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Water Beefalo Taming


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The water beefalo being a shipwrecked equivalent to ROG beefalo.

This would make is so it could swim in water and walk on land.

In order to stop drowning the saddle would also be a boat thing when you get kicked off it would be a floaty device that would then act as a basic boat or a special boat saddle. (I think they would only get tamed on land.)

They could also have a coral lick equivalent to the regular slat lick. (maybe it would float in the water)



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Wrong forum boy!

There aren't any Water Beefalos available in DST and Water Beefalos can't swim! They're walking on the shallow water in the mangrove biome. You won't be able to move them over to your island by aggroing one and sailing to your island, they'll just stop cause they can't swim.


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