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  1. I had the idea for Heavi-pipes, similar to Heavi-watt where they're made for really large quantities but in turn have bad decor. I imagine that Heavi-pipes needs a special pump, and the pipes themselves are entire tiles you can walk on. So they're much harder to build with.
  2. No Earthly Resin update just came out, and in the patchnote post they said they might start working towards nuclear soon. So maybe next update we'll start seeing nuclear
  3. It's probably just there so you won't need two million storage compactors when you've dug out a toilet, and makes sweeping not take as long.
  4. I disagree on that Oxygen masks should outright consume ore the longer you have up. They're already far inferior to Exosuits in protection but in turn they're much more convenient to place, so why should we be punished so heavily by them costing the most finite resource, metal ore?
  5. What did they do wrong other than their weird breeding tactic :c
  6. Perhaps there could be a way to upgrade the AETN's around the map?
  7. They're already very niche, and Lettuce is an optional ingredient. Though adding more methods would be nice, it's just that Squeaky pufts should be really efficient while the machine churns it out while maybe letting out a byproduct, like hydrogen from processing something else. Just when Squeaky pufts thought they would get used again, people complain about it.
  8. A bug has happend where one Duplicant has the "Lit Workspace" buff but is standing in an area that is zero lux. The buff doesnt say "Expires in X time" or anything, so this isn't intentional, right?
  9. A strange bug that happend. My colony that is only 13 days recieved this achivement without me even having built or unlocked a tube.
  10. Again, putting "realism" over something that could make diseases far more interesting and difficult is missing an oppurtunity