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  1. Step 1: build a meat effigy in real life... trust me on this one.Step 2: Step 3: emerge from the effigy after having your heart stopped via awesomeness osmosis.Step 4: Answer the poll question or die tryingStep 5: All hail the Don't Starve team!
  2. Sir Grue, I dare-ask what becomes of you beasts when you die! I understand that you yourself have never died, but how does your relative, Krampus, describe it? Does he feel nothing but blindness and numbness in his death until Maxwell realizes he's not home in time for tea and re-spawns him? Is there a collection of meat effigies in your backyard? Is he simply playing dead and teleporting away so he can avoid being pummeled further?
  3. I understand that point of view entirely, which is why my vote is "in the comments" and not begging to be able to kill anything I want with minimal effort.I didn't intend for this thread to seem like a complaint in any way, I just wanted to see what the community thought.Please disregard this response if you were actually arguing in favor of the "I don't think we know enough" choice!
  4. Pardon me while I try to get rid of this thread; this unfinished thread is entirely my fault.
  5. One day on the forums, I read about a new mob that supposedly hunts the player about the map. The eyelid-raising part of this new creature was that it was hard to kill, not impossible to kill. At this moment, I realized how important options are in a survival game such as Don't Starve- how the possibilities for survival tactics can hinge on whether or not a mob is kill-able.Imagine a spider queen update that featured an invincible spider queen; the update would have made migration necessary and combat less important.My question is this: should all mobs (assuming the grue doesn't count; he's pretty fair right now) that Klei adds be a viable kill target for the sake of freedom of choice?
  6. He is purposely missing this word called "challenge" and making himself bombast by doing so.
  7. I think there will be a company of walrus-like creatures that will make an honest attempt to cut and/or shoot us down.
  8. In all honesty, if you were killed by a provoked attack, then this is all your fault (at least technically). If you're looking to do better in combat against them, then I suggest using a logsuit to avoid being hurtstunned in combat; I can't really agree with making them weaker on account of a dangerous choice of food sources.
  9. I love this idea, in fact I believe that you have stolen this idea from me using alien technology before I could post it! Just listening to the main menu of this game makes me think of Maxwell's evil magic in a circus!
  10. The bees just seem to fly off in one direction after killing the victim of the bee mine- I wonder where they go. I love the idea of setting of some real defensive barricades against some onslaught of tallbirds and dog-monsters and misguided anger in general... that's what's happenning right? On a related note, I absolutely love the presentation of the video; I wish sephia-movie presentation was evident in the actual game!