when you go into differ place for project,often you will need to switch material in between iron/gold/steel/stone/sand etc. especially auto wire and shipping..changing the material from iron/copper to steel and changing every logic gate back is huge could use copy order..but it require you to have a cheat sheet of build you build somewhere...and that more filling with material... also add some hotkey in selection box plz(scrolling left and right in material ,check box for storage...typing in number we need some hotkey support.
  5. Hatchling eggs don't have an entry. The page for Gulp Fish says nothing about their ability to transmute pwater to water. The page for oxyfern doesn't talk about how much co2 it converts to o2. What else have you noticed?
  6. You know there is a boss at end of day, but sometimes you lose too many HP/Resolve. It was an epic victory, but with only 7 HP, you know you’re dead. You can gain Resolve if you have money at bar, but not always HP at Day 3 (Fssh need her packet), and what if you don’t have money anymore ? It could be nice to have a choose between HP or Resolve mission just before Boss mission. You may win at 27 HP
  7. Only reveal a recipe after the player has uncovered all ingredients. Since most recipes are only revealed after you've encountered the resources needed, I'd suggest changing them a little bit. Some of them are going to be either outright impossible or take a very long time to become available for the player to make. However they're revealed right away as the player has found one of those ingredients. This would be a good way to avoid confusing or overwhelming newer players. For example, locating pincha peppernut immediately reveals all recipes that use it. Even pepper bread or spicy tofu on maps that lack sleet wheat or nosh beans. EDIT: Oh, and one more thing. Let experienced players choose to start with all recipes revealed so we can set things up ahead of time how we want, without having to remember to go back and set them after we've found everything every single time.
  8. A simple change that'd make seeing when someone will work on a specific thing just a little faster. When clicking on a Dupe you'll immediately see their To-Do list, which is nice, but when clicking on say a blueprint, or a machine, you'll have to click on the Errands tab to see it which, yeah, only consumes a milli-second of my life, but when wanting to compare the priorities between two things, it becomes just a little less of a hassle if you'd see the Errands tab immediately when clicking on something When clicking on something, the Errands page should show up just like the To-do list when clicking on a dupe, like the image shown but for Errands. Simple enough, yet it'd make the errands-list a bit more apparent for new players as well.
  9. Version 2.0.0


    This mod improves upon the Lua console in Don't Starve Together. It was started as a collaboration between this author and @squeek. Major Features Extended and configurable command history. Each history line is editable (that is, scrolling past a previous line will save any modifications to it), and the command history is preserved saved between game sessions. Console log is scrollable Console keeps focus when you'd expect it to Console doesn't close after each line entered Added basic CTRL+A select all support (hitting backspace after CTRL+A will delete all the text) Added support for multi-line inputs (useful for e.g. function definitions and for loops) Many general useability improvements, bugs that have been fixed, and small but useful tweaks Better, more informative and less cluttered error handling Minor features Technical features Dedicated server support This mod has essentially two elements: extending the console UI and extending the processing and execution of Lua code. The former makes sense only in a client, and requires only the client to cooperate, and this is why this is a client mod. However, it may still be enabled in servers, including dedicated servers (though force enabling from modsettings.lua may be required). If that is done, the extensions to the execution of Lua code (including syntax extensions and all that was discussed in the "Technical features" section) will be applied to the server, both for code transmitted to it via a remote console by an admin user and for code read by a dedicated server from its terminal input. Get involved Repository on GitHub (branch together)
  10. [DST] ForceLAN

    Version 2.2


    This mod forces Don't Starve Together to run in offline mode. When clicking on the Play button on the mainscreen, no popup is shown and the game goes right into the main menu under offline mode, that is, only being able to see, join and host LAN servers. The is primarily meant as a tool for other modders, wishing to reduce iteration times when mod testing.