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  1. Yes, I know of when Max used it as a clue in the Winter puzzle (the one that lead to the origins video, if I recall correctly). However, I find it strange it should flare up again, as I've never actually seen it used as an inside-joke. Then again, I'm quite confused concerning the Rain puzzle... and I'm really reaching for more clues for it... I just really want a definitive end to it, I suppose. I feel lie I did when we barely completed the Insanity puzzle on time. Max had to practically shout the last letter in every character's name at us.I just don't want a puzzle to go unsolved, man.
  2. The word "soon" has been bolded thrice, by different users, like so: Soon I suspect foul play.
  3. You know what? THIS is the Don't Starve I wanted. Gaming by the seat of your pants, always consant threats around you, and naught but your wits to help you. An uncompromising survival game. By the way, I applaud you, Irontaco, for your bravery and resourcefulness. You really are made of iron.
  4. Pancakes are better than just bacon.
  5. As we approach the end of the road(map), I want to interject with a couple of things that I feel need tweakin' before the actual launch of the game. (PS: An early congratulations to Klei on a job well done. The game's fudging great!) PPS: This will be a loooong read. Hold on to your butts. Wolfgang, Wickerbottom, and Experience Points I think we can all agree Wolfgang is practically Don't Starve's "easy mode". Though, unlike Wes, who is specifically billed as "hard mode", Wolfgang's place in the character roster remains a bit befuddling. He is unlocked third, with 33 day's worth of experience, yet has the highest health, hunger-meter, and damage done in the game. Why is he unlocked before the next three? Directly after Wolfy we have WX-78, whom isn't quite as overpowered as Wolfgang, but most definitely a good character- he has the ability to nullify one of the game's features (food spoilage), and after the Automaton we have Wickerbottom, who's perk is decent, at best. She doesn't have to build two research stations- well, so what? Most players have an Alchemy Engine up by day 6 anyway. Her perk is barely useful. What I'm trying to say here is that the order the characters are unlocked is rather short-sighted. The obvious solution, of course, is to simply re-order the characters. I feel I have a better solution, however- how about, instead of leveling up, we give each character a set of requirements (appropriate to the character) to unlock that specific character? For example, we could give Wes the prerequisite of dying three times, and Wickerbottom the prereq. of crafting several high-tier items. You get the idea. Varied Dialogue for our Characters I feel the different characters don't have enough dialogue. This is more of a nitpick, and a personal peeve, but every time you examine something, your selected character says the exact same thing, every single time. I feel these characters all have potential for interesting backstories (particularly Wilson), but the fact that Wilson asks the same rabbit if he likes science every time ruins my suspension of disbelief a bit. What I'm saying is, I'd appreciate a bit more dialogue for the characters. (Though the limited amount of responses from WX-78 is slightly justified, as he is an Automaton. Or a delusional man in a robot-suit, whatever Kevin feels like.) The Name of that Gosh-Damn Spider at the Main Menu Srsly, he crawls all over your buttons. Surely Klei has a name for him/her? Come on, don't leave us in the dark here. That last item is just filler. Have to fulfill the Rule of Three, ya know. ALRIGHT THAT'S IT THAT'S ALL GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY. And thank you for reading all of it, if you did. I await feedback.
  6. That's pretty blatant, actually, and lends weight to the idea that he's obsessed with strength, and being a manly-man.It shows during dusk, where he will exclaim "The scary-time is coming soon", and when he is on the brink of insanity- he will look incredibly paranoid and frightened, constantly looking from side-to-side, in contrast with, say, WX-78, who will just go loopy. Armchair psychology! Wickerbottom is rubbing off on me.
  7. Having to manage what you craft and when does seem a bit much, especially now that we have the ultimate goal of surviving Winter when it arrives, making us players scramble to get things done. Another feature to hinder your survival is simply overboard, at this point. This might have worked pre-Winter, though.
  8. Perhaps that was the point, as he is unofficially agreed to be Don't Starve's "easy mode" (which begs the question, 'Why is he unlocked two levels before Wes?').
  9. On the subject of sanity-tuning, are you planning on giving any sanity-related perks/disadvantages to any of the characters, current or pending? I'm one of many who'd like to see Wolfgang go crazy quickly, and have Wendy be desensitized to madness.
  10. Fingers crossed for Wortox and Webber.
  11. [MENTION=8]Kevin[/MENTION]So are ya going to shed some light on this one, or just let us enjoy the music?
  12. This is the only reason I bothered starting up and Adventure mode world, and made my base near the Potatoporter. This way I can swoop straight into a new, updated world, no worry- I've even made a little chest filled with things I'll need for Winter. So even if I'm sent into a world where Winter is already in effect, I'll take it on with gusto.
  13. Way to go with the psuedo-cryptic answer. This helps a bunch, Kev.
  14. From left to right - M12, M96, M43, X27, X44, M37, X85, A18, A15, A53 Perhaps now we can complete the ever-perplexing insanity puzzle. I should hope, anyway. It's still at the back of my head, just waiting for a solution that may not even exist...
  15. Perhaps extra tiers of item could become accessible only after going through a certain amount of worlds? For example: Player spawns in World 1, has access to only basic survival tools, can only make what s/he needs. Nearby the spawn is the wooden thing, and you must craft the different components, as to introduce the mechanic. You go through, World 2 gives you access to new items (Perhaps things like the Dark Sword and Nightmare Light). Etc., etc.I'm sure there would be some problems with that type of system, but it's just a hypothetical suggestion.