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  1. Sour gas when in the world is purple, easy to distinct from other gasses, but when it is in a gas-pipe its different. All other gasses got a color when looking in the gas-piping overlay, but Sour gas is just white, like the pipes themselves, making it impossible to tell if there's 1000g in a pipe, or if its 50mcg. It should be purple.
  2. Coal liquification

    There is liquified coal (Carbon) in the game, perhaps it requires liquified coal instead of solid coal to add an extra step. The issue is that it melts ingame at 3551*C, maybe it gets toned down to compensate. Coal doesn't have a whole ton of uses lategame other than Ceramics and Steel, so I like this change.
  3. I think some room designs should be changed that like so that there isnt always a flat upgrade to a room, and instead depends on how much space you're willing to sacrifice: Barracks is how it is, except it also accepts Plastic Beds, and instead do that Bedroom desires only one bed, any more than that results in a Barrack. It still needs a small bit of room. Latrine and Washroom is the same, a latrine accepts both Outhouses and Lavatories, but it becomes a nicer "Bathroom" if it only has one Lavatory or Outhouse in it. This way you can cram some more Morale by sacrificing space
  4. I think it should be that they only do their thing when on a toilet so they don't release it wherever they go. Now they can fart anywhere which can mess up your farm. This way, all you need is some sort of gas filter in your toilet rooms and it should be good to go, instead of redesigning your entire base so your farms don't fail because someone thought it'd be funny to let a fart in there >:(
  5. The modding thingy isn't entirely complete yet, give it a little time and more people will move mods to Workshop.
  6. God dammit have we really looped again where people want the disease system to be made more difficult, it gets more difficult and people get mad. Now all we need is the current system to be nerfed and we've truly looped.
  7. [Game Update] - 323841

    Again, putting "realism" over something that could make diseases far more interesting and difficult is missing an oppurtunity
  8. The latest update finally gave some nice attention to diseases, making them infect randomly instead of needing to reduce a large Immune system pool. They also implemented 2 WIP diseases as well. But one thing that still bothers me a bit is that Food Poisoning is completely harmless when it is in gas form, and slimelung is more or less harmless when it is on a solid object. Sure, this is for the sake of realism I suppose, but it does make respective bacteria more streamlined in how you can get sick. If it was changed to do that if you somehow manage to make food poisoning airborne, it can make you sick when inhaled, and if there's slimelung on your food, you can also get sick, diseases would pose a greater threat and put more emphasis on bacterial disinfection via temperature management and such. There could be a multiplier too that Food Poisoning when inhaled is 50% less likely to infect, and Slimelung has a 50% less chance to infect when it is eaten, to keep the idea that Slimelung is 'the airborne sickness' and food poisoning is more lethal on solid objects.
  9. Stuff that'd be cool to mod

    Meep is fast but weak. Can also see in DarknessTM
  10. You can use liquid, since 1 small tile of any liquid will block all gas from passing through, even 1 gram of water in a small 1 tile passage will block it all. You can even use CO2 because it sinks the most out of any gas, no gas will push it away and get through. There is a few gimmick setups you can do to stop gas from passing through There is Visco-gel, a lategame material that can be frozen and then used to build plastic tiles, but these plastic tiles melt instantly and create a viscous liquid that can form in some strange ways, so you can create airlocks. The downside is that you do get wet if you don't wear an Exosuit.
  11. There could also be that there's more waste/consumption requirements for buildings, which if exploited right, technically isnt "Hard mode" For example, Coal Generators needs to be submerged in Oxygen to work, and also consumes it as its enabled.
  12. I disagree. We can't compare ONI to reality, if we'd compare it that way, there'd be a lot of things that needs to be changed. ONI is realistic in its own sense, not compared to ours. It would also do that CO2 management base is far more difficult, I usually put a Carbon Skimmer in the bottom of my base so all exhaled CO2 just falls down there and gets handled with. We can't do that if Chlorine falls down the furthest. CO2 and Oxygen are two of the most important gasses in the game, so if Oxygen falls in the middle, and CO2 falls in the bottom, we got some basic rules in how to manage it.
  13. [Game Update] - 323841

    Look at ONI and look at the real world, there's only so many things that can be called "realistic" in this game. Don't let that restrict the games balance. It would make diseases a bit more difficult to handle, so if you manage to make Food poisoning airborne it would still be dangerous, and not literally just be good because it cancels other bacterias in the same tile. There could of course be a modifier that food poisoning is 50% less likely to infect when inhaled, and slimelung 50% less likely to infect when eaten. To keep the respective roles of said diseases .
  14. [Game Update] - 323841

