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  1. haven't updated yet, in LU-358267... gas was 1, liquid was 0.171 for reference hydrogen gas was/is gas 0.168, liquid 0.1
  2. now taking bets... more posts about the game being ruined or the game being saved?
  3. aluminum ore -> refined aluminum is in the game refined: (found on rime at least :D) and lead ore (found in oil biome on oceanea or whichever its called)
  4. oooo there is "brine" and "salt water"... different concentrations (different state change temps ) edit: haven't seen brine in the "wild" yet, even on the ocean map, but the printer just offered some brine as a care package
  5. "pacu fillet" got split off from "meat" so there is now "sushi" recipes from pacu meat and salt water lettuce (all water resources), mushrooms + lettuce makes a +3 so you can keep the mushroom farm going a little... nosh beans and pincha make tofu (+5)
  6. for those who can't get on just yet (no particular order): map mutators under the map serial dupe type selector for rerolls pips: yes, space kittehs!!! arbor trees: harvested for lumber (no entry yet) oxy fern: airborne critter bait appears to be replace lure, captures one flyer (solid salt, and a salt water geyser too) (I think thats a bug... the water lettuce plant "drowning" lolololol ) they need to be in 1 tile of water obsidian "geode boulder" subterranean salt water sea rust biome
  7. *holds breath and boots up an old 24 dupe 1000+ cycle game that had ground to a complete halt* wow! you are not wrong! they're actually running rather than teleporting!
  8. well climbing up a fire pole has a 75% speed penalty, so that yellow arrow is actually 3(4?.... much :)) times longer when the pathfinding looks at it
  9. it's just the placement ghost, if you place them on the right they automatically rotate to connect to the wall, it was raised... more than once.... in preview is there too much air pressure to vent the natural gas? pipes are clear to flow? (just ticking off the "usual" suspects)
  10. I've seen this discussed before, can't find it now though, think it went something like; the priority 8 on the power control system is for supply of materials/creation of chips... there isn't a priority setting on those hydrogen generators to apply the buff so i think the assumption is that that task is the default 5? (unless they get damaged and you can assign a value to the generator for the repair job, but then it's got a priority value set for all the tasks on the building??? ooo maybe it was a suggestion not a discussion... )
  11. if you mean this then yes.. if it's not that that you're seeing... then it's a bug. Whilst I'm on the subject (because I was trying to figure out the new thermo value I need for my refinery coolant return valve) the units here are inconsistent with the information for the liquids (all in DTU/g/C no kj) and I'm using petroleum so I need to do the math. Am I right in thinking 1 DTU is 1 kj? haven't been able to find a definitive answer in my looking so far... EDIT: NOOOOOOOOO.... they only extended the atmosphere thermo sensor to full range, pipe sensor is still capped at 300c... so never mind
  12. if you keep the final products in a fridge immediately after the suit checkpoint the dupe's can grab without getting in a suit, if that helps? (here we have nails grabbing a pepperbread) they got moved around in the research so if you're continuing an old game you might not have unlocked them in the new setup? quietly avoids updating for a bit...
  13. It seemed to be going well... except it looks like there is an issue with the grills. I have one dupe who is highest priority "cook" , high priority "farm" the dupe is off compost flipping despite the grill having the required materials and the "current order" showing correctly. If I "empty storage" just rot pile comes out, so I assume something is going on with the ingredients going off whilst in the grill and clogging up the works (eeeewwwww). (bugged it too )