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  1. Beasts all over the shop.. you'll be one sooner or later..
  2. I had a feeling Don't Starve would go the "Bloodborne" route where things really become messed up In one hand, cute Saladmanders, in the other hand, zombie hounds!
  3. walani rework concept

    Just seems like a whole bunch of buffs and debuffs stacked together with little to no theme I like the perk of benefitting more from sleep, giving a new source of health and sanity, and also being able to do it anytime. Though, maybe a slight cooldown so you can't just sleep away a whole season with enough food. Maybe instead of having a permanent 10% more hunger consumption, she spends a little more hunger from sleeping. Having a portable surfboard would be pretty big as it is since the recently added Rafts are bigger and clunkier, her surfboard being exlusive to her would mean a lot. Being able to traverse small bodies of water wouldnt be too broken, but still valuable. So she could go and fetch simple stuff lying in water, like Bull Kelp.
  4. I am loving all the content to be found, and the boats are a concept I enjoy. Portable bases, everyone! But one minor complaint I have is that masts and oars don't really boost the speed of the boat that much, even if you stack them. They should be sped up a great deal because right now if you want to find the Lunar Island, you'll need to slowly sail around at sea in hope of finding it. Bigger rafts when?
  5. Jobs were recently revamped to be more like an RPG skill system, rather than a Jobs mastery system, this does that the more perks you stack onto a Dupe, the more morale expectation it will have, instead of it just being based on max-tier. Thats great because now its a bit more "Build your dupe" that you add what you think is important. However, as it stands, there arent all too many skills that grant unique perks. Sure, there's Pipe Emptying and Transport-Rails, but there should be more. Some should be related to the regular life of a Dupe, and not always about being able to perform a new kind of work. For example, Improved Digging I at the moment is underwhelming for being an end-tier job. Thats why I believe that some job trees should end in two branching final paths, lets say, 2 paths. You can master both but they cost considerable Morale expectation increase. Miner and Architect branches into "Master Architect/Miner" and "Leader Architect/Miner". Master will improve their build or mining range by one tile, a basic but great all-round buff to have, and Leader will improve the respective workspeed of other fellow duplicants in its vincinity. I think that "Grilling removes germs" should be tied to a masterable Skill, like Sous chef has no chance to remove bacteria, regular Chef has 50% to do so, and an optional high-tier of Chef that doesnt improve the cooking stat, but does that they'll always remove bacteria from what they cook, incase you're a germaphobe. There can be a skill that branches off Exosuit Engineer called "Eco-Jetpack Flying" that when mastered, does that this duplicant spends less fuel and leaves less CO2 when flying with Jetpack Suits. Some Skills should offer more mundane things, what about a job that branches off Doctor that is called "Therapist" or "Negotiator", which does that every time this Duplicant does a social interaction(Greet, chitchat, etc) with another dupe, the stress reduction will last twice as long, plus they'll overide any other current stress reduction. This would be a great job for Leaders where not only do you make your peers work faster, they also get more stress reduced. Just some examples, I think the goal of Skills is that well educated Dupes can offer significant bonuses, capabilities of work, and perks to a colony, while not neccessarily becoming a one-man army thanks to it becoming costly with the Morale requirements. Some more jobs with oddly specific perks will let people build their own dupes more as they go.
  6. I always had the idea that when you reach the final job, you get two "Final" masteries that cost a considerable amount of Morale expectation but have good perks. One is "Master" Miner or Architect which get increased range in mining or construction, and then there's "Leader" Miner and Architect who boosts other Duplicants respective work speed in their vincinity.
  7. Why not just rebalance Decor? Make ugly things uglier? And make decor bombing with metal tiles and statues less effective
  8. There is already a mechanic to discourage placing machines next to dupes: Decor. Its a redudant mechanic in my opinion
  9. Food poisoning could have its vomit effect reimplemented, but have it be reduced. That way it is still a noticable weakness.
  10. Disease is better than it was before, but I am still not content with it and I feel like they could rethink it once more. They could've improved how germs can spread. Say, Grimy dupes will spread germs as they walk and other dupes pick up bacteria if they walk on a germy tile, or that germy gas will slowly spread some bacteria into solids submerged in the gas(Yes, this isnt completely realistic), this would be a catastrophe with the new disease system however, since 1 bacteria seems to be the same as 5 million germs. So we could use a middle ground between this and the new system. Maybe still have a tiny immune system so there's still a small safety-net. And when the tiny immune system is broken there's an exponential chance that they get a disease next time they wake up. It increases the more bacteria they ingest. The immune system can recover 50% every time they wake up, and the chance to get sick starts at 15% or so once the immune system is broken, and increases all the way to 100% if they ingest too many germs. This would do that you treat germs less that "I need literally perfectly sterile areas or else they might get sick" and more of that you have to try to optimize so your dupes will ingest as little amounts of bacteria thanks to the more varied ways of bacteria spread. That way sickness will still happen, but not to the point that tiny slipups randomly has a chance to infect.
  11. Coal liquification

    There is liquified coal (Carbon) in the game, perhaps it requires liquified coal instead of solid coal to add an extra step. The issue is that it melts ingame at 3551*C, maybe it gets toned down to compensate. Coal doesn't have a whole ton of uses lategame other than Ceramics and Steel, so I like this change.
  12. I think some room designs should be changed that like so that there isnt always a flat upgrade to a room, and instead depends on how much space you're willing to sacrifice: Barracks is how it is, except it also accepts Plastic Beds, and instead do that Bedroom desires only one bed, any more than that results in a Barrack. It still needs a small bit of room. Latrine and Washroom is the same, a latrine accepts both Outhouses and Lavatories, but it becomes a nicer "Bathroom" if it only has one Lavatory or Outhouse in it. This way you can cram some more Morale by sacrificing space
  13. I think it should be that they only do their thing when on a toilet so they don't release it wherever they go. Now they can fart anywhere which can mess up your farm. This way, all you need is some sort of gas filter in your toilet rooms and it should be good to go, instead of redesigning your entire base so your farms don't fail because someone thought it'd be funny to let a fart in there >:(
  14. The modding thingy isn't entirely complete yet, give it a little time and more people will move mods to Workshop.
  15. God dammit have we really looped again where people want the disease system to be made more difficult, it gets more difficult and people get mad. Now all we need is the current system to be nerfed and we've truly looped.