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  1. She's a murderer, obviously.Those teenagers just wouldn't be quiet in her library... ;s
  2. Was watching the stream, and Kevin said it might count as half a hat.
  3. I would snuggle inside of it to keep warm in the winter. Or wrap it around me.Do you think beard length will be taken into account when it becomes cold? Realistically, I don't think beards are that warm, but...
  4. I'll try that, but I haven't backed up any saves, used any mods, or anything of the sort, so I'm not really sure what's going on...I'm a little disappointed, but not upset. That's why its a beta. :v
  5. I apologize if this has been posted before, or if the post looks a little weird. I'm still new to these forums.This update brought the ability to have more than one file, so I kept my playthrough from the 'Progress' update that I had started, and made a 2nd file. I played with all the new things, died a few times. Glorious things. And then I found the perfect world, world 3 on that file. I ended up dying to see if you could respawn in that world, and you could.But yesterday I went onto the first file to play in that world, continue it a bit, finish what I'd started. And for... some reason, the 2nd file, that perfect, beautiful world, vanished. It's 'Empty' and wants me to pick between sandbox or story, just like when I started, not the usual 'Retry' 'Delete' etc from before.So I was wondering if there's any way to recover a world that you didn't get rid of yourself? Like maybe the game still holds onto the file somewhere? Somewhere so that it's not just GONE.I heard that there was a hotfix... could it be because of that? Did it just fix it so that you can't continue from the worlds when you die?Edit : Oh, now its giving me a failed to load message. ;x
  6. I'm not quite sure how you're going insane so often, or losing so much sanity. I don't spend all my time chasing butterflies or picking flowers, although there was one instance near the beginning after I heard the 'Crawling Horror Appears' noise that I panicked and instantly started grabbing anything planted nearby. I'm only on day 31 however, so perhaps as you expend your world, it becomes a problem. I've yet to make a piece of taffy, and only have one beehive, since I only just learned while browsing the forums now how to actually make taffy. So I guess I can't really comment on that until I've played a few more hours, or maybe actually bothered going insane. Still it seems more like, instead of it just being a pleasure thing, its one of many things you know have to work in to stay alive, not all you're doing.As for the shaking camera, I barely notice it in fullscreen. I know it gets more intense the further down you go though. Still, I'm personally okay with it.All food IS good food. Just as I was sometimes forced to eat monster meat and lose health before, I'm sometimes forced to eat raw meat/monster meat and lose sanity. In most cases, I give it to pigs, and they end up turning into Werepigs, since I'm not a honey-hammer, but when you get really busy and forget the name of the game, only to realize you've gathered resources for everything that day except your stomach, all food is welcome. With the new research system too, I tend to... forget to eat a lot more, since I'm anxious to work my way back up. Besides, hasn't more desirable food (honey ham, durians) been around for a long time, anyway?So far, I really like Insanity, but obviously, I've only been playing with it since yesterday, so I doubt there's much weight to a mindless 'oh I like this update!' post. Sorry. DxAlso, even if it's an unpopular opinion, you should still voice it I think. You laid it out very nicely, and it's constructive criticism. You'll probably get a lot of disagreements, like this post, but I doubt you'll get any rude responses. :3Edit : I haven't seen the hand outside the campfire yet. Does it actually put out your fire, or does it just lower it?
  7. I don't think it's possible to do, but I'd like to see it warp the world.If you were going insane, things that are normal things would become creatures or fears from the dark recesses of your mind, right? But, they can't REALLY hurt you, unless you do something stupid. Like, if a gasoline can was casting shadows for an insane person, their 'logical' idea might be to set it on fire, but that would ultimately hurt them (or kill them, whichever) right? Something along the lines of self-harm without realizing it because of the way your sanity interprets the world would be really cool to me. And nothing static either, like trees always becoming the same monster or something, because after a while, the player would find that familiar, and know 'oh hey, that's just a tree. No worries.'
  8. Hmm... It seems like the issue has already been settled, but if I may share just a little tidbit of my opinion? Personally, I don't mind Krampus, and I think it's because I've come to terms that this is a game in which dying is normal, expected, and in some cases, encouraged. Quite a bit different from most other games. I received the game 3 or 4 days before the Dogs, Birds, and other creatures that want to kill you update. It was long enough to get situated with how easy things were. I could basically make a base by a field full of rabbit holes, and never go hungry. Later on, I discovered it was even easier to base by some TallBirds and steal their eggs, which gave me more filled hunger then I knew what to do with, as well as a ton of research points. Things got much more difficult after the update, with the hostility of the birds, appearances of hounds, and the log armor reducing damage instead of negating it. It was more difficult to use those places to farm, and overall, more difficult to survive. It became immediately apparent that this wasn't intended to be a kind survival game. Really fun, yes, but certainly not 'lets make a base and just live out day by day picking new activities' easy. I keep myself pretty distanced from the game updates because I don't want to spoil anything, (See? Now I know winter is coming and it won't be a surprise. ;<) so when I first saw Krampus, I didn't know what to expect. Going in game, I heard a chilling growl when I killed a bird that was unfortunately glitching out on my screen, and somehow, likely because of it registering as a 'naughty' thing to do, I knew it had to do with Krampus. I was afraid when he came, he'd be more vicious then the hounds, and all sorts of horrible, nasty things he'd do to me ravaged my mind as I farmed for food. After he appeared the first time, and I had my freakout, I was relieved, practically ecstatic to find out he didn't hurt you. All he wanted was my stuff. I guess in a roundabout way, that is killing me also, but it's not direct damage and I can reacquire most of the things. Plus if I drop an item on the ground, then wait for him to move toward it, I can take him out without the need for the game's boundaries. I don't find him annoying or scary. He's just sort of... there. I think it's a neat idea. Even if he gets 'nerfed' to just be around holidays, like an evil (or nice?) Santa, I vote for keeping him in the game. :3