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  1. The mod about buckets

    This mod adds a very useful bucket to the game ! It can be filled with water and used for a couple of stuff.
    Bucket is craftable with 2 boards and 1 rope. You can find it in the Survival tab.
    You can obtain water bucket by filling empty bucket from a pond. You can do this 2 times before drying up the pond. Pond refills itself after about half a day of rain. You can fish only from a full pond.
    Water bucket has durability (10 uses). With water bucket you can:
    - extinguish normal and wildfires (-1 use)
    - cool yourself down by spilling it's content on you (adds 10 wetness per use, returns empty bucket)
    - put in in the icebox and make ice ! (in about two days)
    You can obtain ice bucket by putting water bucket in the ice box and letting it to freeze.
    To get ice from the ice bucket, you have to break it with the hammer. Amount of yielded ice depends on percentage usage of water bucket used to make ice bucket.

    Mod is compatible with "Breakable Ice" mod:

    Steam Workshop:
    Thanks @Cacahuatoforo for the art, testing and ideas
    Thanks @_Q_ for helping me understand how actions works
    Have fun playing with my mod




  2. Equivalent Exchange v2 (SW Compatible)

    Equivalent Exchange v2
    (SW Compatible)
    Redesigned version of the original Equivalent Exchange mod. This mod allows you to convert different items into each other.
    Every item in game has an EMC value, a hidden "matter" energy, which can be converted to other items using an Alchemy and Exchanging Chests.
    Changed Science Machine:
    You can "give" items to a Science Machine to see, how much EMC is the item worth. Doing that will not consume the item. The machine outputs two values (248/300 EMC for ex.) - the first one is the EMC value you could get if you exchanged that stack of items right now. This value is affected by stack size, durability, freshness, internal EMC buffer etc. The second value is the actual EMC value of the item, not taking stack size or durability, etc. into account.
    Changed Alchemy Engine:
    You can give items to an Alchemy Engine, and they will be converted into EMC energy items (Golden nuggets, Dark Matter, etc.)
    Alchemical Chest:
    Because putting single items into the Alchemy Engine gets old and tedious pretty quick, there is an Alchemical Chest, which converts items placed in its inventory into Golden Nuggets.
    Exchanging Chest:
    An upgraded version of Alchemical Chest, the Exchanging Chest is able to convert the items in it's inventory into target item. Target item must be placed in the upper, target slot and enough EMC energy in form of other items needs to be provided.
    Alchemical Researcher:
    Upgrading Chests:
    Philosopher's Stone:
    Knowledge Fragment:
    Lightning Sword:
    Energy Bearing Item Tiers:
    - Energy Orb - 1/40 Golden Nugget
    - Golden Nugget
    - Dark Matter - 20 Golden Nuggets
    - Red Matter - 20 Dark Matters
    - Miniature Black Hole - 20 Red Matters
    Mod is crashing/not working, what I should do ?
    Changing EMC values:
    Mod is fully compatible with "RoG" and "SW" DLC !
    Any bug report will be appreciated, if you find any, please leave a comment below !




  3. Development tool

    This mod adds a Development Tool - It have been crated by Klei, to help with testing Don't Starve and RoG DLC. File "devtool.lua" can be found in vanilla game, in prefabs folder. This mod adds a remade version of it, that makes it possible to use in-game, along with couple of features.
    - can be used as weapon (range: 20, about half of a screen; damage: 10000)
    - can be used as axe, pick, shovel, hammer and net; every action is instant
    - creates large light spot around a holder, or around lying spot
    - provides health, hunger and sanity insta-regeneration
    - provides heat in Winter and (if RoG is enabled) act as cooler in Summer
    - act as Walking Cane, adding speed multiplier (about 2 times faster than normal)
    - has built-in prototyper, so you can prototype stuff anywhere and anytime
    - if you want to build anything, provides necessary resources
    - act as blinkstaff (you can teleport to a chosen spot)
    - almost every feature is configurable in mod configuration screen
    I'm uploading it here as a mod, because it really helps testing mods. It doesn't have a crafting recipe (obviously), so, Here as a console command that you have to type in console to get it:


    This mod is meant to be OP, because I made it to help testing mods...

    Consider that before posting a comment...
    Have fun with testing mods




  4. Better Moon

    This mod fixes the moon icon that appears next to the clock at night. Now, you can see it during dusk, or even configure it to appear during the day - it's just a matter of going into configuration options and switching to appropriate mode on the mod page in Don't Starve. No more checking moon phases before transmuting chester or werepigs
    In addition, the moon can now have both a waxing and waning phase - which means that you can now see the moon growing to full, and receding to new moon each throughout the month.
    Steam Workshop:
    The original idea was from @hotmatrixx, I've only done the coding stuff and such... All credits for @hotmatrixx




  5. RockyFix

    This mod fixes the issue with overpopulation of Rock Lobsters. It's really simple fix and does not interfere with normal gameplay.
    This mod causes a Rock Lobsters to perform a suicide honorable death on the end of their lives.
    When a Rock Lobster grow up to it's full size, it has a 50% chance to turn into a boulder. Changing to boulder can be observed on-screen (it's just a matter of right timing).
    Mod is compatible with base game and RoG DLC. It can be used on already generated worlds, you don't have to make new to make it working.
    Idea is from that topics:
    Steam Workshop:
    I hope that this mod will help you guys Post in comments what do you think about it, along with eventual crashes...
    Have fun playing with my mods




  6. Simple Life Giving Amulet

    This mod makes LGA only resurrect you when you die, it's not exchanging your hunger into life, so dying is the only way of loosing it.
    Steam Workshop: