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  1. Figure it out that since the resolution of my monitor was higher than 1080p that if the resolution of the full screen was not set at the correct size it created the problem after a saving event.
  2. A dark overlay of shaded pixels cover the game in a similar fashion after 30 seconds of loading a world. The dark overlay is translucent and every other pixel for most of the screen. Due to this weird overlay the unexplored areas of the map are partially visible. It is not cause directly by any one action (ie not by opening an overlay or moving around) Might happen after viewing an unexplored portion of the map.
  3. All boats driven to land with dense turf or beard rug turf instantly break when the boat makes contact with the shore of these turf. The boat will break and the player will be ejected onto the water before snapping back to land.
  4. Wilbur, (possible other characters) cannot light coconades in his inventory or hand and can only light them from the ground. Possibly a cause of merging and hoping world. lighting them after throwing them and picking them back up works.
  5. Because wilbur is able to throw poop, he auto equips projectile weapons to hand including poop even to the point of removing the hand slot items.
  6. Hamlet turfs that should prevent flooding when brought to SW do not. They also instantly break boats when they are placed on the coast.
  7. Wilbur cannot inspect boats. He is unable to see the inventory of a boat when on land and must ride the boat to get the lantern or sail.
  8. How long do beta updates usually take to be fully implemented into none beta worlds?
  9. Goose/Goose is having constant aggro on a player made wall making making the Goose not leave even though it is almost the end of summer. When Goose Goose leaves she comes back because the mosslings don't leave as well. Crashes occur when near by for extended time.
  10. Allow packim to travel between worlds should fix this problem
  11. Using the seaworthy and packim allows for infinite easily reproducible duplication of any item that can be placed in packim. (All raw material, plants, doy-doys, etc)