Equivalent Exchange v2 (SW Compatible) v2.9.5

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Equivalent Exchange v2

(SW Compatible)

Redesigned version of the original Equivalent Exchange mod. This mod allows you to convert different items into each other.


Every item in game has an EMC value, a hidden "matter" energy, which can be converted to other items using an Alchemy and Exchanging Chests.

Changed Science Machine:

You can "give" items to a Science Machine to see, how much EMC is the item worth. Doing that will not consume the item. The machine outputs two values (248/300 EMC for ex.) - the first one is the EMC value you could get if you exchanged that stack of items right now. This value is affected by stack size, durability, freshness, internal EMC buffer etc. The second value is the actual EMC value of the item, not taking stack size or durability, etc. into account.

Changed Alchemy Engine:

You can give items to an Alchemy Engine, and they will be converted into EMC energy items (Golden nuggets, Dark Matter, etc.)

Alchemical Chest:

Because putting single items into the Alchemy Engine gets old and tedious pretty quick, there is an Alchemical Chest, which converts items placed in its inventory into Golden Nuggets.

Exchanging Chest:

An upgraded version of Alchemical Chest, the Exchanging Chest is able to convert the items in it's inventory into target item. Target item must be placed in the upper, target slot and enough EMC energy in form of other items needs to be provided.

Alchemical Researcher:


Alchemical Researcher will create blueprints of given items. Put the item you want the blueprint of in the upper slot, put 3 golden nuggets in the bottom (cost) slot, close the inventory and wait for the blueprint !

You can get a random blueprint when researching Knowledge Fragments - you can find more info under the 'Knowledge Fragment' spoiler.

Upgrading Chests:


You can upgrade Alchemical and Exchanging Chests by putting one Gold/Dark Nugget in each slot of the chest, and reopening it. Gold/Dark Nuggets will be consumed in the process...

Alchemy Chest is upgradeable with Gold Nuggets.

Exchanging Chest is upgradeable with Dark Nuggets.

After upgrading, chests will be exchanging items faster and, instead of dropping gold/items on the ground, they will store them directly in its own inventory.

Philosopher's Stone:


Philosopher's Stone can exchange EMC energy on-the-go. It also can be used as EMC energy storage unit. Simply place EMC energy storage item (such as Golden Nugget, Dark Matter, etc.) in it, close it and energy will be exchanged, sorted and stored. It can also exchange non-EMC energy storage item (any other item), but this process is MUCH slower than the first one. It's mainly used as a EMC storage for travel. Also, caring Philosopher's Stone in inventory causes killed creatures to drop "Energy Orbs". They have 50% chance of doing this.

Knowledge Fragment:


Knowledge Fragment, is an item, that can drop from almost any creature (including rabbits and birds). You can put it in Alchemical Researcher, and get a random blueprint out of it. There is a 75% chance, that it will be an EE blueprint. This allows you to for ex. make silk in spider-less worlds. If you research all EE recipes, you can use it to get any other blueprint in game. Like all other items, it contains some EMC energy inside, but it cannot be exchanged - killing creatures is the only way to get it.

Keep in mind, that this is a pretty rare item - creatures like rabbits and birds have a 0.1% (0.001 or 1/1000) chance of dropping it, so it beats 'Krampus Sack' (which has 1% (0.01 or 1/100) chance of dropping from Krampus). Chances of dropping Knowledge Fragment increases with creature difficulty.

Lightning Sword:


A very powerful (and expensive) sword, that can catch lightnings from the sky:

- Infinite durability

- Discharged does 50 damage

- Charged - based on percentage usage - up to 150 damage

- Super Charged - 150 damage, and ability to kill ANY creature with single lightning burst

Energy Bearing Item Tiers:

- Energy Orb - 1/40 Golden Nugget

- Golden Nugget

- Dark Matter - 20 Golden Nuggets

- Red Matter - 20 Dark Matters

- Miniature Black Hole - 20 Red Matters

Mod is crashing/not working, what I should do ?


If EE is crashing/not working/automatically disables itself etc., try these steps:

- Check if your mod is up to date - the issue you are experiencing may be fixed in latest update

- You can have an older version of the game - try changing the "api_version" value to 5 or 4 and trying again. "api_version" value can be found in 'modinfo.lua' file inside 'EE' folder. You can open that file with any text editor (ex. notepad)

- If you do the steps above and it's still not working/crashes etc., leave a comment below. It will be appreciated to post your log.txt and/or screen from crash along with, it really helps resolving the problem.



- Mod is compatible with older versions of the game

- Mod is compatible with RoG DLC

- versions 2.9.0+ should be compatible with SW DLC, if it's not, just let me know

- Mod is compatible with other mods (in most cases)

- Mod supports custom items (mod items) EMC values

Changing EMC values:


If you find that EMC values are to high/low, you can change EMC values modifier in "EE/tuning.lua"

If you have mod that has items that don't have EMC values, let me know and I will add it to the list :D

Mod is fully compatible with "RoG" and "SW" DLC !

