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"Unknown" resource - Crushed rock

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1 minute ago, Cairath said:

It's one of resources that exist in game but not actual gameplay

Thank you ;)


Hope it´s worth the effort to make a little change to the displayed diet of critters.

(If I could wish for a change it would be that the diet shows only resources you have already discovered, like storage bins)

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My running assumption has been that they originally (and might still) intended for us to crush rock in the Rock Granulator to make crushed rock, which would then be used to make Concrete, which in turn would be used in conjunction with Steel to make Bunker Tiles.

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8 minutes ago, Sasza22 said:

There are many unused resources in the codex. Crushed rock is one of them. I remember when ranching mk1 came out the diet of hatches consisted every material in the codex including neutronium.

they also ate sleeping dupes at the start... :shock:


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