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  1. TEAM KRAMPUS BABY TCHOO TCHOO KRAMPTRAIN Yea, Krampus needs a buff. I'd like to see him more than once. Also, he should have some sort of role in Adventure mode- even if he's just a set-piece.
  2. We're Live!

    I've nothing to say but a hearty congratulations! Here's to Klei! *clink* No, it's not alcoholic, it's just cider.
  3. True, but I simply find it suspicious. I've just never actually seen it used as a joke since then.If only this puzzle went on a bit longer... hmm. Not that I'd actually help, it just seems this one was a bit tedious and, dare I say it, unimaginative. I mean, compared to Klei's earlier efforts, this puzzle was a piece of cake, and rather simple to solve.Waitin' on the Adventure puzzle.
  4. Not enough disk space?!

    Sorry, [MENTION=1]JoeW[/MENTION]. He started it. Nyah nyah, etc.
  5. Not enough disk space?!

    Okay, you're going to have to stop doing this at some point. The condescending manner in which you type is really starting to irritate me. As said before, you're prone to exaggerate these things, and if I recall correctly, you're the same person who posted about not being able to open the game full-screen using Windows (though I think "ranting" is a better word for that, considering the language). And no, we are not looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses. Rather, you're looking at this beta with glasses tinted with whatever colour would represent wrath (blood-red, perhaps?).Yes, you are not the only one having problems. But the degree at which you exaggerate how badly and how common these problems are is simply staggering. Please, I beg of you, stop acting so rude and hateful. I think everyone would be much more sympathetic to your plights, and more willing to help you with them, if you didn't lash out at them for simply stating the beta is going well despite your problem. PS: Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if you turned out to be under 12. Or if you completely ignored my advice.
  6. Yes, I know of when Max used it as a clue in the Winter puzzle (the one that lead to the origins video, if I recall correctly). However, I find it strange it should flare up again, as I've never actually seen it used as an inside-joke. Then again, I'm quite confused concerning the Rain puzzle... and I'm really reaching for more clues for it... I just really want a definitive end to it, I suppose. I feel lie I did when we barely completed the Insanity puzzle on time. Max had to practically shout the last letter in every character's name at us.I just don't want a puzzle to go unsolved, man.
  7. The word "soon" has been bolded thrice, by different users, like so: Soon I suspect foul play.
  8. Okay, I've seen the word "soon" in one thread (the thread "So...Walls... Is there a purpose?") bolded and capitalized twice, by different users. I realise this isn't much of a hunch, but it's something. I recommend we all go hunting through the popular threads for some clues, however scarce or vague. I have the feeling this puzzle ain't over yet.
  9. Well, the update has already been released. Did we fail, or...?
  10. A Message to Maxwell

    WX-78 is hardly under-appreciated. He has the ability to nullify one of the game's features- food spoilage. And that stuff is wonderful come Winter.
  11. A Message to Maxwell

    He means it, it's just his accent that makes it sound sarcastic.
  12. A Message to Maxwell

    Say, pal, do you really think some pig meat will stop a demon?
  13. Why was night nerfed?

    The length of night fluctuating would be a great mechanic. Keep it short for beginners, before Winter; after Winter hits, night would be noticably longer (by about 2-3 minutes, perhaps). Second Winter, night is static. But then, leaving Winter, nights suddenly become more of a problem. Etc. Etc. Etc.It doesn't have to have a realistic pattern- it could be an escalating threat, like the Hounds.
  14. My Game experiences

    You know what? THIS is the Don't Starve I wanted. Gaming by the seat of your pants, always consant threats around you, and naught but your wits to help you. An uncompromising survival game. By the way, I applaud you, Irontaco, for your bravery and resourcefulness. You really are made of iron.
  15. Hibernation?

    Pancakes are better than just bacon.