Any bug report will be appreciated, if you find any, please leave a comment below !

What's New in Version v2.9.5   See changelog


  • v2.9.5:
  • - fixed the Alchemical Researcher not giving blueprints sometimes
  • - fixed an issue with items having 0 EMC value not getting removed/processed correctly
  • - fixed many other non-significant errors I found in my own 3 year old code
  • - all mod items now float on water, this prevents you from losing very valuable materials (animation is broken/missing right now, I need someone who knows how to add 'on-water' animation)
  • - added Red Matter Multitool - red matter axe, pickaxe and shovel in one tool, craftable under EE Misc tab
  • - added Knowledge Fragment drop chances to all SW DLC mobs and bosses
  • - added missing EMC values for SW DLC items
  • - more balancing of EMC values (again)
  • - I'm making this a new, SW DLC stable release, thus removing v2.8.6 from download
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EE may be not compatible with other mods... I take a look at trading system...


EDIT: It was working with previous update(s) ?

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I was running a few tests on the mod and the problem still persist with clicking on the Dress tabs and the darkmatter tab.

As for the in compatibility the trading system mod seem to have no problems with the EE mod mainly because the mod is crashing all on its own, as for other crashes i am uncertain.2d14gb4.png

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My mod isn't influencing into dress tab, it is probably something with your game...


EDIT: Are you using:


- RoG DLC ?

- A controller (not playing with keyboard and/or mouse) ?


I know where is the problem, I don't know, why my game isn't crashing as yours...


EDIT2: Put it in EE main folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7xm9djsyqk967zy/modmain.lua

Open "tuning.lua", and change "GLOBAL.EEdebug = false" to "GLOBAL.EEdebug = true"

Run the game, test, if it crash again, post screenshot from crash AND (important) your log.txt...

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I did everything as you told and the error still occurs. Yes i am using the DLC however i also tested the mod without the dlc turned on and the problem still occurs. Also i am not using a controller i use regular mouse and keyboard. btw the mod worked perfectly fine on 2.6.0 then stopped working on 2.6.1 and forward. Perhaps a change made in the versions causes this?


Edit: Is it really a problem with my game? works fine without the mod on though2zdx5oh.png

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Something is not right with your game... I was able to launch my mod on 90283 build and it was working perfectly fine...


Open "tuning.lua", and change

"GLOBAL.EEdebug = false" to

"GLOBAL.EEdebug = true", save the file...

Run the game, try to load save and not end up crashing, save game, close it,

upload your log.txt on http://www.pastebin.com and post link to it... After all of this, change EEdebug back to false...

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Lol I am soo sorry i got it to work, it was something that was with the build not being up to date that why 2.6.0 worked but not 2.6.1 and up it is because this instance of the game has not been updated since a hot fix was applied. Again i am sorry its because of me running a copied game onto my desktop from my steam files. Sorry for the inconvenience 

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And I was thinking: "Why Desktop is in the file path ?..." ;) Nvm, no problem, bro :-)


@Minik435 - EE was working fine with trading system in previous update(s) ?

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Modding Etiquette:
  • [*]If you choose to modify and upload another person's mod, be sure to ask them for permission and provide them proper credit unless they have said previously that their work can be freely reworked or modified.

Don't forget that you only have permission if you make your own grafics.

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Ok, so next update is coming soon, finishing up and rebalancing new EMCvalues system, tweaking Philosopher's Stone and maybe changes in graphic, if @Cacahuatoforo make it on time... Stay tuned ;)

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@Silentdarkness1, three things:

1. EE is not written with compatibility with other mods in mind...

2. Post a list of all your mods, so I can look up into how to fix it...

3. Looks like you are having the same issues as @KuzashiX, that posted his problem 1 page earlier, maybe there you can find a solution...

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Try running a test save with only EE enabled, if it crash again, that means EE is not compatible with one or more of your mods...

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Okay. Even when I loaded the mod all by itself, it still crashed. Which means that there's something wrong with your mod, for me.


Also, version 2.6 works, but 2.6.2 does not.

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I cannot help you without reproducing this bug on my computer, which seems to be impossible, because it's not crashing for me... Try this:

Redownload EE, delete old EE folder, paste new...

Open "EE/tunning.lua" and change EEdebug to true...

Disable ALL your mods except of EE and mini tools and run a test on a fresh save (use mini tools to test), then post back a log.txt...

Change EEdebug back to false...

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Ok, so I look up into this issue tommorow, because it's almost midnight in here ;P

Don't forget to change EEdebug back to false...

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