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  1. Are we already in the final phase where it is readying for release or is this just a "pass to refine before we move onto other things"
  2. Well it's kind of the point for him to be lopsidedly balanced, isn't it? Only thing I don't like is that he takes longer to chop trees and so on, that doesn't seem like a fun "downside" whatsoever
  3. I assume the idea is that the power generation for the Radbolts Generators are meant to be an energy sink. But that's kind of ironic because you get a ton of Radiation from Nuclear reactors... which generate heat for steam turbines anyway...
  4. I had the idea for Heavi-pipes, similar to Heavi-watt where they're made for really large quantities but in turn have bad decor. I imagine that Heavi-pipes needs a special pump, and the pipes themselves are entire tiles you can walk on. So they're much harder to build with.
  5. No Earthly Resin update just came out, and in the patchnote post they said they might start working towards nuclear soon. So maybe next update we'll start seeing nuclear
  6. It's probably just there so you won't need two million storage compactors when you've dug out a toilet, and makes sweeping not take as long.
  7. What did they do wrong other than their weird breeding tactic :c
  8. Perhaps there could be a way to upgrade the AETN's around the map?
  9. They're already very niche, and Lettuce is an optional ingredient. Though adding more methods would be nice, it's just that Squeaky pufts should be really efficient while the machine churns it out while maybe letting out a byproduct, like hydrogen from processing something else. Just when Squeaky pufts thought they would get used again, people complain about it.
  10. A bug has happend where one Duplicant has the "Lit Workspace" buff but is standing in an area that is zero lux. The buff doesnt say "Expires in X time" or anything, so this isn't intentional, right?
  11. A strange bug that happend. My colony that is only 13 days recieved this achivement without me even having built or unlocked a tube.
  12. Again, putting "realism" over something that could make diseases far more interesting and difficult is missing an oppurtunity
  13. Look at ONI and look at the real world, there's only so many things that can be called "realistic" in this game. Don't let that restrict the games balance. It would make diseases a bit more difficult to handle, so if you manage to make Food poisoning airborne it would still be dangerous, and not literally just be good because it cancels other bacterias in the same tile. There could of course be a modifier that food poisoning is 50% less likely to infect when inhaled, and slimelung 50% less likely to infect when eaten. To keep the respective roles of said diseases .
  14. If Floral Scents are supposed to be "Pollen", I hope all decorative plants(Maybe there's one exception), plus Bristle Blossom cause it. To create some equality between the different plants. Perhaps the zombie bacteria could also spawn during blooming of Dusk Caps to balance it out a bit too? Dusk Caps are pretty cheap for what they are One thing I've been wanting is that you can get sick from any shape the bacteria is ingested. Such as Slimelung being eaten still causes slimelung, or Food poisoning being inhaled can cause Food poisoning.
  15. More things that attack you doesn't make have to make the game harder.
  16. I'm surprised the QoL updates doesn't do more balance changes, that'd be the least they could do because, while quality of life and bug fixing is nice in the long run, there should be more balance changes, so some things changes up at least without needing to add more content, I'm looking at you, Hydrofan. The To-Do list is also really nice, lets you spot more "Colony flaws" in things like, too many Chores assigned.
  17. Printing eggs are nice, so having all of them go extinct because you didnt have time to care isnt as much of a thing anymore
  18. Sour gas when in the world is purple, easy to distinct from other gasses, but when it is in a gas-pipe its different. All other gasses got a color when looking in the gas-piping overlay, but Sour gas is just white, like the pipes themselves, making it impossible to tell if there's 1000g in a pipe, or if its 50mcg. It should be purple.
  19. It’d be so cool if there was a ”Therapist” job that could give ”Comforted” to stressed Dupes to calm them down.
  20. Mind that this is a world that has been moved from Stable to Preview, so that may have caused an issue. I had a save that is around 700 cycles in, and I launched my first Steam rocket. Satisfied as I was, I saved and shut down the game to take a break. But when I went back to start it again, the game just crashes, a blackhole ate it. Every single time. Now, the saves the cycle before the rocket launch can be played perfectly fine, but the saves with the flying rocket does not work.