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  1. Water Beefalo Taming

    The water beefalo being a shipwrecked equivalent to ROG beefalo. This would make is so it could swim in water and walk on land. In order to stop drowning the saddle would also be a boat thing when you get kicked off it would be a floaty device that would then act as a basic boat or a special boat saddle. (I think they would only get tamed on land.) They could also have a coral lick equivalent to the regular slat lick. (maybe it would float in the water)
  2. Dung beetle's dung ball respawns under the beetle after a relog even after the ball was picked and the resources were gathered.
  3. Could the salt like map icon change when depleted so that on the map one could know if there is enough salt licks for there domesticated beefalo as it is really sad when you are having fun and you forget to check the beefalo has enough food and the 15 days spent to tame the beef is lost. This would help as you could have the ocuvigil vision to also be able to see how many salt licks are working or just by walking by then you would know. It would help as a beefalo is such a time consume task to obtain.
  4. How long do beta updates usually take to be fully implemented into none beta worlds?
  5. Goose/Moose wont leave

    Goose/Goose is having constant aggro on a player made wall making making the Goose not leave even though it is almost the end of summer. When Goose Goose leaves she comes back because the mosslings don't leave as well. Crashes occur when near by for extended time.
  6. Any Item Duplication

    Allow packim to travel between worlds should fix this problem
  7. Any Item Duplication

    Using the seaworthy and packim allows for infinite easily reproducible duplication of any item that can be placed in packim. (All raw material, plants, doy-doys, etc)