Anyone else think that Klei has been really inspired in characters recently?

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So we've gotten a few insights on the near future of Don't Starve. Both for Together, Hamlet and a little bit vanilla. And a lot of it has been about the Characters, not all, but a lot of it. So we're getting revamps for a lot of DST characters, 1 new character for vanilla, 1 new unknown character for Hamlet, Wormwood for Hamlet, and several new characters for DST. Plus a little lore about some of the characters as the devs claimed.

We havent gotten that many new characters in a long time, Klei must've been VERY inspired on wanting to see new character playstyles. Shipwrecked brought a lot of new elements so 4 characters made sense, Reign of Giants added 2 characters that were surprisingly not that much about the new mechanics in RoG, and Hamlet as of now going to have 3 characters. But now they want several new for DST, and overhauling some of the existing. 

This brought a little worry for me, that some characters will fill the same niche, making them less unique. But with Wormwood as we saw, he has quite a different playstyle. Which is good. But at the other side of the flipcoin, Wilba sort of has a similar niche as Woodie. They're clashing for the same spot in some ways. So I hope that the sudden surge in Klei wanting to throw all the characters around will pay off. 

Anyone else surprised to see Klei be this interested in Characters? 


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Not surprised at all. This is what they should have done from Day 1 and it's what Don't Starve NEEDS.

For online games, bringing in new characters is one of the ways you keep the servers alive. Look at Rainbow Six for example, it's been 4 years since they released that game and the community is bigger than ever...Can't say the same about Don't Starve. They're announcing new characters today and the anticipation for it is insane.

Games like Overwatch, Rainbow Six and now Apex stay alive by continuing to release new characters that offer new ways of playing the game, keeping the game fresh. 

As for people freaking out cause they thing that the new characters won't be balanced...Look at the above games. They're doing just fine.

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I think I saw this on a GDC panel with Dont Starve, but one of the programmers said that the Strange New Powers update was the most successful update they ever released in Vanilla Don't Starve. It spurred a lot of conversation and speculation. So in a business and creative sense, this is definitely a way to go. 

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