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[Game Update] - 314505

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6 minutes ago, ToNiO55 said:

Thx you Klei, but unfortunatly there is still crash with mod Geometric Placement when you craft "Winona G.E.M.erator"


Same deal here, placing a catapult or spotlight after having placed a generator with geo placement enabled causes a crash. Though I'm not sure if this is something that Klei needs to fix, or Rezecib.

Screenshot (1437).png

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Geometric still crashes you, you didn't fix it really... might be on rezecibs part and he might need to update it tho


P.S Having crashes when making a chest ( I am near a catapault and a generator)

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Hey, I don't know if anybody has reported this yet, but it appears that devices can only hook up to a single generator. Judging from what was said on stream, I'm guessing this isn't on purpose. Though I'd get it if it'd like explode otherwise.

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