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What's Wrong With Wickerbottom?

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All the characters seem to have problems.Wilson is a sadistic scientist,Willow loves to burn everything, no matter what it is,Wendy is obsessed with death,Wolfgang is obsessed with strength and thinks he's better than everyone else,WX78 hates everything living,and Wes is a mime. That speaks for itself ;DBut what about Wickerbottom? I haven't played as her extensively, so maybe there is, but I haven't seen anything wrong with her.

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On your point about Wolfgang, I think he's secretly a bit of a scaredy-cat.

That's pretty blatant, actually, and lends weight to the idea that he's obsessed with strength, and being a manly-man.

It shows during dusk, where he will exclaim "The scary-time is coming soon", and when he is on the brink of insanity- he will look incredibly paranoid and frightened, constantly looking from side-to-side, in contrast with, say, WX-78, who will just go loopy.

Armchair psychology! Wickerbottom is rubbing off on me.

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