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  1. In shipwrecked its incredibly easy to have your entire base destroyed with seasons happening while you are in different merged so if you jump from hamlet to shipwrecked the volcano could be about to blow with no warning. It would be really neat if the rainometer help visually predict the volcano eruption. Maybe it only predicts when its in the last danger run level in a little meteor symbol on the meter. It would both make it useful and help combat the extreme damage that the season can do. Other expansion have ways to combat there bad season, flingos in summer and reset the aporkalype to keep you base safe. In SW any base is suject to totaly destruction since the snackrifce is relog buggy and the warning do not always work.
  2. Boat and Hamlet turf

    Shipwrecked boats instantly break on hamlet the land when there is hamlet turf such as beard rug or dense turf along the coast like. The boat breaks when the player drives it into the coast with these turfs on it. The player is then walking on water and the boat is broken as if hammered. soon the player is snapped back to walking on the shore but the boat broken and items in the water.
  3. Flooding Hamlet turf

    Hamlet turf such as the hair rug do not stop flooding like other DLC carpet turf and snakeskin turf stop flooding. All man made turfs like carpet or road turf should stop flooding.
  4. Shears

    Can shears be used on bamboo and vines from shipwrecked as a faster way to chop them making them more useful and merge the games better? Shears being the other way rather than a machete. I would make it feel more complete since in Hamlet you have to hack the tall grass and in Shipwrecked you have to hack the bamboo and vine bushes.
  5. Pig Oinc Casino

    Yes how does one get a dubloon from an oinc, they both can be converted to gold. Gold is an infinite resource that can be easily obtained through the pig king and other means. I want to know how I can get oincs in hamlet and use them on the slot machine in shipwrecked. The whole point of my post what using oincs for non renewables like fire flies or bioluminecence or green gems (not saying i want green gems from oincs) not for something as easy to get as GOLD. The player who use dubloons and refine them for GOLD really haven't gotten to the point in the game where resources are plentiful and the only fun is from chance items. Money for gold is boring! I play worlds for 1000+ days I not asking about basic resources.
  6. Pig Oinc Casino

    When in Klei gonna make a Onic Casino to spend the surplus of onics for non renewable or other cool stuff. Or even a way to convert oincs to dabloons for more slot machine fun.
  7. How long do beta updates usually take to be fully implemented into none beta worlds?
  8. Goose/Moose wont leave

    Goose/Goose is having constant aggro on a player made wall making making the Goose not leave even though it is almost the end of summer. When Goose Goose leaves she comes back because the mosslings don't leave as well. Crashes occur when near by for extended time.
  9. Any Item Duplication

    Allow packim to travel between worlds should fix this problem
  10. Any Item Duplication

    Using the seaworthy and packim allows for infinite easily reproducible duplication of any item that can be placed in packim. (All raw material, plants, doy-doys, etc)