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Its Me or drecko food is missing from the critter feeder ?

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6 minutes ago, Nitroturtle said:

Dreckos are picky eaters and won't eat food that's been touched by dupes.  They will only eat fresh food straight from the plants.

I imagined that,

And another thing that maybe you can help me , i can't see the Shove Vole  in the drop-off list on the Critter Drop off, is that ok ? 

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5 hours ago, Sebastiangperez said:

It was printed in Printing Pod in the new QoL MK2, but didn't aprear in the list. 


Quite possible it's a bug then, as the printing pod creating creatures is a new feature.  Submit a bug report and I bet they'll get that resolved quickly.

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17 hours ago, Sebastiangperez said:

I'm have been playing a savegame before the QoL Mk1 was released , and i noticed that the Critter Feeder didn't have Drecko food. 


6 hours ago, LeftyRighty said:

dreckos eat the entire plant, so they don't eat from feeders (i.e. the dont eat meal lice, they eat mealwood plants)

And they will eat mature plants or immature plants it doesn't seem to matter. The plant starts its maturation process over again after that. 

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