    If Floral Scents are supposed to be "Pollen", I hope all decorative plants(Maybe there's one exception), plus Bristle Blossom cause it. To create some equality between the different plants. Perhaps the zombie bacteria could also spawn during blooming of Dusk Caps to balance it out a bit too? Dusk Caps are pretty cheap for what they are One thing I've been wanting is that you can get sick from any shape the bacteria is ingested. Such as Slimelung being eaten still causes slimelung, or Food poisoning being inhaled can cause Food poisoning.
  15. The fertilizer synthesizer can stay as it is, because fertilizer is useful for renewable Farm Tune-Ups, and also heating up to 125*C to turn that fertilizer into dirt, because at some point dirt is also gonna become a problem if you use Fertilizer, Mealwood or Sleet wheat. I agree with Algae Distiller though. And Pacus too, Pacus are a weird critter because you need to handle them in an unique manner, and not do what you do with any other critter. They should be handled like any other critter where you simply feed them to make them multiply, and possibly make the old-Pacu idea a Pacu variant, perhaps its called "Glutton Puna" because of its ravenous appetite.
  16. I would rather that Decor increases the decor in the area by say, 5%. More intense-light could bump it up to 10%. Does that you don't need lights everywhere you go, but they do help.
  17. [Game Update] - 320841

    More things that attack you doesn't make have to make the game harder.
  18. Did he ask to be a demon that can only sustain themselves on souls?
  19. Very cute design, but that "Recieves 50% less from food" seems to force a pretty arbitrary playstyle, if his souls are gonna be the compensation. I would do that eating a soul will do that the next eaten food will give 100% hunger, like usual, so the usual food gathering grind is the same, except with the requirement of souls. We have only seen Wortox on paper but I am still excited to see him in-game
  20. He can teleport and eat souls that comes from literally anything. He seems like a decent character
  21. Can anyone send me a clip of them making sounds?
  22. I would just tone Flatuence down and do that it only spawns when they visit the Toilet, this way you can atleast regulate where this damn gas goes instead of the worst places possible. Like farms.
  23. Klei has been styling on us with some modern bosses they've made. Like Toadstool, Fuelweaver or Shadow Chess pieces that are far more interesting than many other bosses we've recieved, of course we shouldnt forget DST: The Forge that added enemies and bosses that require a very fundemental skill: Teamwork Since the Toadstool is meant to be fought cooperatively, it has some unique mechanics that go beyond "Kiting" it. and thats something I think should be done more. Sure, I don't doubt future bosses that DST will be something like the ones from The Forge or A New Reign (In other words: fit for a multiplayer game), but I think old bosses should get a little retouch, because they've fallen behind overtime. Because DST has "Together" in the name, I think some bosses should be improved to require and encourage teamwork in order to win. Some examples can be: Pine Treeguardian: They will now regenerate HP and have longer attack range so you can't kite them, unless they're burning, but they burn for less time and are more difficult to light on fire (Will need multiple torch hits or needs to be lured into something on the ground that is burning). This will do that someone in the team needs to make sure the guardian is constantly burning with say, a Firestaff or luring it into some burning items. This will add a new element of management because you want to make sure you wont burn down the entire forest in the proccess, and requires someone else to have aggro as someone prepared a little fire pile. Deerclops: Will summon icebergs (that stay) every time it attacks, if you stand near the iceberg it will quickly chill you down. As it continues to attack, it will become unbearable with how many icebergs there are where it becomes an icey maze, but they can be shattered each with a pickaxe. This will do that you and your team needs to manage the amount of ice there is, and make sure someone is kiting it and keeping it busy in the meantime The point of the icebergs is that deerclops can do a telegraphed "antler charge" attack that will catch anyone unless you immediately run to the side, if there's icebergs in the way, they will be caught by it. Its a job to regulate the icebergs so no one gets hit by the antler charge attack, or freezes to death. -- I don't need to describe every boss, thats up to Klei, but usually the bosses that most people run into that we've all seen before could need some revising. See it like Terraria: Expert Mode with some new mechanics thrown in that isnt just stat-increases. The bosses in singleplayer DS could stay the way they are because you're on your own, its harder to make fair and balanced fighting gimmicks, but why not take the oppurtunity to revise a few bosses of DST so there's more aspects to them other than kiting them until they die.
  24. Forge proved that Klei can make some fun bosses, but honestly, I wish they revamped some older bosses for DST, so they require more teamwork to take down Perhaps Treeguardians will regenerate HP unless they're on fire so someone in the team has to make sure they're burning, or that treeguards root a target, preventing movement unless a teammate chops it with an axe. Maybe Deerclops will spawn ice chunks that will obstruct movement, but they can be dug with a pickaxe. So people have to work together to keep the road clear. The Forge bosses obviously had mechanics like revival, more-free magic abilities and not the crushing fear that you'll lose your survival world so it is easier to make engaging bosses, because Don't Starve was never based around fighting, but I think they should revise some old bosses to make them fit better with Don't Starve Together
  25. Weird to think that the most complex part about Rocketships in the game is the Fuel, and not the actual construction of the ship, which just requires Steel. Though, I find this a little difficult to reimagine in my head in a non-exploitable way, why not just build the Ship right next to where you're gonna send it away? And then just make a small cargo-movement to the launch-pad