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  1. Hermaphrodite beefalo!?

    This game just keeps getting weirder...
  2. [Crash] Crash after throwing boomerang

    Just had the same crash and error. If it makes a difference, it was winter, the beefalo were in heat, and my boomerang was at %10 before I threw it at a beefalo.I've been trying to recreate the crash but it's not happening again.
  3. Faces... FACES!!!

    thread of the century
  4. This. I've only been able to recognize the link for the Eureka video; I'm totally confused at how lariguilger found something about the Dead Sea Scrolls. Other people have been making connections with the book of Matthew ("Seek and ye shall find") and I'm a big stickler for Bible stuff, but I'm not convinced Klei is going in that direction.
  5. Pan flute recipe too expensive!

    Use sleep darts. Pan flute is for emergency situations.
  6. Please explain how you found this.
  7. Summer?

    summer is when its not winter
  8. Idea: Crafting time variations

    No thanks. There's already a time crunch now that winter has been added. I don't want to have to micromanage my time along with 3 meters, food spoilage, etc.
  9. What's Wrong With Wickerbottom?

    Looking at the Wickerbottom quotes page on the wiki, I have noticed that she is wrong about a lot of things when she examines them. Wickerbottom is an intellectual FRAUD.
  10. I haven't tried, but, maybe they help with sanity at night like pigs do?
  11. What's Wrong With Wickerbottom?

    Wickerbottom is a snooty intellectual. Thinks she's smarter/better than everyone else. F that B.
  12. Q&A for Video

    What's your optimal strategy for taking down tier 3 spider dens, now since spiders have gotten tougher and player damage has been nerfed?
  13. Priority will go to whichever is first in the code I'm sure. Thanks for the info though. That's not a bad nerf at all, just means more fish or meat for fishsticks and kabobs, seems reasonable.edit; hey look at that, i guess i got seniority 3 posts ago...
  14. I haven't had time to play the update yet today. What happened with twigs? Are they no longer a valid crockpot ingredient? No more fishsticks or kabobs?
  15. Dont Starve Story origin FINAL CLUE! *NEW*

    It has the MOST views and posts. Hard thread to miss..